DAY 76 Copper mountain & onwards

JUNE 28th 

My alarm went off I switched it off.

The next alarm I snoozed and snoozed.  Until it began to get light.

I could see that my tent was frozen. 

I was in no hurry to get up . As it wasnt far to Copper Mountain 

At 6.30 I pulled the stopper and opened tent.

My colleague was oacked except for his tentvas he was drying to dry it more in the sun.

Morning .

Okay Snail get into gear .I Unclipped my fly and gently rolled it off  my  tent.

I then packed up.

to head out 

I walked  passed my freinds from last night  them headed down the trail it was a gorgeous day and all ready warm.

Luckily the trail was still down as I still didn’t have heaps of energy. 

The closer I got to Copper mountain the busier the trail became . About a dozen southbound CT hikers and  similar number of other hikers  just  hiking. 

I pushed on until I came to my first view of this huge complex   and first set of ski lifts. 

Getting closer.. the next set of ski lifts appeared to be running. Possibly testing ?

I began to spiral down lower and lower  until I was almost there. 

Wow in front of me was a roller coaster. Wow  that’s kinda cool.

At last I was in the complex. I walked around looking for a cafe. Or similar,I passed a large boating lake with grandpa  and his grandaughter on one of those  round boats having fun. Above them were a dozen children waiting for their turn on a zip line.

I noticed a small convenience shop so brought a bottle of lemonade that I had been craving

I sat outside by the lake watching the kids zoom down the wire.

I then headed off to find a bathroom . On the way back I bumped into Shea. Who I had met earlier thst morning as I packed up.

He was having a coffee and eating doughnuts..  looks scrumpy I said.

Good luck today I said.

Yes Shea said.i need to leave before all the bars  open 

We both laughed.

I headed out to find the bus. 

The busses in this area are all free.i found the stop, but had just missed it. While I waited I got out my fly to dry in the sun.

The bus soon arrived. This bus will take me to Frisco then I fet another to Silverthorne.

I must admit wow what a great town Frisco is.  Very long road packed with shops and unlike UK free parking .

The bus finally stooped and I got off only for the next bus to arrive

It wasn’t long untill I was here.

Okay hotel .

It was easy to find and right next to a huge store perfect.

Okay I need to post 2 boxes of food up trail 5 days and six days 

But I needed to check with one site and they only respond to email. So I emailed  and am waiting.

Once settled in I went to the shop as  they have a pharmacy.

I tried to see if I could get  some more medicine.(giardia)

I took my uk  prescription  with me.

The assistant was very helpful, but the american system wasn’t.

I needed to see a Dr to get a prescription and that would cost a lot of $$$$.  For a $7 packet of pills. I thanked her.

Okay shopping I brought for one box, as havnt heard back yet.

Also lunch,dinner. Beer  and icecream . Sorted.

Once back I grabbed coffee.and ice . And back to relax.

Okay lunch first  then tv and relax. 

Oh and I have ordered my gloves. Whoop whoop and relax.


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