Day 40 Trapped in the forest

Sunday 25th May
Woke up early but didn’t leave my tent till 6 am I had slept really well but thought it was chilly . maybe it’s this tent but wow what a sight when I stood up.i had camped in the valley so that would make it colder. But that valley was under a thick blanket of fog . quite spooky in fact.but by the time i had packed up and rolled up my wet tent (due to the mist) the fog had gone and we had sun :-). I hoisted up my pack and I was off .The trail started in a pine forest my favourite and meandered along nicely. I wanted to do 20 miles but I was in no hurry. It was just a beautiful day and I felt great.feet were good pack felt good it was going to be a good day..I quickly scoffed a breakfast bar as I marched through the forest..After several hours I emerged in a huge valley with such amazing views and in the distance a river. Good I thought water. As I walked on the vegetation was all brush I think that’s what it’s called.But I’m going to call it scratch because that’s what it bloody does grr .In the distance I could see people as we drew closer to each other it was four lady hikers they were heading to Kennedy meadows. .We said our hellos and we were all on our way. At last the river and it was crossed by a sturdy metal bridge on the other side were a couple of campers. The bridge was alive with swifts or swallows. There were many nests beneath and they were either building or getting food.i filtered water and sat for a while on the grass to bank. I could actually sit here all day. Grudgingly I packed up hoisted my pack and crossed the bridge waving to the two campers. I was Soon back in the brush or rather scratch. In the distance the mountains loomed I wonder which one I will be climbing to day. Soon I was entering a lush green n forest. I just loved it it was so tranquil you could just switch off so rather than hiking I was just wandering. I loved it chipmunks played and wrestled and scampered about . squirrels were busy too.they seemed much larger than the English greys.and now and then a rabbit shot so just so serine that I decided to take a break boiled up some tea and just sat.i would of liked to have seen some bears playing but not too close. Okay time to walk.the trail now began to climb and there were patches of snow all around. Was I back in Narnia? .up and up I went was at 2800 yesterday I was now nearing little lungs were puffing as another day hiker passed me by.higher and higher again I W’s daydreaming when I was started by an couple hiking. We stopped to say our hellos .Ping oh hood lunch time i found a spot dropped my pack plugged my phone into my solar panel. Bliss water for tea and relaxed for an hour. The sun was now hot but they trail seemed to have levelled out do I was making good progress. The trail seemed to then get busy. Not people on it but all around it.I pushed on  walking carefully through snow drifts and splashing through the melt water. I then met three more day hikes who were debating weather to tackle this steep peak. We chatted for ages before I pulled myself away. Great the trail was now heading down perhaps target will be met. Further on a met an old Hiker.he hikes just 10 miles  day.he hiked 500 miles of the PCT last year. I wished him well and was on my way. Great the miles were flying by.whoop. and my time Was good .nut I was still in the forest occasionally I pop out into an amazing  valley then back into the trees.i was still heading down when I came to another huge valley think it was called death valley full of lush green grass as I got nearer a big orange fluffy thing ran across like a squirrel but bigger and orange a marmot maybe in the middle of this lush grass was a wooden walkway. As I crossed over another orange fluffy thing ran across but too quick for my camera.
How much further 4 miles fantastic .but the sun seemed to be in a hurry to to bed. At last the stream. I went to fill my bottles.
I forget to pack out bug spray and a bug net or mossi net. Oh my god in minutes they were driving me mental. Zzzzzzz in my ear zzzzz splat splat I grabbed the water and ran away but they live here. Okay tent spot. Tent up gear in am I safe? I quickly cooked then escaped into my tent to eat. Bear canister sorted need to rinse my pot then bed time@@!

Mosie Protection
Mosie Protection

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