Day 156 100 mile wilderness Day 4

I didn’t sleep to well on my lumpy bed so was pleased when the alarm went off.
I visited the privy, I  should have taken my camera as the Privy  was very very nice ..brand spanking new. lol

After I retrieved my food bag i  put on a brew.
My tent was  wet due to dew or being by the river. I packed up then scoffed an apple pie that I had been carrying, slurped my tea and I was on my way.
I walking  early today as it was rumoured to be ‘Flat”. It was fairly overcast as I made my way down the trail . The first few miles were very rooty and after my fall yesterday I was being cautious. I had several small climbs, before the trail at last flattened out and so I could get a good pace, until I came to a large blow-down area. Most had been cut.

Thanks trail people but there were still a few to climb over or under. I pushed on navigated a few wobbly planks over bogs and soon arrived at the next shelter.
I was fairly pleased with my pace so I stopped to sign the register.
This is where it went wrong , somehow I got turned around and headed back the way I came . I had covered 1.5 miles when I ran into another hiker.
Your going the wrong way he said.
As Sobo’s say this all the time to us North-bounders .  I said Bollocks.
But this hiker I recognised as his hammock was by my tent  yesterday
“Fuck fuck “I said to myself out loud how the fuck did I do that.
“lucky I met you or I would be back where I started” i said before  promptly turning around and headed  back the way i had just come  for the third time !!!NORTH.
I pushed on still mumbling to myself and a few obscenities
On the journey back I recognised  a few landmarks why didn’t I notice them when I headed south Arrrrhhh.
Sure enough the shelter reappeared ,  a few more swear words passed my lips as i passed it again for the second time
I arrived  at a river, it was easy to rock hop and I was soon over and trying to make up the 3 miles that I had just wasted . I had 20 miles in mind and that may not be possible now that the evenings are getting darker earlier now.

I pushed on through the forest making the most of a flat trail yes there were a few humps but nothing silly .I had my music up loud and I was going as fast as I could with out exhausting myself . I had one biggish climb later but it wasn’t huge. I pushed on until I met another hiker who had just stopped for water.
“It’s great water mate” he said.
“How far is it? “I asked
“It’s just there” he said pointing.
I went and grabbed a bottle, I was just back on trail when I ran into onion. I had met her before but i wasn’t sure where .
I was now at the  climb  and to be more fun it was rock slabs . I had some great views but decided that i didn’t want to stop until  i was at the top, it wasn’t a huge climb and i was  soon at the top as my watch pinged 12 pm.  Time for a quick break .I  wanted a  brew but I didn’t want to stop too long.  So cheese , biscuits, jerky..peanuts, skittles and I was away. I had already eaten my hiking snacks to help me get over my 3 mile detour so there was no more.

But I was feeling  good target was antlers campground still 12 miles away or six good hours . I can do that
I pushed on passing numerous ponds,  I had long stopped looking for moose that so sped straight past, jumping  fallen trees or walking around them . I crossed numerous boards over numerous bogs , noticing piles of new  boards  now and then.
Again a big thank you Trail people .
As began to descend,I  could see a road with people . It was trail magic two guys who had recently finished were paying it forward.
Beer or coke they asked .
Beer please..I took a seat
They then fed me about a dozen  orioles biscuits, 2 bags of crisps, 3 chocolate cups and 2 satsuma’s I washed  down with another beer.
They insisted putting a  few snacks into my pockets before i left.
Thank you  so much guys , Okay back to walking only 10 miles now, I should  be there by 6.30.
I pushed and pushed as the trail was still perfect for me but I didn’t want to run out of steam.  I zoned out as I chased the miles.
Another ford stopped me in my tracks but I managed to rock-hop it and the next one.
3 pm pinged my watch, 6 more miles, come on snail. but  I was flagging  so  woofed a rice crispy bar that I had obtained earlier .I was saving it but needed it .
4 pm pinged my watch,I woofed my second rice crispy bar.
I was tired and cursed the 3 mile detour again .

Come on Snail, i urged . typically when your tired and have had enough the trail becomes crap. I was having to climb over rocks and small boulders the size of football’s but I don’t trust them , or  rather my feet  do not , so I walk around them that wastes time but I want to get there in one piece. At last a proper  trail returns and so does my pace.
I’m here thank god , The campsite sits on the hedge of a lake.

my tent is soon up and s brew is on the go whoop 20 miles or 23 With the detour

night all

Start. 2119
Finish. 2139
Miles. 20


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