DAY 153 Heading to East Glacier day 5

SEP  12th

I was up early determined to  push on to Glacier .It was still dark as I packed up .
I made my cupppa and then I was ready . I headed out down the trail in the dark. I like this time of the morning  and was surprised how warm it was compared to the last  few days. The trail seemed fairly flat  and  so I was able  to push
It wasn’t long until I began to descend  and was soon in a big camp site  with water spigot  and toilets. As I walked through the park I could see a large obelisk. So went to have a closer look.

It was dedicated to the pioneer who pushed through the railway. 
I walked back to the trail crossed over the road then railway  and entered the forest. 
At the entrance there were several warning signs about  the danger of bears  and to carry bear spray which was a little unsettling. considering that I had lost mine by foolishly  leaving on a rock.

I headed on trying to just look ahead, the forest was fairly cool as I pushed on 
After  3hrs I stopped for a break and ate a few snacks although  my food bag didn’t have much left in it. Mid afternoon I seemed  to be climbing  more but  nothing  too scary . Okay I will take lunch soon, as I crossed another creek  by bridge I decided to water  up and  stop for  food a little later.

I seemed to be a on a role  so didn’t want to stop. Eventually I  am out of the forest and on a wide broad path.
so I decided to take 5 minutes.
I switched on my phone and immediately had service  and OMG a text from shotgun she had found my bear spray and my note and wasn’t far behind me fantastic Bloody fantastic.
Whoop Whoop I  also had a text from Cash saying where I should stay in town which was about 2 miles away. 
I pushed on with  a little more speed  and  I’m here I am in Glacier…
I walked up the road and found the hostel.
$15a night inside or out , bargain I found a spot on the floor and spread out my gear.
The boys where going for lunch so I joined then .I ordered BBQ ribs that were excellent ,washed down with a few beers.
As I made my way back I could see other hikers heading in and one was Shotgun ..omg thank you so so much
She was also pleased to see me and was pleased with my note that she had kept. I was just happy to get my bear spray back

Later on there were about 8 hikers who needed ice cream so we all ended up walking to town  1 mile away 
I ordered the huckleberry ice-cream which is amazing  I just love the stuff. Plus a six pack for later a tub of strawberry ice cream and chips for later too

Huckleberry ice-cream

It was a fun walk back.


Back at the hostel  the atmosphere was buzzing  as there were hikers heading out and hikers coming back from finishing.
I stayed up to about 10 when my bed began to call me 

Milage  18 


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