Day 141 Climb every mountain ford every stream

1st September
A good nights sleep  but i seem to be like Austin Powers  im missing my mojo I woke with my alarm and just lay there. .the next alarm went and I  cancelled it .There wasn’t the sound of rain but camping close to a creek it was sodden with condensation.its no good, to finish the Pct I need to finish I put on my stove and packed my damp kit into my damp pack put on my wet socks and put my feet into my wet shoes. Okay its not late I can do this I drank my tea . waterproofs on all round .Lets walk…….
I made my way out of the camp site and through the forest dodging under dome huge fallen trees.i was feeling good but I just didn’t have any oomph .maybe its all these climbs every one says this. Section is a tough well im finding it so..I meandered through the woods staring at all the different mushrooms, toadstools and fungi all amazing colours and shapes. It was not long till I heard the sound or rather roar of water.i couldn’t see it but I knew I was following it.oh my god it was the tree jumping game and to make it more fun lets do it in water


.I must of crossed 2 dozen ice melts whilst manoeuvring over and around logs.The roar was now getting louder meaning I was getting closer.i came over a large bank and there it was a main feed from a glacier all milky white
Luckily there was a bridge well almost it had collapsed in the middle  but I was still able to cross with care..I made my way across the swirling waters and over the other bank guess it was time to climb and climb I did.
After an hour I stopped took of my rain jacket and woolly hat had a long drink and continued up and up oh and up oh sun there is sun and I can see mountains and snow wow up and up
Then Wow more mountains came  into view they were all around. I continued to climb into another forest but it was steep omg it was steep
Both my feet hurt i’m guessing because of wet socks etc I dropped some pain killers and climbed higher. OMG the views were even better sadly I dont know what they are called but they are stunning. I climbed over the saddle and wow even better views of more mountains and fantastic valleys.
I began to climb down through more trees phew .ping went my watch. Yes that will do.i ate cereal and chilled for 10 minutes before back to the trail.
I had to Ford another creek do not get wet snail.!.Phew safely across
Oh and up we go and up and up zig zag switchback after about an hour I reached another saddle and it was Omg OMG OMG Moment the mountains stretched out in front of me I was stunned by what I was seeing I sat down and just started
Just fantastic.
Then I began a very very long trek down .slowly to begin with as it was snowy and slippy and a long drop lol
At 2.30 I stopped for lunch checked my feet and rested I still hsd a long long way to go down so that I could climb up the other side lol
After lunch I began my decent again I passed a gorgeous lake but as it had snow on it it was brr but a beautiful blue colour. Just by the lake set several hikers I said my hellos then continued on as I crossed another Creek I disturbed a huge trout well it looked like trout but more pink.i Could of caught him but i needed to walk as my mileage the last few days has been crap down and down I went in places it was clay and due to the recent rain it was scary. I must of been going down for hours but every now and then another mountain or waterfall would catch my eye.
Again I heard the roar of more water and I came to another large bridge over another glacial melt I checked my gps I had done 14 miles and it was 4.30 really I said to myself I had expected more.
No what I should of done was to fill up with water . (Like I usually do when i’m tired  so I can camp) But I didn’t. Water was in 9 miles but I thought well there is bound to be a spring and it was 4 miles up there is bound to be a flat spot NO NO NO
I set off up and it was a steep up and up and up puff puff switchback after switchback higher and higher but no water and no flat spot after two hours i was knackered please just a flat spot but nothing I walked on and on then thought I’ve had enough On one switchback it was fairly wide so that’s where I stuck my tent. I had 1 litre  of water so 1 cup of tea and dinner  and now for bed
Still not a good day but better


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