Day 148 To Canada

8th September
Woke refreshed I put on tea then packed up
I was pleased that my tent was dry as I thought by camping on grass and by a small pond it would be wet by condensation
We woke to a cloudy day and we were not sure if it would stay dry all day!!
Da Vinchi and i were on the trail by 8 am we pushed on out of the traps but I could tell that Da Vinchi wanted to get there as he was pulling away into the distance
I can normally keep up.but not uphill so I let him go and slowed down.
The first part was up s lot of up almost seven miles up but wow every corner or saddle revealed just amazing scenery. Mountain range or valley. Id slept really well but today I just didn’t have the engine in my leg and struggled up every slope.

It can be quite sole destroying when you see you friend miles away across the next valley. But hey it’s been like this the entire adventure. early on I’d of tried to keep up and burn myself out but not any more
I marched on stopping to take several photos and to enjoy what I was seeing oh and to grab a handful of huckleberries
Down I’m going down. The trail began to snake its way down through the woods eventually coming to a large cross roads. DA Vinchi was waiting for me here with a couple who were also hiking to Canada.
I ate breakfast then we hit the trail again and yet another climb. Up and up we went at last the sun began to shine and I began to melt phew I looked for a good spot to stop and loose a layer stuffed my shirt into my pack emptied s litre of lemonade down my throat then set off after Da Vinchi
The trail wound its way across the valley touching the rims of the mountains, occasionally I’d have to cross a steep scree that swept down the mountain as far as you could see

Some were wide to walk on others were scary and a mere foot print wide.
On I went still climbing and still being presented with fantastic new mountains and other views
I had to keep stopping to stare
I eventually caught up with Da Vinchi and we had lunch just love eating with the amazing picture before me.
We relaxed then time to walk .we were making good time and mileage
Yes we were going to do it
But there were still plenty of miles to do. But it was down and apart from a water stop we should hit the monument by about 6 pm

I chased after Da Vinchi but soon lost him on the never ending switchbacks
I then met s funny marmot ( Steve Adam Adam ) But every time raised my camera he shot into his hole.
I carried on down the switchbacks then saw a beautiful lake hadn’t seen a lake in weeks the trail meandered around it. By the bank I saw Da Vinchi getting water do I did the same
6 miles to go snail we can do it in two hours.
We headed off and down and again Da Vinchi was soon out of sight .I plodded on occasionally stopping to grab s handful of huckleberries or two.
The sun was still hot as earlier it had gone black and cold and in thought it may rain
I pounded down the trail then I noticed Da Vinchi and fantastic it was Foxxy we carried on together getting closer to our goal then we met washcloth and frizzy coming back .frizzy said Early Bee may still be there! !
That would be fantastic as we both started on the same day back in April
We marched on and on then met Pedi on the way back I gave him a huge hug said congratulations and then pressed on
At last the monument we spent about an hour taking crazy photos then Early bee re-joined us bloody brilliant .now it was time to open the “Champagne” that a friend Gwyn had sent me thanks so much Gwyn
I had carried this large glass bottle from Stehekin and I wasn’t going to waste a drop. I popped the cork and took a huge swig it tasted divine I passed the bottle to Da Vinchi then Foxxy then Early Bee before taking it back. thank you again
We then took more silly photos before for well over an hour before moving on to camp
I set up camp then cooked supper by the log fire. Fires appear to be allowed again now hurrah Tomorrow 8 miles to manning park and soon home I hope


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