DAY 71 Twin Lakes


It took a few tries to wake up. But once the plug was pulled  on my bed I had to get up.

I quickly stripped down my tent then put on water for tea.

I was just drinking it when yader appeared from behind a rock . And then Keebler  also appeared. 

Snail how ……

We all laughed . They both set off along the trail.

I finished my tea . Stowed my cup and I was also on my way

It wasn’t long until  Pittsburg  caught me  we gave each other abuse  as  he  vanished up ahead.

Then I was at the bottom of the dreaded  climb just over 2.5 miles up and I would climb over 2000ft.

I just cant wait…..

I set off and it was almost vertical at the bottom so more of a scramble.

Come on snail little steps . I slowly crept up the was morning I’m fresh with loads of energy lol.

I climbed higher and higher stopping regularly to gasp for air about 1/4 way up I met  yader who was taking a break. There was a lady with him. Who was a trail  person. 

Through  gasps I said it’s too bloody steep. 

I pushed on or rather chugged on and up eventually I emerged out of the forest and could see how much  was left to climb.

SADLY.    About 1.5 miles oh joy lol.

I carried on chugging  up  and was now on the switchbacks that were slightly more forgiving. Right at the top I could make out a figure it had to be Keebler  or Pittsburg  omg that’s high.

But I was getting there and  2 hrs later I crossed the saddle. 

Wow the views from up here were amazing. The trail lady took a couple of photos of me.

Then it was down.

There were a few ice bungs then  it was slippery  shale before I was on solid ground.

At last I could push

I was heading to town where nice things were…..

The trail meandered its was down and once again it was hard work trying to keep out of the numerous streams and bogs

I entered a forest then popped out into a long meadow before going back into the forest. As I decended. I met numerous people  going the other way.

Several joggers. Day hikers. People just walking their dogs. 

Soon the river joined me as I just kept heading down and down and down

At last I came to the shortcut  (trail) this one doesn’t take you  around the lakes.

I popped out by several ponds before crossing over a large bridge over a raging river. 

Okay now to Town.i stood by the road for a few minutes but thought it was bit too dangerous where i was.

I began to walk  but the hard shoulder wasn’t  very wide.

Luckily a couple stopped and soon I was outside the store.

I thanked them and walked to the store. There were numerous faces thst I hadn’t seen in a while.

I dropped my pack by Yader and went  inside.i grabbed a gatorade as they had no  lemonade   shock!! A tub of blueberry ice cream and a can of beer.

I took that back to my table and slowly  enjoyed  it.

Then I visited the food truck for a burger. Again very tasty.

The rest of the afternoon was spent gossiping with the other hikers and finding out what their Resupply plans were and which towns  they were planning on visiting . my shedule is fairly flexible but plan to visit 

Leadvile next.

Rain came to break up our chilled out day ,rain  jackets and pack covers quickly appeared.

Okay guys I’m heading out  going to do 2 miles and camp

I headed for the road and quickly got a ride but was chatting so sailed past my stop and ended walking back.

Okay im back on trail.

Water is at  1.7  that will do me then a suitable  spot.

As I was removing my rain jacket as the sun was now trying to roast me yader caught up.

I followed him to the water.then headed down trail a little  ways.

I quickly got my tent set up and tea on the go.

Then Keebler  and Pittsburg  from the other direction. Which was lucky.  As I had missed a turn and was on a side trail.

So at least I’m going in the right direction tomorrow. 

Milage  17

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