Day 152 Zero in Monson

Saturday 8th September

It was such a luxury to have a lie in .
once up, I sorted through my pack to discard all the rubbish that i always acquire after I grabbed my sleeping pad and set off too the post office. but detoured to the information Centre first.

They were very friendly giving me advice one how to get to the park where to camp the options etc and also how to get back and to Boston, she also printed off some information for me too.

Okay too the post office.
“Good morning ,you should hopefully have 2 packages for me” I said handing over my I’d.

We have one she said returning with my new shoes, but no pad.
F@#$% I said to myself.
The post office lady was really helpful and arranged for it to bounce it to Millinocket . But suggested that i pop back at 11 just in case.
What a lovely lady

I posted my other bits before heading to the grocery shop.
They had some stuff but it was limited and a little pricey . but if you need it you buy it!

I headed back to the post office. She sadly shook her head.
Oh well more sleeping on my crap mat , i made my way to Shaw’s the other hostel as I needed fuel and other bits.

When I came out of the resupply shop Mousetrap and Sunshine were here. I caught up on gossip before heading back to my hostel.
I packed up my unneeded gear before putting my clothes on to wash.
It was such a gorgeous day so I went and sat in the garden with my sandwich and apple that I brought earlier .
As I sat there relaxing a seaplane came in and landed on the lake behind me , how cool is that .
When hiking I find it difficult to sit still for a long , so went back inside, opened a beer and caught up. with my blog.
I am having issues with my phone as the internal memory just keeps filling up and I am not sure why ?
After several hours of successful blog editing and posting i rewarded myself with ice cream, whilst watching Ace Ventura 1 & 2.
Bilbo arrived , good to see you I said, before briefing him on the layout of the town

Okay i now have the munchies so decided to visit the garage to see what selection of food they had, it was getting cold so I put on my freshly laundered puffy its so lovely to put on clean smelling clothes
I grabbed a selection of different flavoured Snickers, skittles, several pies, Doritos ,jerky and jelly snakes before wandering back and to my space on the sofa.

Bilbo asked if I wanted to join him for dinner.?
Yes why not. At 6pm we went down to the restaurant. We were found chairs at the bar and promptly ordered beer a PBR for me a Guinness for Bilbo.
Bilbo orders a chicken salad with fries and I ordered crab won-ton, mozzarella sticks and fries
Bilbo’s appeared almost immediately, but I waited, finished my beer, had another and waited and waited .
But the wait was worth it, It was a well presented and tasty. after we were done we closed out and went back upstairs to have beer from the fridge .
We ended up watching just go with it with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston until it was time to turn in

Start. 2076
Finish. 2076
Miles. zero
miles left.114.9


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