Day 157 100 mile wilderness Day5

Thursday 13th September

I got up quite leisurely as I no longer needed to rush it’s only 51 miles to go and I have bags of time…….maybe.
When i opened my tent I was greeted with the start of an amazing sunrise . I watched  for about 15 minutes

Most of the tents that surrounded me last night had gone. I sat enjoying the sunrise with a hot cup of tea this is just perfect welcome to the new day.
Finally I packed up and was on my way, if the trail was similar to yesterday then I would like a 20 miler but to be honest I would settle for 16.

As i began  the trail greeted me with boulders,  great start I thought .
The trail took me around the lake , that looked fantastic as the light changed with the amazing sunrise
It was warm already as i made my way over and around these boulders once they vanished the planks returned . Okay maybe I won’t do 20 I was struggling to get any pace at all. The planks then were replaced  by the dreaded roots.. It’s like two rows of tyres that footballers run over in training , but I’m no a footballer and  my feet don’t move like that. grrrrr.

The trail was walk the plank, trip over roots, fall off rocks for most of the morning before a reasonable trail returned .
I  eventually  came to a shelter , i stopped to write in the book, but made sure I left going North.!!!

By mid morning I had passed several  more  gorgeous lakes, they looked stunning .I had the time to stay  relax by the shores  but  something inside urged me on.
When I came to a road I saw Ossie’s wife , I cheekily asked if she had a soda.
She hadn’t but found me an energy drink that i quickly necked was cold and did the trick.
I thanked her and pushed on shortly coming to another glorious lake. there were 2 Privy’s and a picnic table, i decided that it must be lunch as it was 12.

I put on a brew and ate some snacks before checking my map. Wow 10.5 miles I was fairly chuffed as it had been a crap morning trail wise. I should be able to match that in the afternoon may be ha ha.
I went and sat on the beach by the lake for 5 minutes skimmed a few stones then it was time to hike.

I followed this amazing lake for several hours dipping into the forest then back on to the beach. Whilst in the forest another sea plane came over very low and landed on the amazing I want one lol.
The trail then became hard work up and down the forest whilst weaving in and out of trees . This exhausts me as I can’t get any rhythm  so struggled when the next climb appeared going straight into chug mode.  about halfway i came across another hiker taking a break.
“I didn’t realise that there were any climbs”, I said puffing.
“It’s just this bump”.he said
Just a bump I thought to my self, Fucking big bump.
I continued to chug up and up until I reached a sign saying Nesuntabut Mountain. I stopped for a break . then I was ready will it now be all down…..I doubt it ha ha

It was 2 pm and 8 more miles to the shelter but I felt fresh  so pushed on  until I came to another amazing lake, typically the trail likes to take you all  the way around .
As I walked through the surrounding forest there were numerous boats chained to trees and several boats tied up by a long rock slab. Nearby several girls were sunbathing  lucky them i thought
As I just hiked on the trail got board of being flat so decided that some climbing would be fun. 4 pm pinged my watch, I decided that 20 miles was too much and another hour would do.

At the next river I decided to water up, half hour later i spied some great  spots and several tents.
Now here’s where I should of stopped…………
BUT NO…..I decided to push on, do the hour….BIG. MISTAKE.
There was nothing , I walked following the river mile after mile constantly climbing 5 pm pinged my watch. At 5.45 I thought bollocks  and  left the trail to find a suitable spot, maybe a compromise  but my tents up and a brew is on

21 miles better than I thought night only 30 to go !!!

Start. 2139
Finish. 2160
Miles. 21
miles left. 30

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