DAY 154 ZERO in East Glacier

Sep 13th

I woke late  and listened to the world around me. Once up the hostel was buzzing 
We all headed to the lodge on mass for the all you can eat buffet $22
We had to wait several minutes until they could accommodate  us.

Once seated  coffee arrived then i headed for the buffet.
Grabbed a plate and dug in. scrambled egg, country potatoes and bacon. Although I wish they wouldn’t cook the bacon so much. This was followed by pancakes smothered in huckleberry sauce,  divine. 
I devoured several bowls of fresh fruit salad  before going for more bacon and eggs. 
All this was washed down with several vats of orange juice and coffee.

Once I  could eat no more I headed to the hostel

Next job:- Permits!!!
I can’t hike any further until I obtain these I managed to catch a lift to “Two medicine” with Legs.
I wasn’t bothered about doing big miles though legs wanted 28’s.
I left most of the planning to the Ranger as I  didn’t want to do big mileage .I wanted to make the most of the “End”
So I have a mix of 18 and 15 miles to the border so about 7 days. sorted.
Others are doing 28’s  that’s too much especially as the finish line is in sight
Okay laundry time, I rounded up my stinky gear and headed to the laundrette . An hour later I’m done and headed back.
Next chore was the post office, there was a ride organised so I tagged on.
The postoffice lady thought I was moving in with the  amount of boxes I had here. Far  too many…… 

I grabbed my gear and headed back omg can I carry all of this stuff in my pack ……
I went through my gear and  filled my pack. As I’m chilling there  is a steady stream of hikers arriving and leaving so  many faces  new and old  to wish well  and  safe travels too.

.Next job shower as I stink.  Omg  that’s so good I’m clean…for a while.
Once my chores are done it’s just chilling time. Beer and veg  out…..

mileage zero!

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