Day 42 more of the same But harder

27th May
Woke up tired.not a good start. Didn’t sleep that we’ll. Don’t know why as I was tired.
Shorts again today I’m being brave…I knew it was going to be a day of climbing. But Mr Toe still wasn’t happy. Dam I said took a load of meddz and limped off.i know what the Dr would say.REST IT…yes I’d love to. Today’s trail seemed worse huge boulders to scramble over or step over. It’s a nightmare but I take it slowly I wanted to get to the junction mile 766 but that was looking out of the question. I limped on where i had a good run it was okay but today  it was 10 steps and climb. Oh well …I plodded on in the distance I saw two hikers filtering water.We chatted for a while,  they were weekend hikers heading for Whitney .They told me to make sure that I look at the lake. So I did and wow what a site. I could of sat there all day.but miles needed to be done so I walked back to the trail and onwards. God it was tough. Clambering over the rocks .In places steps have been made. But I found thee more difficult to navigate through and some the reach was high. As I was pausing for breath Rocksteady and ? Came by, they were fast but wanted to get to Whitney portal. Ready to climb in the morning. I watched them speed out of sight. Come on toe your letting me down I complained. .but we were doing okay. Soon I came to a sign so I Took a photo of it .As I was beginning to move again Tartan caught me up he was a little older than me but still quicker. I followed him for a while then overtook was good terrain so I eased away.we were now in a nice meadow with big clumps of snow as my foot was hurting I decided to take a break and stick my foot in the snow.Tarton asked if he could join me
We chatted for a while. I asked what drink that was? He replied it was called  crystal Light lemonade. It’s a mix that comes in a small tube.he then gave me one. Which I poured into my water tasted delious and thirst quenching. You can get them in most grocery stores he said .
I grabbed my pack and off I went the terrain was still rubbish but at least we were going down, then at last trees a forest nice sand to walk on. But phew it was now 92°  I need water  well I’m okay. Could do lunch it was hot .I looked at my watch it was 1pm my normal time to stop.but today I needed miles so  decided to push on till 2pm I was going down but now had shade and my pace was good. I just love the smell of the pine . maybe it’s because of the heat. I was now I’m some huge open area  a great park  but there was no access for picnickers. I’m now back in the forest spiralling down when I see a friendly face it was Tarton having his just about to have mine as my watch pinged 2pm. I found the next shady spot and took of my pack . tartan pulled up and discussed timings for forester pass and the snow. I wrote down this info then ate lunch. I had been feeling tired so I allowed myself 30 minute nap. But dam I went round the next corner and there was water oh I sat down on the bank and filtered water
I was just finishing up when Tent Stick arrived closely followed by Stumble. .I followed Tent Stick out but even she was faster than me.Ten minutes later and there she was staring at a river. We need to cross this. .it was quite wide and fast.  gingerly she stepped onto some stones and bits of wood and then she was acrossed .My turn.i followed her steps it was quite exciting then it was up I mean really up OMG up
I watched Tent Stick vanish. Up I went around the switchbacks and up and up.we were really climbing and steep.I had to rest for 5 minutes then back to the slog. At last the top but it didn’t end it continued up but though a large open grassland .will this even end I asked myself.The trail continued through open parkland with huge trees to shelter me from the sun.then back to the boulders then back to park legs were weary so I stopped to  check where I was  I was six miles short and it was five. Do I stop or go on
I moved off looking at the large rocky hill in front of me.i was now slowing but still moving forward. Then i met a young man he chatted and offered me water. But I said I had water but needed new legs. Back to the climb but wow at the top the views were amazing. And whoop I’m going down. I began to go as fast as I could  but my legs had had it and as soon as it leveled out I  began to tire I was 2 miles short. But no this will do. I put up my tent and was about to cook when Twig and Lead Dog came by we chatted for a while they were only going 2 more miles.but I was done.
A poor day mile wise .hopefully tomorrow will be better 🙂




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