DAY 65 Heading to Truckee

18th June
I slept reasonably well considering I W’s at an angle and down hill!
I laid in till 6.30 yes that’s a lay in
I was cold last night and I was Supprise to find that my shoes were frozen. So i wasn’t surprised to see frost on the ground once I got out of my tent. nobodies friend. Was so cold he climbed back up to the trail to be in the sun. I quickly broke camp and went to join we went I was leading we were on the ridge with great views all around. In the distance was more Ski centres and the ski lifts. .as we approached the next hill there was a large snow drift..It looked very steep and slippy. Nobodies friend went first. I cautiously followed. I did think about sliding on my butt but it was too steep and I would possibly shoot off down the mountain. Onward to the road
The trail treating us fairly kindly with not too many last we began to climb down and could see the car park in the distance . typically the trail was difficult very rocky and slippy. As I made my way down I passed about a dozen people with dogs going for their morning walks.we came out at the Trail head and walked the short distance to the road. As we approached a voice said “Cold drinks”


It was a trail angel by the name of Reno Dave.he opened up the ice box which was filled with sodas, water and beer.i went for a beer:-)
As we were chatting another hiker appeared he also grabbed a beer.
Then Dave gave us a ride into Truckee. On route Dave gave us a guided tour. The covered train sheds on the side of the mountain to protect
The train from snow.the original train tunnel. The bridge where a bear got stuck and had to be rescued. And the Donner party. A group of early settlers who got trapped in the snow and had to be rescued. It’s a bit gruesome as they resorted to cannibalism as they were trapped for so long in 20 foot deep snow.


He then dropped us off at safe way.
I didn’t need much but still some hill spent a fortune. I blame fresh oranges and grapes. Once done I sat outside in the sun trying g to fit it all into my pack. Much in grapes and charging my phone. Hurrah a signal. So i ordered new trail runners and new poles from REI. Complained about my current footwear. Found out solar monkey were sending me a new charger.
whoop. And tied up a few loose ends.
I rang smokes to see where he was. He answered then appeared around the corner. As we sat chilling and charging our phones Big sauce arrived.Due to phone issues I some how lost 10 days of my blog entry bugger bugger.i. Luckily Smokes had been writing a journey too so he kindly let me photocopy several pages so I can try and recreate the missing days. While sat outside I was amazed at the friendliness of the towns people asking us about our hike and generally being nice!
Once all done we visited DR’S fora burger and banana shake.Yummy
Then back to the road thumb out to hitch back to the trail head . Smokes and plant behind us. A lovely lady called Helen stopped and gave us a ride back to Donner Pass.As we got out Smokes and Plant arrived. Also there was Barbie & Zombie. And there was Sheriff Woody and Coughy going into town.we set off back on the trail.the  views of Donner lake were fantastic .as the trail climbed we all became spread out. I needed water so planned to call in at the freeway rest area.As I approached the road there were two large tunnels to walk through. Then a side  trail to the rest area.lovely fresh drinking water. .I topped up then doubled back to the trail. Further up saw another side trail and was  annoyed with myself as the rest area was a few feet away. vrrrrr .on I walked. Then caught Smokes. We walked on together at the top of a steep hill was  Da vinchi. He joined us for the short walk to the “Grub hut our destination for the evening.


It’s a small cottage for hikers to stay at and has two floors. There is also a two storey drop toilet. So when it’s deep in snow the top story would be level. Good planning. We decided to camp outside. So once the tents were up we sat together and cooked dinner. Smokes. Nobodies friend. Da vinchi plant and myself
I cooked “best darn chilli”.they all laughed at me as I had carried it from Lone pine 300 miles back! !!
But it was tasty 🙂


Day 35 heading to walker Pass

Tuesday 20 may
Well I made it through the night  sun’s out but it’s cold maybe that’s because I’m up a mountain ! But I’m up early surprising when I didn’t get any sleep. .just as I’m packing up borislias came past another Canadian trying to get home.brrr it’s cold and clouds fill the sky..It hasn’t been this cold before my face aches with it and then wind is back I zip my coat further up and trot on. I haven’t gone to far when wow the site in front of me halts me in my tracks.the views are breathtaking. I stand and stare then snap a few photographs. You think this view can’t be beaten the. You round another corner and wow this is even better. So most of my morning I covered very little ground as it was stop stare snap. ….Sadly my camera can’t do it justice but believe me it’s breathtaking and stunning. The wind continued to howl and I was bloody freezing. I like a little breeze but get no rest bite normally one side of the mountain is sheltered but both bores when you changed directions.Come on sun chase those clouds away. The stunning scenery continued as I walk on trying to get to walker pass and beyond.i felt good apart from cold and I was making good time . I have done two big day with big mileage so should be there soon I can do this.  I can get there today it’s still early. The trail was not too bad, today a good mixture of landscapes..Must be lunchtime I stopped dropped my pack.but no sooner had i sat down the  sun went in and the wind howled again in less than five minutes I was completely frozen so packed up and walked on but my hands in gloves were numb.Come on out Sun I shouted. .I was still wearing my coat. That’s how cold it is as normaly that’s put any after an hr as I’m sweating. ..But not today the miles rolled .Is that  Walkers pass  whoop whoop .shall i camp here or head up the mountain.but first take some photographs of the momuments
Okay it’s still early are we ready to climb body…A deadly silence
Guess that means yes then.@!!!
Up we go it looks high by now i have come to realise if you see a mountain in the distance your going up it
It’s was a series of switchbacks then I heard a voice it was a jolly jogger going up omg  you mad fool I said lol. But I’m not carrying a pack and he was gone. Up and up and up then my friend the wind came back
Coat back on change gear here we go.round and round back and forth then wow OMG THE VIEWS down the pass were amazing .The views were almost 360  Bloody amazing.
The sun was beginning to go down so I looked for a spot. I’m exhausted. .tent place now .tent up food eaten .Please no wind tonight zzzzxZZZZZzzz.
Photos added


Day 33 zero in Mojave

Sunday 18th May

Dam when I am not getting up, I must  remember to switch off my alarm clock! !
Well that was a great sleep,  I went and got coffee, payed for an extra night and  for wireless access,  Fantastic, I do not need to leave my room till 12 so I can walk to post office ( a mile away) Pack up and then head back to the trail.
I’m staying at Motel 6 it’s great clean cheap and it has a pool whoop.
Now I have Wi-Fi I’m catching up with my blog
I have been trying to upload a video  but can’t get it too load mm  grr.
Well what a tiring day  so I decided to sit  on the grass under a tree and have lunch

Although not as exciting as other towns it does have some interesting  facts. It has a history with space exploration. Apparently across the road on the air force base is where Richard Branson is developing his airplane that goes into space

I thought it was a graveyard where planes come to die. But  no, it is where airlines store commercial aircraft for various periods. Mojave Airport, has a 3,000 acre facility
These sites and others like them are used for temporary storage of surplus airliners during periods of decreased air travel, such as during the recession of the early 1990s or in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Aircraft sent to these locations usually remain there for a few months or years awaiting sale to other airlines or scrapyards


After that decided that I needed a hiker sign for hitching so back to the shops hmm they sell every thing except a marker pen but board marker that will do it then to the dumpster for a box.
On the way back to  the motel I decide to get a takeout. As soon as I walk in there are many friendly faces “Hiker Trash


In The  red  is  Bomber and   Can’t remember the others names I apologise will add later