Day 147 – 1 Day to GO

7th September
I woke about six thirty after a great night’s sleep everyone else was still in their tents
I quickly went to the loo then fired up my stove .Aya then emerged. So did I snore she asked? I had to laugh and say yes .Then Da vinchi joined in with yes but it was more of a gentle purr ,Rather than the roar of Legs behind you !! we all laughed
Soon Aya was packed and heading for the trail. See you both up the trail
she said. Da-vinchi and I were taking our time. And soon Nature and legs were heading out too. Best we make a move too Da vinchi off we went it was about an hours climb to the first saddle as we crossed about a dozen switchbacks.
I eventually crossed over the saddle and wow the views of all the mountains and valleys was amazing

Nature and legs were taking a break so I joined them for breakfast while waiting for Da vinchi .Then Da vinchi disappeared I called his name and was worried he had fallen . But he had been to climb a small peak.
We set off again to cross the next saddle. The views as we walked were amazing. It was such a beautiful clear day and getting warmer. We marched on the trail wide and flat
Soon we were going down. But slowly as we both didn’t want to injure ourselves when we were so close to the finish.
Ah water. We filled up as the next reliable water was 21 miles away I had 4 litres yes a little heavy.
Further up the trail we met two couples hiking we ended up chatting to them for some time before resuming our walk. We could tell we were getting close to a trail head as we began to pass many day hikers. Clean people who smell nice
Four ladies we met were so pleased for us that they gave us half of their lunch and fruit

At last we arrived at the trail head there was a loo .ranger station and register .
Da vinchi and I sat at a table and ate lunch .Then two other hikers appeared it was Mongo and Washcloth
Bloody hell guys good to see you both. I’d of thought you guys would have finished. Both of them had missed the water and were I gave them a litre of mine. Then two ladies walked by with two huge pots of huckleberry’s
I said to the guys ask if they have any spare water. But as they were very shy
I asked for them. Excuse me Mamm would you have any spare water?
Why of course .so they both followed the ladies to their car.
Then to my amazement Pedi arrived with Frizzy I hadn’t seen him since Kennedy meadows. And wow he looked thin but a good thing
we all ended up chatting for far too long. Before we hit the trail almost 2 hours later and of course a big climb.

But as always a fantastic views .it was now almost four we agreed we would go to we pushed on hoping we could set up in the sun
We crossed one more Creek and topped up our water for the night. We had one more climb then we could see our camp
Tents up we both relaxed and cooked dinner except I managed to knock mine over so had to bury it then start again. We finished up with hot chocolate laced with Canadian Whiskey
Tomorrow we will walk and see what happens we may make the finish or we may camp a mile short and finish the day after


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