DAY 79 Heading to Grand lake Day 2

July 1st 2022

Omg it’s July.

I slept well last night. Bit of rain in the night and some wind but not much to bother me.. The Alarm went off I snoozed it as I was going to lie in. The Alarm went off again and this time I stopped it and removed the stopper from my mattress. 
It was fairly light as I removed my self from my bag and opened the doors to my tent. The outers were soaked more from condensation.  I had my morning wee then began to strip down. When I was almost done I put on my stove for my morning cuppa and a instant oats. 
Okay I now need to climb that bloody hill that almost broke my neck coming down!! Okay snail here goes. I knew it was going to be steep and slippery, but it’s much easier  climbing up than down. And it wasn’t long until I was facing that huge cornice  of snow.

In daylight with no fog ,rain and howling wind it didn’t look as scary also I was fresh. But I didn’t have to cross it as I made my way towards the cairn  I ended climbing a small snow bank that turned out to be unnecessary as know I could see where the trail zigzagged down.
I set off following the very faint trail it was a guessing game as the snow had erased the trail. 
Okay found it, it meandered around a rocky outcrop  then headed down into a huge snow bung. But luckily the footprints bypassed it great. Once down I headed off down the trail, but something didn’t look right. I checked my app F*uck I must be on a animal track or !!! I made a beeline to where I thought the trail was and luckily intercepted it. It wasn’t long until it began to climb up the side of a mountain such fun.
There were several paths up I used the shallow one that had switch backs and laughed to myself as it seemed all the wildlife used this one too. Once up the views all around  were fairly dramatic WOW!

The trail now headed down but I was unable to determine in which direction. But down is good . I pushed on as the trail meandered down into the valley. Omg the views were amazing.  Down and down I went  knowing that I had a huge climb sometime today to meet back with the CDT.
It was so quite on the trail as I hadn’t seen anyone apart from Silver for several days. I pushed on down the valley until I came to a nice open piece of grassland.
I needed a break so dropped my pack before getting out my soaking fly to dry in the sun. I also charged my watch as it had died and enjoyed a few snacks .

Okay time to walk. But once again it was a game trying to find the cairns. Omg another water crossing so wet feet then five minutes later I crossed back. F*uck really. I pushed on then crossed another creek and in front was a huge wooden building. In the middle of nowhere and what was inside it ?
Okay which path do i need to take ?
The one that goes up that has to be mine lol. I just started along the road when I noticed a package on a rock ,It looked like a hikers trash bag. But when I got closer it had CDT Magic written on it and had lots of goodies in it.

I took a gator aid satchel and a small bag of sweets. Okay back to the Cdt This dirt road will reconnect back with the Cdt, but it was steep and very very  long taking me almost two hours until  I reached the top.
Omg it was steep…But I’m back on the Cdt

I could see several Cdt hikers up ahead so took after them (ha ha) Up here once again the views were amazing.  But I just had to follow this wiggly line, in the distance I could see the hikers climbing  up the next big mountain..
The afternoon was spent up and down but I was enjoying this trail. I now began to descend and could see the two hikers disappearing  around the next hill.

I pushed on until I came to a huge snow bank. Footprints crossed it and so did I. On the other side I met a runner who was just about to turn around and head back. I watched him go and was pleased to see the trail went around the side of the mountain rather than up it.
I set off after him ,after an hr I took another break and got 1itre of water. As I sat there a inquisitive chipmunk appeared and I fed him a few peanuts. Okay it’s getting close to five.
I pushed on down the trail and at the bottom could see a large building It sounded noisy some sort of factory?
But the trail didn’t get that close as it soon began to climb.
Oh great water I grabbed another bottle, right I’m ready  for that flat spot .
As i pushed on i began to hear the familiar sound of rumbling thunder, Mmm come on flat spot and luckily one appeared. 
Actually there was plenty of spots for numerous  tents.

I quickly put mine up. Then put on a brew and sat on a rock, I was just about to enjoy a deserved cuppa in beautiful  sunshine  when……. The rain came. I quickly threw everything in my tent and finished cooking inside

That’s me done

Mileage  14


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