Day 142 Joy and despair

2nd September

Snooze snooze But I was on the trail. By 7.It was a hard slog up. I am so glad stopped when I did as  I didn’t pass any  flat spots and no water
I can’t believe no water! As I can still hear the roar of water far below teasing me .Water water water
I stomp off through the fog although it’s very calming almost therapeutic
I keep thinking that I am seeing sheep but they are just huge chunks of white rock. Listen. ….I can hear water a different roar…..At last. Its several ice melts I drink and drink (camel up) fill my bottles and now I feel good and much happier.
Occasionally the fog lifts to reveal an amazing glacier and snow topped mountains but blink and its gone the cold blanket of fog wraps its way around me.
I walk on crossing numerous springs and melts. Typical I think to myself the trail now begins to climb and soon I’m crossing numerous meadow and as the fog swirls around fantastic scenery is revealed again. As I walk I encounter many stupid grouse who wander about in front of me till they feel threatened then they fly off .mmmm roast grouse nice lol
I begin to head down but it’s very overgrown so I’m stumbling as my feet find rocks to fall over and I now have wet feet bugger. the trail narrows to almost one foot in front of the other hurting my feet
As I descend the fog at last lifts showing  snow covered mountain peaks bloody amazing. I stop and stare while taking it all in before walking on but then my watch pings and I stop again for breakfast.  10 30  at last the sun makes its entry nice to see it as I continue on down the roar of water returns I look into the canyon to see milky white water cascading down before continuing on and into more forest .There see many trees down to jump over or get around as I’m dawdling along two hikers pass me
The trees in this forest are huge I mean huge I stop and take many photos  these trees are amazing
One had recently crashed down across the trail I just about managed to crawl under it  the size just stunned me.
More spots of rain no no.  I up a gear lol and continued on till I come to a huge bridge, rebuilt by the forest guys in 2011 .I’d really   love to see how they did it and got the  wood in to build it.
I began to climb up the other side it was almost 2 pm Lunch Omg I cried as I checked my GPS just 11 miles really!! Is that all

Okay lunch done let’s start this climb
Up and up and up then along it seemed to me that I was now following the river from where it has come from. The trail was moving up but on a gentle incline I like that
But god the trees that I had to climb over there seemed to be dozens some as before are fairly easy others take some doing especially with a large pack there was one particular section where the trail was literally blocked by a dozen collapsed trees
So you had to weave yourself through the branches not fun. Spots of rain again no no please wait to at least 7PM

.The trail then headed towards the river .are we crossing again I thought. But no we just skirted around the bank then back up three were some nice camp sites but far too early for me sadly .Then more rain no good I stopped and put on my packs pack and my rain coat. As I was putting my pack on the two hikers from earlier passed me again. Guess they stopped somewhere for lunch
I moved on and upwards following the trail. Then for some reason I got a bit morbid I was hoping to do this section in five days taking it a bit slow easing off the gas a little and enjoying the penultimate section. But I’ve been pushing myself to exhaustion and I’ve barley been managing 15 miles a day and it’s not fun chasing the clock or miles
Now don’t  get me wrong this section has been amazing and I’ve taken 100’s of photos it’s just been really tough for me and probably  just me as I like to dawdle and enjoy the scenery
I’m just glad I didn’t book my flight from skykomish or id be in deep poo
And then I worry about my boxes not being in Canada so I can’t book my flight till I know they are there
So really I’m worrying about nothing
As it’s all out of my hands and I’m still at least another day away from Stehekin
And now its pouring and I’m still climbing .wish I had more speed  okay typical I’ve now watered up as I don’t want a repeat of yesterday and typical there is a spring or stream at every corner oh well
I plod on up and up it’s like a stair way to heaven but without the stairs
I am now going into the fog and at long last the torrent roar of water has gone weird as its been with me for most of the day
Up and up and up I promised myself I would walk to at least 6 pm them look to camp.
Did I promise that FOOL
I trudged on getting wetter and wetter stupid promise .the rain seemed to have cleared the fog and it was silent except for an occasional jet sound
I keep looking up to see g if I could see light (means I’m almost at the top)
But no .I craftily looked at my watch 5.22 . Is that all I marched on trying to avoid puddles even though my feet were soaked. Look a nice camps spot
still too early grrrrrr stupid promise.
I then got a burst b of energy from somewhere and began to stride off I was on a mission but don’t ask me what. Up and up I went  jumping the occasional log of crossing yet another stream Ping At last but I was still marching I think I would’ve gone on to seven trying to claw dome miles back when Boom Went the thunder and the sky turned black
Mmm that’s not good oh a campsite
A fairly large one. And as I dropped my pack the rain held a truce
I soon had my tent up  my sleeping pad blown up .sleeping bag out all my kit inside .shoes & soggy socks off
I pulled off my rain jacket and put on my  fleece and got straight into my bag as I was cold.
As soon as I was in the heavens opened and torrential rain fell
it was like a machine gun and Chinese firecrackers hitting my tent
in lulls I made tea then another hiker arrived like a drowned rat Mind if I camp next to you?
Not at all help yourself Sun for tomorrow please


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