Day 150

Thursday 6th September.

as breakfast was not until 7am there was no rush to leap out if bed so I may there dozing.

at 6.45 I got a call that breakfast was in 15 minutes.

I walked downstairs . grabbed a coffee and sat at the laid table. There was just of orange juice and water. a plate of sliced banana and melon. one by one others arrived . The German lady 2 sponges. the Ausssie, so-hum , Kaleidoscope and one other. then plates bag a. to appear a large plate of home fries, scrambled egg with cheese and mushroom , bacon and French toast. we began. to dig in as it was so good. we chatted as we munched.

soon it was time to get ready to leave and my stuff covered the bedroom floor.

I stuffed my pack then dragged it fown stairs and onto the porch. I then settled my bill.

I then finished packing got fresh water and stowed it. I then commented to kaleidoscope that the skies looking black. Dave the owner then appeared saying there’s a storm about to hit I would wait it out guys . As soon as he said this there was a huge clap of thunder and then it chucked it down huge raindrops that bounced off of the ground .

It rained hard for about 20 minutes . Did the 2 girls go out I asked referring to the Aussie and 2 sponges.

Yes they did So-hum replied.

At last the rain began to ease. right guys I’m outta here I said . and slung my pack up into my back. grabbed my sticks and marched off down the road.

In the UK when we have a storm it clears the sir and makes it fresh. here it just makes things hot and sticky.

I walked along the road then rejoined the At. It was fairly steep for the first 10 minutes them it began to even out. okay Snail 7.5 miles to the peak of my first climb. Are we ready legs.?

I pushed on through the forest and I had to admit it.was a really nice trail. no rocks or to its twists or turns just a straight path. I like this and speeded up but it wasnt long before the trail decides to dive downwards and steeply. Why when you want to climb up the trail takes you down . and Typicly as soon as I was down the climbing started again. I began to follow a creek slowly back up the mountain

it was then that I heard the familiar voices. behind me and stepped aside to allow Kalidascope and So-hum to pass. catch you guys later. they were hoping for a 15 I may be able to son that depending on terrain as it was just 9 when I hit the trail.

As I walked I found that my water bladder tube must. be kinked so I stopped by a pile of cut logs that are intended to make bog bridges . I sorted out my drinking tube had some snacks and to got my headphones out. okay Snail let’s climb this mountain. I turned up the volume and began to screech(singing ) to the music.

I shortly caught the girls. did you get wet I asked laughing.

We might have done the Aussie replied . I walked with them a while. then pulled away ..It was then the climbing started a good 10 minutes of hand over hand. Then a nice trail began again .The sun now decided to come out and it was hot a d oh so humid. I hadn’t tied my sweat cloth to my pack so I had noyhingbto wipe my forehead and eyes. dam . but I still pushed on . I was making good ace thanks to the lovely trail. it eventually turned to slabs if rock and I quickly climbed up. st he views getting begtercand better then post he’ll I’ and in good time.I was st the summit. whoop .let’s home the downs not too scary.

But again with the At you can’t just go down it need a to tease you and play with you . then it may let you go down. As I crossed over more slabs of rock I came across Kalidascope and So-hum taking a break .

Nice spot I commented.

Take it Snail we are just going .

That was a better climb than I expected I said.

yes thats whst we thought so-hum replied. so you may make the shelter then Snail ?

I laughed all depended w hats in front. but I’ll try.

I dropped my pack and decided to make a brew them ate some cheese and biscuits .

Then it was trail. I felt pumped as I continued on my way the sun a to shinning and I just love the smell of the pine forests when the sun is out .the strong armour of pine.

I shortly emerged out into sunlight which is where electric pylons stretch. . I looked bothbwsys in the hope of seeing more moose …..

The trail.then dived back into the forest but in the dustamcecwas another beautiful looking lake. 10 minutes later I emerged out onto a road thst ran around this gorgeous lake..I stood staring at it for several.moments before dragging myself away. as i walked around it I spotted my two companions lounging on a small jetty. You been in I asked ?

No not yet Snail.

so left it and continued on . the trail.then turned left to Ford the river. It looked as it had recently flooded. as the surrounding grass had been. flattened. I hoppedcacross the stones and arrived safely on the other bank.

It was a big muddy and some large stones to.navigate then the nice trail returned . I pushed on as the trail climbed and decended after about an other hour I came to another river .I decided to water up as I was my companions sped past . see you at camp SNAIL.

Once I was done I set off After them passing several water meadows where I paused to check for moose. there were tracks and poo but no moose.

I too hard I laughed then rejoined the trail

I was in the zone and the trail be and a blur until i reached the next river.

Kaleidoscope and So-hum had their tent up. Great you made if snail . what is this it and its not even 4.30.

I wanted to go on .but my tent was soon up I push more miles tomorrow .

I ate tea with my companions whilst trying to train a chipmunk . then the sleepiness took over


Start. 2040

Finish. 2054
Miles. 14
miles left. 136


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