Day 41 Rocks boulders and gravel

Monday 26th May
Another good sleep well 7/10  I woke at 5.30 and was out of my tent by six.
high up it was cold so lots of condensation on my tent. I ate  breakfast then packed up.Today it was my  right toe’s turn  to complain .Right foot had been fine but not today dam I thought I downed two naproxen 1 ibuprofen and 1 Codeine  that might help. I was dreading today as I knew it was a climb all day so .I’d be pleased if I could do 20 miles

Oh news flash because I had been brutally attacked by the mosquitoes today I’m wearing long trousers or long pants for my American followers. And full combat gear. Although I’m more happy in my shorts. Off I strolled my pack felt good plenty of water  not a cloud in the sky .The trail was up and consisted of large boulders to clamber over or around and the floor was mainly gravel.i liked the gravel but other times it was loose stones that you had to step on around or over which of course my ouch toe didn’t like. Some of it was steep I can’t do steep. But I was making good progress .as I came over one saddle the views were just amazing. And around me as snow .I know I thought I took off my boot and sock and shoved ouchy foot into that. Bar it was cold but foot seemed to like it. So off we went again I was at 3700 m I hadn’t peeked at the terrain but hoped we could go level or maybe down for a last my prayers were answered but ouchy foot didn’t seem to like this or maybe the painkillers were wearing off, i limped on for a while but my foot was now complaining
Bugger i sat on a log and brought out more  painkillers. Just as I swallowed them Grape nut came by he most be flying to catch me and yes he had done a 28 wow.we chatted a while then he was gone. Okay right foot we are off
The terrain was still the same rocks boulder gravel but was now fairly flat and so my pace was good .then in the distance it was Grape-nut he was taking a break so I passed him knowing he would son catch me up..The terrain continued on but now with a scattering of pine trees to give a little shade as the temperature was now up to 85 phew.I heard Grape nut behind me so I let him through and then followed him I was keeping pace until we began to climb. See you up the trail I shouted as I slowed to my hill climbing speed. Ping oh its 1 pm great timing I carried on struggling up the hill till 1.30 before coming to a halt. I made tea  woofed the last of my cheatos  and made cheese and ranch sauce tortillas .Yummy tortillas. Gulped down the last of my Gatorade, then I was ready to go, just 30 minute break.Then I  noticed I has less water than I thought. Dam. I strolled on but I seemed dehydrated for some reason and wanted more water?. Come on miles I had six to go
But it was now hot and I was still going up.slurp slurp mmmm this won’t last. The miles were counting down but slowly. Then slurp but my bag was empty Bollocks I said to my self my mouth was just so dry oh snow I cleared the top of the snow away and shoved the ice into my mouth crunchy ice nice. God still two miles to go I hope it’s there is water and it’s not dry
Just in case I stuffed ice into 1 liter bottle. I need water, I walked on soon ,then I saw a young couple coming towards me.”have you seen any water?. ( I may of sounded mad) but the guy replied there’s a trickle up the trail.A trickle sounds good I replied .  I  hurried on    i need water   …. At last water It  flowed from a huge sheet of  ice / snow  I grabbed my cup and drank. Normally I filter but I was so dry
Then i filtered 3 liters. I was in mid filtering when Omg Ten speed and Brent turned up we laughed I was complaining  about the mosies so Brent lent me some spray which I promptly  sprayed all over my legs. The two of them cooked dinner. Why didn’t I do that! !!!.but I wanted to get to mile 52 making it 20 for the day So I grabbed my stuff said our goodbyes and off I went I just wanted another hour and it was now 5.30 .But typically the trail was taking me up. I passed several good sites but I wanted that hour  .I kept looking at the sun and my watch seeing if I would have enough light. 6 30 yeah and there perfect. I unrolled my soggy tent. Luckily the sun was still hot and so it soon dried. I threw my gear in then cooked supper. As I was cooking Ten speed passed me  see you up the trail! Snail he shouted


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