Day 152 Zero in Monson

Saturday 8th September

It was such a luxery to.have a lie in .

once up.i sorted through my pack getting together all the unwanted stuff that always carry so.i could post up the trail. Then i grabbed my sleeping pad and set off up.the post office. but detoured to the information Center first.

They were very friendly giving me advice one how to get to the park where to camp the options etc and also how to get back and to Boston.

she also printed off some info too.

Okay too the post office.

Hi you should hopefully have 2 packages for me I said handin over my I’d.

We have one she said and returned with my shoes. but no pad. F@#$% I said to myself I looked up the email .It said tracking no attatched but it wasn’t there. Oh well I guess I will just bounce it to Millinocket . Come back at 11 she said just in case.

I posted my other bits then headed to the grocery shop

They had some stuff . but limited. I then went back to the information Center to use the phone and rang Woodstock and Xxx post office . yes they both had packages for me so I bounced them to Millinocket too


then it was the post office. She sadly shook her head. Bugger. So -hum was here so I followed him.back to the other hostel as I needed fuel and other bits.

as I came out of the resupply shop mousetrap and sunshine were there. I caught up.on gossip then headed back to my hostel. packed up some of my gear. put my clothes on to wash then went and sat in the garden with my sandwich and apple that I brought and just chilled.As I sat there a sea plane came how cool is that . After a few hours I went Back inside opened a beer and caught up.on my blogs . I am fab I g issues with my phones as the inter .memory just keeps filling up. and I don’t really know why..

I then attacked my I e cream another hiker put tgectv on and so we watched ace Ventura 1 & 2. as we were watching Bilbo arrived good to see you I said . I briefed him.on rgectidn shops etc. Then i decided to visit the garage to see what selection if food they had. But it was getting cold so I put on my freshly laundered puffy . oh soo clean. I grabbed a selection of snickers all different flavours .more skittles several pies. some Doritos ,jerky and jelly snakes .

I wandered back. and took space on the sofa.

Bilbo asked if I wanted to join him for dinner. yrs why not do at 6 we went down to the restaurant. We were found chairs at the bar and promptly ordered beer a PBR for me a Guinness for Bilbo. Bilbo orders a chicken salad with fries I orders the crab wonton, mozzarella sticks and fried.

Bilbo appeared almost imeaditly I waited. finished my beer. had another and waited and waited . But the wsitvwas with it . It was a we presented and tasty. after we were do me we closed out and went back upstairs u have beer in the fridge.

xxx Film

We watched just go with it with Adam Sadler and Jennifer Aniston. and just chilled but it was late so I decided to turn in

Start. 2076

Finish. 2076
Miles. zero
miles left.


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