Day 121 The Bridge of Gods

12th August
I woke early too early and then dozed till 7 am .I wandered off to the park to have a last shower. God those showers are good really powerful. I put my shorts on and air-dried the rest of me .before wandering along the river bank. As I walked back I came across  Endure another Brit. .he was still waiting for his shoes to arrive at the post office.  I called into the garage and grabbed a coffee before heading back to Shrek’s.

I began to pack up god why do I always have so much stuff .I emptied my tent onto the picnic bench and began to sort again .do I really need this. I dumped rubbish and extra food I put into a hiker box. Hats looking better I said to myself. I had no switched back to my bigger pack so everything now fitted in :0)
I still had a box unopened so I took it to the post office to bounce.
Once back at Shrek’s I dropped my tent tied it too my pack and I was good to go. Strange Bird was cooking more hash browns so I joined him for the left overs and lion King then appeared with coffee.
I caught up with my blog then I had to go. I hoisted my pack onto my pack said goodbyes and strolled out
I just wanted some cheese and bits then I was good to go. As i crossed the road I met two hikers coming from the post office. so gave then a quick run through of shreks, the best pubs the laundry where the loos and showers were.
Okay Washington here I come as i headed towards the bridge.
The toll booth lady greeted me like an old friend  and high fived me told me I didn’t have to pay and wished me luck

Bridge of Gods

I stopped and took a few photos before striding out. Now I was so looking forward to this crossing but as I walked. Out I was almost frozen to the spot with fear! It was fairly and the road was mesh meaning that you could look right down into the river below.
OMG I clutched the hand rail tightly and my poles with the other and sort of shuffled across and it was a long way I had to stare straight ahead. I must of looked stupid at last I could see the other side and began to relax my grip on the handrail and enjoy the last few metres whoop whoop I’m now in Washington.

I crossed the road and joined the trail. If I didn’t know better I could have said I was on an English overgrown footpath. It was covered in brambles. Stinging nettles. And those plants with the large balls that get stuck in your clothes and hair and other common English weeds. At last the trail was cut back and wide as. Began to climb. I knew it was going to be a tough day with lots of climbing and of course a full heavy pack
But I was feeling great only 480 miles to go thank you all for all your encouragement and comments. I wasn’t sure if I could get halfway

I’m almost there so thank you again everyone .I really appreciate it.
The wind began to pick up then there was a bright flash. Looks like I might be getting wet. Then there was an almighty BANG!!! which scared the shit out of me the thunder was so loud then it echoed all-round the valley OMG…..I pressed on as fast as I could as I was climbing up hill and would be all day .luckily I was in trees so I was staying fairly dry. But I stopped to put on my packs rain jacket and mine .I find I get just as wet with my jacket on as I just sweat
I pushed on for three hours before having to stop for a was a nice spot I could camp here but it was only 4 pm I do another hour I said to myself and hoisted my pack onto my back. The rain had stopped but I was still getting soaked from all the plants up and up I went this bit was steep then great my favourite terrain ROCK. I stumbled over it and then some more and then some more .well I can’t camp here. Come on flat spot as my watch pinged 5 pm nothing then more rock to navigate around but this was a long stretch click clack my feet went as I walked over the stone. I was now tired, heavy pack, uphill and soaked .Oh a tent. I first thought it was Da-Vinchi but it was a couple. Would you mind if I was to join you?
The guy was from New Zealand she was Australian but lived in the USA.
I put up my tent and enjoyed a nice cup of tea. Then made dinner
then a familiar face appeared on the trail it was Foxxy. We chatted a while he had spent a few days in Portland
and had a new pack. Then he was off .he was trying to finish the climb tonight. I will finish it tomorrow.
Then Bed


Day 108 a so so day

30th July
Apart from the male deer bellowing in the night I slept well but still struggled to get up as i kept snoozing my alarm
So I was on the trail by 6.45 .mmm must do better!!! lol
It was a cool morning with a light breeze just perfect as I pounded down  the   trail I hadn’t looked at the  profile so I didn’t know  if it was up down or flat…..A surprise lol I had gone about an hour when the mossies descended on me .so I stopped and sprayed myself with deet
But their are some tough buggers who don’t care ,so eventually I had yo stop again and put my bug net on ggrrrrr. off I went pounding down the trail,I haven’t seen any deer for a few days but I guess they are there  watching me. Soon it was breakfast time yummy cereal and lemon drink. While resting two hikers past me. see you up the trail they  shouted
Time to hike .I had spent most of the morning in the forest but as I dropped down their in front of me was another beautiful lake. As I needed water I detoured down a side trail to it.
Wow so beautiful I dropped my pack next minuted my clothes were in a pile and I was in the water.god it feet so good to be clean if only for a few minutes. I came ashore, then washed my clothes. As I sat drying in the sun crusher appeared. Whats it like ? he asked
Its perfect was my reply

Once my clothes we dry I headed back to the trail. The next section was through a big burn and OMG  it was hot,my watch read 95 and there was no shade. In the distance were the three sisters a large mountain range but I couldn’t really get a good photo. I was melting in the heat and  I had been in this burn for almost 3 hours so the next shade will be lunch.
While I rested in the shade crusher came past, he looked  exhausted too. ” bloody hot”  he said “I need water”. Several minutes later Timberline came through and said the exact same phrase
Soon it was time to hike but as I began to walk there was crash of thunder it rumbled .  I walked on  wondering if i was going to get wet?. It threatened all day  but at 5 pm the sky went black this is it I thought but I marched on crash went the thunder I seemed to be walking into it but I kept going, as  I wanted the miles so pushed on hoping to get to 7 pm or before the rain came . several spots of rain fell but nothing more  I then spied a few tents  by the lake that will do  I said.
One tent was Crushers and the other a section hikers  , I soon had my tent up  and  my  tea  on the  go before then it was zzzz

27 miles
Camp zzz

Day 107 shelter cove

29th July
I thought we were all leaving together at 7.30 but when I emerged from my tent at 6.30, Timberline was packed and ready to go.well its one thing that I have learnt out here and that’s not to rush so I watched him go.
I then packed up at a leisurely pace..I was ready to go at the sane time as Snakebite, we wandered off down the road together looking for the trail.
At the far end of the camp was a great shot of a mountain so I walked towards the lake to get a better view
Sleeping on the beach was Hendrick , Freedom and two other hikers I saud my good morning before re-jpoining the trail

Snakebite was cautious about which way to go , I just ploughed on .guess I must of have been right as snakebite soon came cruising past me.
I carried on at my normal pace until I came to snakebite standing in a dirt road  looking confused again. Once again  I just ploughed on and then several  minutes later he cruised past me again that made me laugh.
I was not long until i caught Snakebite again in his normal I am confused lost stance, staring at several forks
Once again i just carried on past him soon arriving at another campsite although this one is for horses. Dotted around were an assortment so amazing horse boxes ,they were like very posh motor homes .
By horse trailers were corrals for your horse, a fire ring a picnic bench and space for a few tents.a

As I walked through a lady said would you like a cinnamon roll
Why of course I would . we chatted away to her and her friends eating her cakes   and talking about horses until snake bite arrived he does make me smile   hes from. Alabama and I love his southern drawl. .I set off again as the lady had told me where the trail was. Several minutes later snakebite cruised past me yet again making me smile.
See you in shelter Cove and get me a beer
I marched on but then had to stop and coat myself in deet as the mossies were driving me nuts arrrrhhhh
Two hours later I stopped for breakfast and a sit down the sun was now out and it was warm . I guessed I was about 4 miles away from Shelter cove so there was no hurry. Time to walk. Soon I came to Diamond lakes so beautiful and unspoiled,


I paused for a few moments then walked on .the trail now began to drop and I could hear the sound of rushing water and soon I could see the Creek .I  took a few snaps although I guess I have a few hundred of rushing creeks lol.
Tap tap tap the guys from last nights camp had finally caught me up .I pulled over to let them pass as i’m never in a hurry and watched them go
Oh time for log jumping again   and a lot of crawling under,not far now I thought as several hikers passed me going south. Then I stopped to chat to two American couples. They were actually staying in shelter cove.
I crossed the railway line and i’m here whoop whoop
Now where is the shop.
As I walked up to the shop Blue sky’, Juicy and Hirobics cheered .Grams took my photo and then Juicy thrust a cold beer into my hand which I necked.
These stops are such good fun
Timberline,Freedom, Hendrick. Snakebite and 6 others where also here.
I grabbed a six pack ,signed for my resupply box  ordered a pizza  and then  went to join the guys on the deck.
To the amusement of all my hiker mates  I have brought yet another fishing pole.
There is a long story  attached to fishing poles but I will save that for later. so yes I have yet another POLE OR ROD
I then Plugged all my devices into socket to charge up,then i could relax
The first two beers slipped down so easily. I sorted through my box what a lot of stuff where’s it going to go.
Oh pizza I scoffed it and washed it down with more beer
Hirobics, Bluesky , Juicy  and Grams had been here for a while so were now getting ready to leave …
See you up the trail guys
As I sat chatting and chilling the  thunder returned bringing rain I sat it out for a while
I need to go i said putting on my packs rain coat
Okay snail lets go .I hoisted my pack onto my back OMG That is heavy.
As I marched out of the gate my old mate Foxxy appeared good to see you Foxxy.
We chatted a while then I made my way back to the trail
The rain had stopped but the thunder kept rumbling so I quickened my pace, I wasn’t going to go far maybe just five miles out and a good day tomorrow. I walked on struggling with my pack .yes its my fault I carry too much food and far too much water but that’s how I prefer it.
As I walked I came to three more amazing lakes. I felt like a dip. I felt like trying my new pole I felt like putting up my  tent and staying.
But no I needed more miles so reluctantly I walked on 
I’ll walk to six I said to myself  .ping 5 pm mm an hour to go.
I strolled on  till my watch pinged 6 pm  then began to look for a camp site That will do nicely bit close too the trail. but I don’t care lol.
I put tent and made tea, oh so refreshing, followed by couscous for tea with tuna, bacon bits and pumpkin seeds yummy..
I followed by a mocha then time to retreat into the tent away from the mossies

Shelter Cove
Shelter Cove

Day 98 Back to Ashland

I woke up refreshed  I opened my tent there were a few more tents and bodies lying scattered.
I went to get fresh water so that I could make tea. There was still a buzz about the place this early in the morning
I made tea and then began to sort my gear.i walked over to the main building to hand my towel back .do you want one more swim?  The lady asked yes but no I thought I need to get on so polity declined.
I then grabbed my pack and headed for the road  and put out my thumb. I got a ride fairly quickly and was dropped right out side the hostel. 

I was shown in  and the hostel. Juicy was there so we caught up on r gossip but I wasn’t allowed to stay until 3 pm just to leave my gear. So arranged to meet juicy for Breakfast and went off to do my chores
First stop the Outdoor store to pick up my packages, while waiting Timberline walked in, good to see  you  we chatted for a while Then my boxes arrived, I had four boxes Omg!!
I staggered down the road to find the Breakfast place. It looked good and so sat outside and waited for juicy.
I ordered a beer and people watched until  Juicy arrived , we both ordered  Omelets which came with srummy hash-browns,  bagel and cream cheese

It was the best I’d eaten.I washed it down with chocolate stout and  relaxed I still had a few hours to kill so wandered back to the hostel to drop off my boxes, before heading to the library. Once inside the PC’s were upstairs  as i sat down i noticed  juicy and Early Bee were sat in front of me. WE whispered to each other before it was at last time to head to the hostel.

Once checked in , I sorted out my laundry took a shower then began to sort my food as i planned to resupply all of Oregon from here .
I wish I had picked up bigger boxes, just means extra trips tomorrow.Okay i need more shopping ,a guy who was staying at the hostel offered to give me a ride to the hypermarket , brilliant.
I was careful pushing the cart around the aisles , not buying treats just the essentials but it still was over a 100  bucks. I  staggered down the road in the blazing sun back to the hostel , Once back i began to decant my food into three piles food for the journey to crater lake, the other two  to post up the trail. Once it was done i felt so relaxed and could chill.
I put the washing into the machine hurrah all my chores done for today.
Beer time, Juicy joined me for s few ales we started in Standing Stones a clicky micro brewery

 A nice IPA at 8% to start ,then over Oberons and another fine ale..
Juicy had not tried Guinness so we went in search of one for him
We found one at the Black sheep , Once sampled we headed back to to Oberons for a night cap or two.
Then it was time to go home

Day 97 Heading To Ashland

19th July
Well I have to admit maybe I was a little squiffy yesterday
I struggled to get up and their were many snoozes before I finally emerged from my tent.
I hit the trail fairly slowly but determined and pushed on .It was a glorious day and the miles began to fall. Soon I was approaching  Ashland
I could see Ashand mountain getting nearer this again is a fairly great  place to go skiing although they had no snow this year. I just finished climbing a small hill when came upon Trail magic a chest with some cold sodas in .I helped myself then sat and enjoyed the scenery .
Then a runner appeared folowed by several more. There’s a competition soon and they are practicing.(mad people)
I walked on and began my decent  as more runners came past later it was time for walkers and dogs I chatted to most.
There was a lady who is off to the uk shortly to Reading then she is off to Cornwall my favorite place
Down and down the trail went crossing several roads and  i met many more people out strolling.
I then came to the old hotel where a young boy made me several cups off iced apple juice. I stopped nearby and ate my cold pizza bloody tasty
I tried to ring my girlfriend in the Uk but typically I couldn’t get a signal grrr
I walked down the trail to the next road and put out my thumb
The first stop was Callahans
An elderly lady stopped I said Callahan’s please?
She asked me where I was going next? Ashland I replied . I drop you there after if you want

Well yes Please ,  We  drove  to Callahan’s then she  waited  while i ran in to  grab my resupply box.
On the way to Ashland I asked about  barber shops  as i needed as hair cut . The next minute we pull up out side one and i jump  out. Thank you so much i say then she is gone
20 minutes later I looking  handsome again  lol , Ah much better it was too long and making me too hot
I began walking to the hostel it was a long way and some how I took a wrong turn (but didn’t know)
Then a car stopped SNAIL!  came a voice it was Tartan he was in a car  with his son. They picked me up and dropped me at  the hostel,but as I tried to enter one of the owners said  i’m so sorry  but  we are   Full
Bugger, Luckily Tartan hadn’t left , His son  thought there was another campsite out of town if  i didn’t  mind!! So they took me to a place  called Wellsprings .

I paid and set up my tent It was more of a hippie commune and there was a music festival on and it seemed it was clothed optional So really my kind of place
I took a shower, then spa, the spa was so relaxing and I swam  and I felt do clean.  What s great place to relax. I cooked myself some dinner and lay in the sun by my tent later I went for a walk and brought a couple of cans of beer to help me relax  further
(They don’t sell alcohol on site  but you can get stoned lol)
I then brought a ticket to see the bands it was a great atmosphere reminiscent of the first festivals I used to go to before they became so commercial

I watched a few bands and then went skinny dipping in the  the pool for a moonlight swim, the warm water was so fantastic
The last band was called freedom, great sounding band ,he must be popular as the place went wild when he played.
Eventually I wearily made my way back to my tent .

DAY 96 Beer Legs to Oregon

Slept well but was woken by the sound of  well I wasn’t sure an earthquake?  Or a big truck coming towards Me?
Well I was up and out of my tent and I witnessed an amazing scene. About 50 plus Elk came galloping by .Wow never seen that before.I was soon packed and on the trail. Tarzan had promised me beer if I was at a certain mile point at 1 pm
Well to a hiker that’s a challenge so for  me an avid beer drinker even more so .

The distance was a little out of my range but it was a target and I set off with pure determination. .
Mile by mile whizzed by i wasn’t stopping  my watch pinged out the hours  I was on a beer mission.  My legs whizzed like pistons (in my mind)   I began to hear bells .was I imaging it no bells again in an open part of the trail there were cows. About a dozen all grazing. Not bothered about straying. I said good morning and walked on. .At 8.30 I passed Foxxy’s tent he was stil sleeping  bless.i walked on  ping went another hour flowed by another hour I hadn’t walked this far with out a break before.But   I had  beer legs on  down I went up.i went then I was at the border I was in Oregon bloody hell I had made it
I stopped for a few photos

I was in Oregon. Whoop whoop. I  signed the register Tarzan had been through
Back to the trail i was ahead of schedule but now the trail climbed Welcome to Oregon I  soon as I was across the border the animal life seemed to increase their were load more chipmunks and ground squirrels and more birdsong.
And I saw my second rabbit.
I raced up the next hill .I saw a man waving I though it was Tarzan at first but it was his  friend. .Beer he asked  god yes please. Are you s friend of Tarzan?  I asked .
Yes he replied then he made me an awesome sandwich of elk meat and cheese and mustard it was emence
I woofed it down and chugged a few beers ..He was still waiting for Tarzan  I was confused as his name was before mine in the register. He then gave me heaps more food and beer which I struggled to get into my pack
We waited a while then  he drove me to the next camp. Where his other friend was..we laughed and joked and drank more beer
Tarzan then arrived or hippy to his mates. I was confused  as his name was already in the register but apparently there are two Tarzan’s but this was the better one lol

We chugged more beer then drove to the the next  camp to wait for other hikers
Tarzan and I sat on the back of the Range Rover tailgate as we were driven several  miles to the next camp. This was trail magic most awesome, At the next camp Tarzan’s mates unloaded he Range Rover they had tons of food and beer

What a great afternoon
I was saying about the deer herd and showed the guys my video. They are not deer they are Elk and that is some rare footage , which  made me feel very special. Then two other families arrived and joined in with fun
later  followed by Foxxy . hurrah we drank more beer and ate more food
Later Tarzan who had finished his hike was going to a hotel then out for dinner. so i was happy to put up my tent and camp here
Until Foxxy said     Post office. Dam you Foxxy yes I needed to hike out get to Ashland so I can post parcels out
Off i went but I was very squiffy and its not easy  to hike along a narrow path when you cant focus on it especially when there is a deathly drop .but somehow I managed to hike another 10 miles don’t ask me how.
I set up my tent  sat inside and had the most marvellous salad with hot smoked locally caught salmon washed down with more beer
And guess what I slept like a log ,