Day 151 heading to Monson

,Friday 7th September

I was up and packed early but it was a cold morning and fairlyfull .but I was walking by 6.45 as I wanted to get as close to Monson as I could .

I had another climb to do first then hopefully it was down hill ha ha.

I was feeling good as I hiked along the trail and the climb was good . I came to a short hand over hand section then it became normal . I climbed higher then came to some amazing rocks they were huge and the trail passed through them and around them.

it was then a short scramble and then.inwas on huge slabs of rock again as I climbed above the tree line. Wow what a view I was staying st a vast lake and the clouds or mist hung above it like a blanket. I stood admiring the views before pushing on and up.

at last I reached the summit and received even better views. It was fairly flat up here as I looked all around me. there was a north summit. thst I could of but today I wanted miles

so began to walk on . again the views were spectacular. as I started my decent I ran into a sobo. we exchanged greetings a d I continued on . It was still early but the sun was trying to shine.

I headed down with the occasional up just to annoy me.

on the damp.muddy parts I began to see many moose tracks so stopped yo state into the woods, how do these big animals disappear?.

The trail then became nice as it passed through several pine forests and now with the sun they smelt wonderfull one of my favourite smells put here on trail

Once out of those forests. I was walking in an old river bed that was covered in small boulders that I struggle to walk over as they strain my feet twisting my shoes

At last I was out and then walking on stepping stones which made a change from.the duck boards. I was now joined by another creek thst I was to follow for almost the rest of the day ..

Some times I walked beside it other times I was high above it. but was always there. It was just 12 okay I’ll stop for lunch shortly as my tummy was rumbling. and I had eaten most of my snacks.. I pushed on crossing several streams then arrived back at the river. itvwas fsirly wide and o couldn’t see how to cross then I noticed a rope stretched across. how’s do i use that?

I then noticed 2 other hikers sat on the other side..How did you get across I asked.

We are sobos we havnt yet ..thnk it’s croc time!!.

Oh I replied taking off my pack then removing my shoes and socks. I put on my flipflops slung in my pack grabbed the rope and gingerly stepped into the water it was freezing as I inched my way across and as it got deeper the rocks got slippy. but I soon across struggled up the bank in my flip flops and decided that it was definitely lunch time..

The other 2 hikers were stridder and xx. we chatted for a while then I moved on itvwas 1pm and I had covers 10 miles whoop I may be able to make town . I hoped that the trail was going to stay nice!!

I soon met another hiker I warned him.thst he was going to get his feet wet.

Have you passed another hiker? he asked

No only the 2 sobos i said and carried on .

I then met another and was going to say the same untill I noticed his badges . showing thatc he was a ridge runner.

He told me about the trail ahead and thst there was one more river crossing but thstvi should be able to rock hop it.

days in for most of the day I continued to flood this creek mostly by the side. and now and then hi .above when I carved it’s way through the canyon.

The shelter. I reached the next shelter. great I thought I’m.making good time .I will stop at three for a quick break

I walked on passing several walows and briefly stopped to look for moose. nothing

the locals call them swamp donkeys. as they love these places.

I pushed on until I came to a spring so topped up one of my bottles. just in case

I was still.making good time nut I was beginning to tire . so I was pleased when my watch chimed 3pm and there was a perfect spot to stop

I transferred some more snacks to my side pockets . ate a couple of snacks then checked my map. 6 miles to go it’s now 3 so 6pm. or half past.

yep I can do this . I pushed and pushed. at 5 I came to another walkway through another bog. but as I walked across it was sunny see thst moose had been here and possibly lied down as the grass was all crushed But no.moose to see.

Perhaps if I stop looking for them!!

As I crossed a mother dirt road I also passed a snowmobile course . this ran by the side of the trail for some way before heading uphill. It was now time for board walking again and inbetween them were the most knarly roots . are I. but then I began to hear the sound of traffic . Fantastic as this seemed tonurgevmecon and at 6.30 I was stood by the road.

I but out my thumb and watch car after car zoom.past me

.then a pickupcame the other way. stopped asked where I was going and then did a u-turn.

I passed you he said , I don’t know why I didn’t stop.

I threw my pack into.the back and jumped in thanking it was getting dark so expected to camp in the car park.

He dropped me by the post office. I thanked him.and began to walk towards the Shorehouse

as I walked along o met Samaritan coming the other way with pizza

Bloody he’ll we both exclaimed.

He was staying at the other I said if there is no room I.may see you later.

I made my way to the bar asked if there was any space.

As I step of there. I heard Snailtrainer!!! it was her Dudeness, who I hadn’t seen since hot springs . It was good to catch up but she was busy cooking so I said I’d grab her later.

I was shown my bunk and how it works. then I grabbed a shower and came downstairs to the restaurant.

I found a table ordered a beer then a starter of fried mozzarella . Then a 12oz rib eye. salad and fries and a pud oh and a few more beers.

I then recognised the hikers that I had met today so joined then for a good night beer.

great day

Start. 2054

Finish. 2076
Miles. 22
miles left. 114

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