DAY 75 Heading to Copper Mountain


After several late night excursions to the loo I managed  to get a good  night’s sleep .

And was up and ready by 6.30.

It was a cool morning but as  I was in the vally  my fly was wet.

I headed out and at once began to climb and climb and climb  infact I spent all morning climbing until I  needed a break ..

I sat on  rock in the sun watching the mist or steam rise from the damp grass now being baked by the sun .

A hiker passed me and quickly was out of sight. I was about to resume but then needed to quickly  run into the forest

I have decided that I have contracted giardia  from dirty water .I have tablets and should have started taking them sooner but was hoping that  the other medicine would fix it.

I was was just about to hoist my pack when another hiker came through his name was silver and he was 72 wow. He has hiked this trail 3 times and is now on his fourth . He told me loads of interesting and useful stuff .

He headed off and I followed still climbing . We will very climbing all day. Such fun . Silver made the climbing look so easy .me puff puff puff stop.

At the next water stop I asked him how he made it look so simple.  He gave me a few tip on walking  and on breathing. All worth trying.

He headed off and I followed 

Eventually getting to the top of  the first summit over 12000 ft.

Silver took my photo and I his as it was such a great view.

A bit more climbing then it’s down snail.

Thank goodness I said  . We’ll actually i swore lol.

So I headed out amazed at the Vistas  all around  me.

At last I was at the top. And once again the views just breathtaking. 

Okay I think its down now  snail.

Silver headed off  following the meandering  line of the trail shortly followed by   myself.

But the trail appeared to be  heading in the opposite direction .

Oh F*uck I havnt finished  climbing as another large mountain appeared before me .

By now Silver was a fair way ahead . I was struggling a bit. I’m guessing  with bacterial infection that  I was suffering from I was suffering from lack of energy.

Several  Ct hikers came through so I asked them about snow. 

All is good they said.

In the distance was a large rock. Perfect for a lunch stop.

I  dropped my pack and silver joined me

I then got out my fly  to dry in the sun.

Great idea Snailtrainer  said Silver and did the same.

It was lovely to sit and relax in the sun for a few minutes.

Okay time to walk.i set off crossing several snow bungs before dropping down over the saddle. 

From now it should be all downhill  and only 6 miles to Copper mountain.

Easy peasy….lol

As I was beginning to decend  gourmet appeared passed me and zoomed off into the distance.

As I began to zig-zag  down  I came to an amazing lodge perched in the mountain . You can rent this place  and wow it looks amazing  probably  many shillings ££££$$$$$$

I pushed  on before noticing another hiker gaining on me from behind. I paused to let him buy only to find that it was Yader. 

Great to see you…catch you up trail  as he was awning to climb the big mountain. .

I was going to take the alternate. 

The trail crossed over the mountain giving great views down the vally before dropping down into the forest. The trail was switchbacked making the going easy. 

But I was still struggling with no energy even though  I was heading down. I needed to stop.

I sat down and took off my pack and lay down on the ground .

My breathing was mad so I lay there until I sounded normal lol.

God I feel rubbish but then I had been climbing since 6.30  and the Altitude kills me normally. 

Okay snail  a handful  of miles to go and it was only 2 pm

I got up sung on my pack and returned to the spiraling downward trail.

But I really wasn’t feeling it. Could  camp there. But I wasn’t carrying  any water. Okay next water and I load up and then the next flat spot  will be mine.

Typically it was a while before water. Okay  now somewhere to camp….The trail now followed the river and once again the beavers had been busy.

Oh there perfect,in the shadow of an old log cabin the perfect spot .

I dropped my pack . Then sat on a rock for a few minutes .

Just in front in some trees I noticed several.other hikers setting up camp.

As I sat  on my rock the clouds began to roll in.

Better throw my tent up quickly .

Okay  done now I can relax.

I had just finished setting up when a CT hiker appeared. Would you mind if I set up?

Not at all go for it.

As he set up I fired stove and made a cuppa.woukd you mind if I cooked here?

No problem. It was actually nice to have some company and conversation  . 

As we were cooking one ofvthe ladies from the trees came over and said they were having happy hr and would you likevto join us for  tequila and lime.

So when we were done we joined them. It was two ladies and 1 husband.

I  enjoyed our drinks  but the weather wasn’t being kind and I was getting cold so I thanked them and left. 

Once back in my tent I had a quick tidy  then got into my bag as it was getting cold.

Actually just in time as the heavens opened  and whosh down came the rain.

Night all

Mileage  12

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