Day 62 Off to Glasgow

Monday 11th june

I slept through most of the rain, waking only to switch off my alarm. I eventually emerged at 8.30. wow I must have needed that sleep
I walked over to the shelter and was surprised that Fish was here .
Hey man what are you doing here as he’s normally fast.
I then met the ranger  and he’s a talker like me so  2 hours later I was taking my tent down and was on the trail by 10am really late for me.
I only had two miles until the road and so soon arived at the longest footbridge on the AT . As i began to cross a train appeared on the adjacent bridge once across I crossed the road and  as advised by the ranger  stood in the small car park . I was quuiockly picked up and on route to Glasgow.
I found the shelter  called the Paviion and set up my gear. This shelter has power, lights, loos and hot showers
I walked the short way to town  and resupplied , I also brought a sympathy card for a friend who had recently lost her husband  a great  friend  of  mine so after writing I  quickly visited the Postoffice to post it  nefore returning  back to the shelter to chill.
I drank a few beers emptied a tub of ice cream. As I had Cell service I  was able to check my email and noticed i had  another email from Osprey.
fantastic  they will  give me discount on a new pack .
I quickly logged into their website and entered the code, great that took off $150
Bugger , it wouldn’t let me select the UK as my billing address. arrrhhh. I tried several  more times before giving up and ringing the lovely lady at Osprey. after sever more phone calls . Result my new pack is on its way whoop. I was now feeling very smug so opened another beer.

As i was relaxing by the camp fire with my fellow hikers  a man appeared and announced that there was free dinner at the church and that  he would be back at 8 pm to pick up those who wanted to come . Great I thought no cooking.
8pm soon arrived and soon a pickup full of hikers was on route to the church. When I walked in I was amazed to see so many  familar faces .
There was Guinness, Bumble bee, Bob and Zippy and many more . I had a huge bowl of pasta with meat sauce,  salad bread and then they offered us more before the ice cream appeared. it was so delicious . and FREE!
As I was eating Poppins and Peanut arrived.
After lunch we had to introduce ourselves and explain  our trail names before we were shuttled back to the shelter . i joined the others sitting around the camp fire drinking and chatting

Start 784
Finish 786
mileage 2 miles
Remaining 1404 Miles

Please note My video blog  is a day adrift!


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