Day 138 Leaving Hiker Haven

29th August
Well I guess if you live there then you get used to the trains
The 6.30 woke me up hoot hoot hoooooot
I hadn’t slept well my right ankle decided that it was its turn to hurt and hurt it did…this was the one I turned coming down a hill and fell over. It’s been twinging but now it bloody hurt and when I got out of bed it was difficult to walk on although all yesterday it was fine grrrrr
Oh some background on Hiker Haven Jerry and Andrea (MUM) as she likes to be called. They started hosting Hikers 15 years ago when Jerry brought home three hikers from Skykomish and put on a BBQ for them  They has since moved house and now live  in a small town called Baring 12 miles from Skykomish.

Foxxy, Brunch, Bowie, Mavrick ,Brad ,Snail,Jerry Mr President,Fatty,Artic Fox,Mermaid

It’s such a relaxed place with plenty of room to pitch your tent on their large lawn IN a Garage there are six bunks on a first come basis and large communal area with comfy recliners TV video DVD, microwaves and large fridge.
Outside is the bathroom, shower and laundry room with loan clothes.
Andrea and Jerry are great hosts and really look after you so my fellow Hikers call in and enjoy a zero or maybe two.
There is a small cafe across the road which does a great breakfast also snacks and dinners oh and great milkshakes. There is also a Post office on site. They do sell some hiker food but its poor and dear oh and NO BEER!!!!!
There is a good grocery store about 5 miles down the road an easy hitch and sometimes lifts can be arranged and back to the trail head
Hiker haven also accepts mail drops So enjoy it and do a few chores to help whilst you are  there is good Karma.

Da Vinchi, DC and Snailtrainer

So I’m up I repack my pack several times I’ve got too much food .I empty out my food bag then promptly pack it all back in .I can carry that.
Jerry then finds me an old licence plate for me to take home
I unwrap my new tent and remove all the packaging then attach it to my pack yep looking good
I then get a ride to the grocery store for a few things. Milk powder, bagels, Ibruproin, cheese and ham. Basically lunch
our ride back to the trailhead is 11.30 so plenty of time. The fridge is still full of beer as we didn’t really party last night. .well we were going to but then we all fell sleep so I asked if 10 am was too early for beer the resounding answer was NO  so beers all round
We then begin tidying up making it clean for the next wave of hikers.
It was forecast rain for the next two days so we were all a bit anxious to get a few miles in before we got soaked
Silly fact
this is the longest I have worn shorts since my primary school days

The longest I have ever been camping

Jerry decided that we ought to be started on the trail so rather than wait for our ride he would take us all.
So with that we grabbed the remainder of our gear grabbed our packs and poles and filled the back off the car then it was hugs all round before Jerry drive us back to the trailhead.
The sun was still shining but black clouds were approaching. We got out at Stevens Pass thanked and hugged Jerry. Hoisted on our bloody bloody heavy packs and set off down the trail I walked out with Dc and Da vinchi   but I knew they would soon be gone especially when we began to climb. After about an hour the sun accepted defeat and the rain came luckily fairly light but I needed to stop to put on my packs rain jacket and mine. I chugged on up the hill up and up then I met a Mule train coming down. Two riders towing four mules each I always want to ask so many questions but the lead cowboy was more interested in my adventure.
I walked on for several more hours before I needed a break then back to the hill .I was aiming for just 10 miles but it was still early so I pushed on although the light was beginning to fade as I came around a corner Artic Fox was resting or rather waiting for her gang i.e. Mr President, Bowie etc.  but I said I hadn’t seen them!!
I said I was going for another hour then that will does
up and up till yes a perfect spot. I dropped my pack and hastily put up my tent dodging the raindrops
I threw my pack inside then began to make tea but!! A new gas I had is faulty and won’t work bugger luckily I carry a spare.
As it begins to boil Arctic fox came by she had waited an hour and now was going on. I said I’d pass on the message
I cooked my dinner in the rain trying to keep my feet warm as its now cold
I’m just about to close up  my tent when Foxxy comes by I expected him to be ahead but he had chores in town . Then 3 sobos come past we wished each other luck.
AS I close up my tent then it begins to pour fingers crossed for a sunny morning



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