Day 139 Rain ,Fog and Up

30th August
I woke and looked at the ceiling of my tent it was covered in raindrops but it wasn’t raining…YET. .
I put on my stove and as the water heated I stripped down my tent and packed up. Drank my tea and was on the trail by 8 .Not bad but I would of liked earlier.
There was thick thick fog so if there was something to see today then I couldn’t lol
I set off down the trail but after less than a mile my feet were soaked due to the plants all along the trail. It was like putting a foot into a creek every step. Oh well there was nothing I could do


I pushed on it was going to be another climbing day such fun. Up and up I went then I heard footsteps so pulled over to one side of the trail. It was brad .I followed him for a bit but then let him go as he’s too fast .then it began to rain so I stopped to put on my rain jacket and my packs jacket before getting back to the trail. CLIMB climb climb I went but the rain  wasn’t helping, it was making the trail very very slippy and so you had to concentrate or you would be face down in it. I pushed on into the soupy distance then came across Brad he was having breakfast .See you up the trail. But I knew it wouldn’t be long till him past me again. Come on out sun as I was getting drenched if not by the rain then by the plants grrrrr. The fog and the rain were in charge today but it would be nice to see the sun and maybe a nice view. As I was struggling up a particular slippy hill Brad past me and accelerated away
how they do that!!!!


Up and up I chugged switchback by switchback then I began to hear music It was Mr President we chatted a while. He had some sort of skirt on .great for these wet plant stretches.
I watched Mr president disappear into the distance well I tried to stay with him but just couldn’t I chugged on as fast as my little legs would take me as I came around a corner it was Brad again he had stopped to pick Huckleberries .Mm I thought good plan and it was breakfast so I picked half a cup full in the pouring rain then ate my cereal again in the pouring rain. As I sat there Bowie came past then Brunch

Osprey The Best
Osprey The Best

I finished up then back to the trail the trail now meandered through several meadows but the trail was fairly narrow so more soaking from . plants grrrrr up and up I still climbed
Again I heard voices it was Feast god we hadn’t seen each other in ages we walked together for a while then he too zoomed off  .At last the trail decided to go down .it weaved through  forest .There were a lot of trees down but they had been cut so not to obstruct the trail .I zig zigged down the switchbacks  until I met a huge tree that had blown over .you had to cut the switchback to get around it but as it was a steep drop on slippy mud it took some doing I sort of half slid fell but made it phew then carried on down the switchbacks
Oh no fully loaded Huckleberries I stopped and began stuffing my face before Irish Cannon appeared Hiya snail. How far you going today?
I’d like to do 22 I said or 6 pm depends on what comes first.
Irish Cannon said I want water then I may stop. Seemed a good plan to me but it was only 1 pm…Ah water Irish stopped but I pushed on I then caught Feast who was chatting to two Chinese girls. I past them saying I’m stopping for lunch at the next suitable spot. …Which soon appeared the Chinese girls carried on Feast joined me shortly followed by Irish.
I had bagels with cheese and a few snacks. The two of them wanted to stay at Lake Isa Bella another 5 miles, if I could I wanted two more miles
I watched the two of them leave then packed up and re-joined the trail. The rain continued to fall and the sun kept trying to come out and I continued to keep climbing .I was now crossing several screes but these were made of huge stones wow .I chugged on and up passing several nice campsites hmm I thought to myself if I had water id stop. Okay I need water. But Snail it’s too early.

I love this scenery
I love this scenery

So I pushed on about an hour later I met a hiker coming the other way did your pass any water I asked. Yes he said about 2/10th up and id fill-up as the lake looks a bit crap.
Thanks I said. I soon came to the stream fed by snow it looked good so I filled up 3 litres. And pushed on. The lake slowly came into view and dotted around were a dozen tents. .Shall I stay I pondered the thought no ill move on .but as I began to chug up the next steep steep hill in the pouring rain with a now heavier pack  I wondered if I’d made a mistake.
By the forth switchback I’m cursing myself but then a lovely camp spot oh thank you Trail. I put tent and threw my wet pack and gear in.
Blew sleeping pad .when I pulled out my sleeping bag it was a bit wet oh dear that’s not good
I took off my shoes and socks  and got into my bag  warm myself up and dry out my bag.
It was too wet to light my stove  so I attacked the snacks till the rain eased off.
Then tea, supper and  hot chocolate. I’d just finished my hot chocolate when the rain began to pour.
Can we get some sun tomorrow please oh its getting windy
Must be bed time!!!

More Obsticles
More Obsticles
2550 whoop
2550 whoop

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