Day 51 Bishops pass

Thursday June 5th 2014

I checked my maps I’m near to Bishops pass not bad could have been better. I make tea and try and put on my frozen shoes fuck but soon they are soft enough for me to get them  on
I eat breakfast well I need more fuel in my engine, as I’m getting ready I see several hikers come past but I didn’t recognise them. Okay back to the snow and Muir pass
The snow is solid so I push on, I wouldn’t have been able to do this yesterday and so it is   not long  till I’m  nearing  the Muir  hut a stone  building.  ASS I  approach  there are several packs  lent  outside   and  hikers  posing  for  photos .I  go in there are  stone ledges  around  and a  sort of altar to Muir , Above the bricked-over fireplace- a set of deer antlers, a plaque, and  lots  of  trinkets that people have left. I sit and absorb its history for a moment

Then I wander around outside to admire the views, which are amazing

Time to hike as it is a five mile snowy decent down, my favourite I laugh to myself,

I begin my decent the snow is hard and it stretches away forever, I’m making my way down hill and I feel brilliant I’m almost running as I descend downhill towards the valley.

I’m running the Snail is actually running and I’m singing stupid songs and making up verses that I can’t remember, I am actually making good time as I’m going straight down as opposed to following the switch backs which are hidden beneath the snow. I see the tracks of someone who has glissaded or fell.  I’m weaving  to slow myself down as I  don’t want to break anything .In the distance I can see a  beautiful lake glistening in the sunlight  that will do me for a lunch stop. I’m feeling happy much happier than yesterday. I stop and make salami tortilla squirt with mayo and onion yummy and brew up

I seem to be descending for most of the day and at last I’m out of the snow as I enter into a dry, hot forest, I take a break next to a clear, rushing stream top up my water.  I’m doing well I am trying to get to mile 860 Sengar Creek   or there about. I wanted to get close to Selden pass so I can climb it early or rather that is the plan I may go on depending on how much fuel is in my engine As I approach I notice a camp site that will do perfectly I soon have my tent up and I’m feeling good as I drink a hot cup of tea


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