DAY 22 Fancy a road walk?

5th May 2022

I was bloody frozen last night.i ended up putting on another top.brr. must order a new bag.

I made a hot chocolate  to warm me before waking back to the trail.

Onwards snail.i pushed on needing to finish the last of the plains. I passed through a gate and headed towards the trees..

Once through  the trees I turned right onto the main road (Dirt track)  I slogged on S this road began to climb and climb at last it began to flattern I stomped on for about another hour  until I  heard a engine,I stopped and moved off the was a forest fire tender

I just stepped back onto the road when I heard another engine. This was a truck towing a cattle truck and was shifting. 

I pushed on again until I heard more engines  again I stood off of the road as a fleet of fire trucks died down the road flowed by numerous  pickups loaded with all their  gear.  As another one approached  I flagged it down

Excuse me I asked am I in any Danger?

No sir the fire is out.

Phew okay I said and went back to my walking.

As I progressed down this road the smell of smoke became stronger.

I was then in the burn. As I walked along  the heat was fierce even though the fire was out.

A little further tress ere still on fire and lots of trees  were still smouldering.  Iwas aitgle concerned and so when  another fire truck arrived I flagged  it down.

He advised me this was  black burn or it was controlled to prevent  others and what was left was normal. He then advised me not to stop until past it

I thanked him and continued on.

Wow it went on and and then I saw crews inside it working.

Eventually I passed it and green reappeared  but  now and then there were burn spots.

About an hr later I saw a nether fire truck parked up. The driver said HI.

So I asked him about the fires. He said the big one was Sunday and there was one along this bit last week… wow.

I pushed on needing water. It was in 2 miles  ahead.

How I feel

As I pushed on down the road I noticed cattle in the field ahead. That  is possibly  it. Imade a route towards it following other hikers last.

There was a large tank powered by a diesel generator. 

I dropped my pack and went to the water. It was warm  so I needed to filter it.

I sat in the shade for my break before returning to the trail and that never ending road.

Hour after hour ticked by as the road continued on.

It’s funny you see a cloud of dust long before you hear the vehicle. 

And they leave in  cloud of dust.

The road now began to climb  and climb. Phew its so hot. I need a break I saw a log so headed over snd dumped my pack down.took of my shoes to cool  my feet.

As I rested a huge log lorry cane by followed by several trucks

I could have sat here ll daybut I needed  miles.

I continued up this road even after my break my feet were still hot. 

A white pick up then came the other way.  He stopped Nd said would you like some cold water.

God yes.he then asked who was behind me.

I hadn’t a clue. I’m not sure I said.

I’ll go check then i will be back

Would you like a lift to the top of the hill?

Yes please as I was exhausted

I removed my pack and sat down.

10 minutes he returned I put my pack the back and got in.he handed me another  water.

We hadn’t gone far when I saw  hawkeye  and Dr Rob getting g water. The driver stopped and asked if they wanteda lift up.the hill. They both declined.

I was dropped at the top.i thanked him and sat in the shade.

The boys shortly appeared.  Iwas amazed that I was only an hour behind them. We set off together but only 1 more mile before we camped 

Miles 20 !

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