Day 52 Selden pass

Friday June 6th 2014

My alarm  screams at me at 5am  fuck that’s early and  cold  just a bit  longer at 6am  I stir and stick my head out of my tent  it  looks like a great day  I fire up my stove as I pack up It is  cold but I will soon warm up  especially when climbing .I top up water from the creek and  set  off it is  almost  Seven .I feel pretty excited about today as I make my way  up Selden pass. The snow is solid and  I’m making good  time  and  it is  not long till I’m sat at the top and  wow  the views  are amazing and I can see lakes all around. Okay time to go down  and  yes there are numerous trails to follow I try to walk in footsteps  but this person must be tail as I can’t stride  that  far so decide  to make my own  I’m soon passing a gorgeous beautiful  partially frozen lake. It is beautiful on a beautiful day but a cold wind is blowing do I need another layer I ask myself but push on regardless

The lower I go the snow turns to slush and the trail becomes a small river. I slosh along as there isn’t really any other option, below I can see a forest which shortly I will enter.

The wind at last stops so I take off my jacket. It is hot as I make my way through the forest and I am soon climbing, climbing in the heat god it’s bloody hot.

As I descend back down into the dusty pine forest I suddenly hit a brick. I am completely devoid of all energy. Maybe I need food?, I grab a cliff bar  from  my belt pocket   and  much  it as I wander along  the trail . Just  then a fellow  hiker  appears ( sorry  I have forgotten his  name)  great  as he tends  to  pull me  along, I’m hiking on my own  but  it is nice to have some company  if only  for a few miles. Well it certainly helped me climb as we both slosh through the slush, mud and water. The trail is fairly easy to follow and soon we are at the top.
“Catch you up the trail Snail “, He says

The other side is a blanket  of  snow  but there are deep  gouges’  where’re  people have  glissaded  down   My friend  Jumps  into  snow  and  he’s away  I  gingerly  follow  suit    but  in shorts it is  not  the  best  but  I’m soon zooming down the  side  of  the mountain


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