DAY 72 & 73 Going nowhere

JUNE 24th

I slept really well last night.i packed up and just had my tea to drink before hitting the trail

Okay lets was a cool overcast  morning  as I strolled off down the trail.

The lakes looked stunning in the early morning light.

Suddenly I didn’t feel well  I felt nauseous and dizzy .

And had to stop and sit down . I really didn’t feel well. I sat for 10 minutes and didn’t feel any better.

Could maybe lunch or a bad batch of water.

I am seldom unwell  and so I wasn’t sure what to do although it seemed unwise to head back into the wilderness.

I decided to hike back into town .

Once in town I visited the restroom for a while.

Brought a fresh  bottle of water and dumped all I was currently carrying.

Okay plan B  my next town was leadville so let’s see if I can get there. 

Ride one was quick,that dropped me off at the intersection. Then a nurse picked me up from there and dropped me off at the fire station at Leadville

Okay I set off for the  “the clouds in the sky hostel “.but when I arrived  it was fully booked.

They suggesest the Abbey.

So I rang them. Yes they had room and was just a block away 

On the way I passsed a train museum .the big diesel engine was just warming up,ready to take passengers on a tour.

Okay the Abbey,i checked in dumped my stuff and quickly had a shower. Once back in my room I lay on the bed  then promptly fell asleep . I  didn’t wake up until 8am the next day 

Maybe it was partly exhaustion  I had been on trail a few days with big climbs, but I still think food or water poisoning. 

I will get some meds today.

Mileage 6*

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