Day 21 Goodbye Gila

4th May  2022

I let the air out of my pad   and made a hot chocolate as I packed up.

I was soon on trail and busy crossing the river my third crossing was deep and that certainly woke me up brr .I tried to speed up to warm back up as it was  cold morning. 

At 6.30 I passed the two boys  as they were  packing up.Bandaids tent was also here. .

The trail was  fairly clear this morning and so I had a good pace. I pased numerous Beaver dams   but no sign of anyone bring at home. Again time to cross and again the river looked deep. I headed up stream to find dome where safer. IT was still cold and my fingers were cold even though I was wearing gloves.  I was now in meadows and began to follow the cairns iclimbed up a dmsll Hill and then began to come down the other  side. The view below was incredible.the size of a football field was packed with logs all sizes crushed together by a flood  I guess  wow it looked amazing. 

I followed the path down and into another meadow. To my  surprise it was frosty on this side. I pushed on and then began  the fun of  more river crossings.

I thought my pace was good and was looking forward to my 9am break.

At last I found a big rock and took a break.the day was now heating up as I followed the trail nice cairns or pink flags. Eventually I came to a huge scree of rock there was a path but it was a little unclear  so I checked my app. 


Once again I’m off trail and by miles how the he’ll did that happen.  I reluctantly turned around  and  headed back. How did I go wrong I was following  the cairns. I passed the place where I took my break.more  annoyed I didn’t check when I had my break. FUCK!

it took me an hour to get back to where I went wrong .

Well that’s well marked.okay now back on trail and losing almost 2 hrs.

I pushed on and began to climb once up ihad great views of Snow lake.Wow.i spiralled down and around the edge and emerged up by the picnic area.

Snow Lake

Wow  great views  .I found a picnic bench and dropped my pack.i walked over and got water and as there was a trashcan I could loose my trash result.

I sat here for about an hour before moving off.

Again another road walk before the trail dived off right.  It was now a lovely trail  I had a small climb and then I emerged in to some fantastic valley’s  they reminded me of the Highlands of Scotland. The valley  went from one to another then another then another. Okay lunch. I sat  in the shade and enjoyed my break

Okay I had one more valley then I came across a cow pound with solar panels. As I had enough wate I passed.

Okay snail where now ?

Oh dear the trail snaked steeply  up a hill.

I set off as as I began to climb the wind  appeared a vicious  wind blowing straight at me  Fuck. I chugged up the dude of the hill. Once at the top it was hard to stand because of the wind. I headed off across vast plains that seemed to go on forever . I battled on for several hrs the wind  tossing me around like a rag doll.  And still the trail snaked on after several hours of this I was exhausted but there was no ehere to hide. It was just exposed. I pushed on  passing several  inquisitive  cows. .

A tree there was a tree  ahead. 

I walked up to it and took off my packed.i stood there thi King fir several minutes before deciding it wasn’t good enough.

I hoisted my pack again and walked back to the trail and forward there were more trees in the distance fingers crossed.

The wind was still relentless but the trees were getting  closer and closer.  At last I walked off trail and towards them .this was perfect.i soon had my tent up and was relaxing with a hot cup of tea.

My view

Milage 17

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