Day 103 Welcome to Connecticut

Monday 23rd July

I didn’t sleep that well due to the torrential rain that was pounding my tent. My alarm went off I shut it off by mistake waking again around 6.30 . it was still raining but only lightly. I undid the flap of my tent..Smiles and crawl daddy had gone but I could still see Samaritans tent. I hurriedly packed up. Before the next bought of rain. I hit the trail at 7.30 much later than I had wanted dam.

As I pushed on the rain returned and it was heavy very heavy. Great for climbing over slippery rock.
It wasn’t long before I came upon the first shelter I waved to the occupants and pushed on then met cruise who was getting water. See you up the trail. I knew he would soon pass me as he was very fast.

It wasn’t long until he swept past me and was gone. I plodded along until I came to a fast moving creek. Wow water it had been such a while since I had seen water flowing..I crossed over and continued along until once again I was walking along board again but due to the rain they were lethal.
so go gingerly walked over them .But again they stretched for miles . a at last I was on so it ground I followed the path until it came to a road I crossed over and continued .
A few yards down the trail was the Connecticut boarder whoop whoop. I took a few photos and pushed on

soon I saw a sign saying Trail magic. so followed it down into a parking area. There was a man cooking. he introduced himself as xx xx
H said help yourself to Beer as he cooked me breakfast. .Pace 2  was already here. I ate a banana and enjoyed my beer. He then put a bacon egg and cheese roll Into my lap it tasted divine and was soon eaten followed by a doughnut.
Have another beer . and take some fruit. I grabbed an apple and a orange, woofed another doughnut. before thanking him and heading back to the trail

All morning it was heavy rain a bit of sun heavy rain some sun. I had air of climbing to do and the rain made it fairly dangerous.

Lost my notes for this part !

second shelter great privy
water pump.
follow river . cross bridge
river falls
small road walk

Cardinal bird

Climbing begins. very steep
After my second climb I stopped for a break and snacks while the sun was shining but as soon as I started the rain. returned

I began to think what if I came across an I injured hiker.
then take end of rescue quad bike.
Afternoon same as morning
more big climbs shelter stay bear box

Finish 1468.1
Miles 16.6


Day 102 Wine to go ?

July 24 th

I woke to rain lots of rain so lay dozing in my bunk . eventually I got up and began to pack
There were several hikers who couldn’t make up their minds whether to stay or go.

I hoisted up my pack said goodbyes and marched out.

it was spitting but not heavy as I made my way up.the trail. as I made my way all g it was sad to see so many blow downs . They must of had a huge storm a d again that must have kept the trail crews busy cutting them to clear a path. I must of walked through at least a mile of blow downs . some had not  yet been cut so were fun getting around or over them. then it was back to rock and in these conditions it was mad or in polite terms challenging I went over several times . Jarring my knee that quickly complained.

I tried to shut out the pain and pushed on . The rain stopped but then the forest became unbearable it was airless and with the humidity I was dripping wet and breathless.

ping went my watch telling me 2 hours were up which meant I would soon be at the road that led to the deli

Sure enough the road appeared and I headed left it was about .. 4 miles. But soon I was at the deli. I dropped my pack outside and entered.It smelt lovely coffee and bacon. mmmm

I grabbed a few snacks then went to the counter..The man had just finished making up an order. Excuse me but what ate those you have just made ?
egg and bacon rolls came his reply.
Can I have one too I asked.
No he said they are someone’s order.
No I said I meant can I order one too.
He laughed and said yes , coming right up. you want ketchup on yours ?
Yes please.
It looked good I paid and ordered coffee too and a huge Danish.
I went and sat outside to enjoy my breakfast. the coffee tasted so good and my breakfast bap hit the right spot. a SIM enjoying my breakfast other hikers from.the shelter began to arrive. I finished off my roll. then began on the Danish which again tasted so dam good.
I drained my coffee and  so grabbed another  and a bottle of orange juice.
I sat and  continued to munch,  polity saying hi to the locals as they came and went.
one guy was interested in leaving some trail magic for us so asked what should I leave. I suggested fruit.vegetables..sodas..maybe a beer okay he said I will do that and drove off.
I  finished up, thanked the owner again . Then headed back.up.the road  to the trail
The rain returned , please stop i said to the sky. I was soon. pounding down the trail climbing then going down then climbing. as I got to one of those amazing walls the man who was at the Deli appeared . I’ve left some trail magic for the hikers but then he pushed a glass bottle of wine into my hand. This is for you he said.

No there is that proverb. Font look a gift horse in the I smiled by best smile and said wow your so kind. when under my breath I was saying WTF a glass bottle of wine for me to carry cheers .
I shoved it into my pack and marched away waving.
The rain returned again  making the rocks and the tree roots fun..I mean really FUN. I went over twice..the wine surviving.
Eventually I came to the first shelter of the day I stopped signed the book took some more painkillers as my knee was complaining and set off again .. by midday it was the winds turn to play which was scary when large branches crash to the ground by hour feet. I can’t hike. watch my feet and gaze at the trees at the same time. I was so pleased when it was the Suns turn to play as this seemed to deter the bugs from .annoying me.

Eventually I came to another huge lake and could see a man with his 2 dogs one which was swimming. The trail wound its way around the edge of the lake. at 3 I decided to take a break a d found a large rock to sit on. I drank a coke that I had carried out from.the deli and a few snacks . As I began to hike the rain came back but only a drizzle. I.pushed on climbing slippy rocks. trying not to fall off or down . a challenge in itself. I was miles away may be the concentration but then the next shelter appeared. as it was not far off trail I went to look ..signed the book. But as there was no water I didn’t stay. But the German chap did. I pushed on spiralling down until I emerged onto a road. it late I was tired I needed water. there was a house nearby so I walked into the yard. There were people there so in my best English accent. I said excuse me sir would it be possible to fill my water bottles. Of course he replied there is a spigot by that hose. I walked to it follow ed by two large dogs . The man then appeared and helped me .

Thank you so much all the streams seem to be dry.
We chatted a while then he wished me luck.
I walked back up the road and there was an enormous oak tree.

after hugging the tree i passed into a large field .The trail.passed from field to field then it was duck board time again I walked along these slippy boards trying not to fall into the swamp.
Eventually they finished and once again I was on dry land and back into the forest..I passed several great camp spots but walked straight passed
I crossed over another large wooden bridge and I was on another of those amazing walkways through the marsh. Again it went on for several miles

I hadn’t gone far when the sky turned black and then whoosh. The rain came in buckets.but there was nowhere to hide or shelter so I walked on hoping that the rain may be brief. eventually i arrived at railway tracks .I sheltered under the information post until the rain had eased. then I crossed the tracks and headed back to the trail.

On the other side of the information board was notices informing me of a bar/Inn cafe with camping …. But I failed to see this but continued blindly on.

I crossed the road and headed across several.fields at the gate of the last field was a water cache and information about the bar/ Inn cafe which I now read ..But hey I don’t go backwards do moaned to myself and pushed on as it was now getting late and me tired.

I now crossed several more fields and still.nowhere to camp at last I entered some woods . great must be a place soon but no I pushed on and one .it was almost another half hour to I spied somewhere suitable . I dropped my pack and soon had my tent up.

I we just relaxing in my chair when Samaritan came past shortly followed by Smiles and crawl daddy  they had all had enough so joined me.
I showed Smiles how to open my wine on a tree. then cooked supper

Start 1430.5
Finish 1451.5
Miles. 21 + 1 mile to Deli (22)

Day 101 Heading to RPH Shelter Mile 1430

Saturday 21st July

I slept well in the forest but struggled to jump.out of bed.
I slowly packed up made tea then was on my way ..
It was fairly overcast which I like so I was hopeful I could do the miles . I put my music on to motivate me . It was going well passing. few hikers .
As I crossed another road there were historical signs. telling you about. small pox, the army and the fort that once stood here

I was amazed at the walls that were built so big and thick without machinery

I crossed over the  road  and I spied a huge dumpster in a parking lot.
As I walked over lady who was sat  on the boot of her car said I think the the trail is that way.
I laughed and said yes but the trash can is over there!!.
I dumped my rubbish then noticed water so I topped up after guzzling a bottle. as I walked back the lady said would I  like  a cold drink ?

yes please . are you waiting for someone ? I asked.
Yes my boyfriend Sundance.
Oh I know him…the army chap.
“Marine” she corrected me.
I laughed he corrects me too when I say army.
We all chat for a while  but i need to move
After several.more hours I emerged out by another beautiful lake.
There were signs directing hikers to camp near to the beach. I followed the white blazes. for about another miles before the blue blazes began.
I followed them until  I reached the beach.
Wow it was amazing, the beach spread out along the front of the lake.
I really liked the look of this , I carried on walking to the main building where hopefully there was food.?
I eventually found the main building  and  ordered a cheese burger, fries and a drink .I sat outside and  charged my devices  as I waited for my food.
My burger was good and soon disappeared along with my drink.
There were showers here  so i decided why not. They were cold but i  felt that  I had removed a thick layer of gunk.
I went and got another lemonade and a frozen mango lolly which was very tasty , then dried myself in the sun
Once done I filled up with water then headed. back to the trail.
My radio was telling me about storms later and to seek shelter.,So when I came to the next shelter I decided to stay.
It was called the RPH shelter it’s in memory of a At supporter. so the hut is in his name. it’s set in lovely gardens .
I met several.mote hikers and several.of us ordered pizza. which amazingly  gets delivered . It was bloody tasty

The German hiker was confused about the small table inside the box. even after explaining it several.times. it’s to  stop the pizza from sticking to the lid of the box. Eventually he got it . After wading through that  i decide that my bed was calling so good night

Start.   1413.5
Finish. 1430
Miles. 16.5

Day 100 High Point State Park

Friday 20th July

The tinkling of pots woke me , pace and Freight train were up and it was early .they left at 5 ish bloody he’ll that was early.
I dozed until 5.30 then lept out of bed . I was packing up.when rebound appeared she was camping behind me..

NEW York was lit up by the sun again my camera doesn’t do it justice . as I packed up and walked down the trail there was an amazing view of the Hudson. I took a few more photos then pushed on. the trail was in and out of the wood for most of the morning.

My next view was more amazing views of the Hudson and in front on the hill was the fire tower. I guess that’s where I am going Bear Mountain . It took me several more hours then I was walking asphalt road that snaked up the mountain . on the left side was a huge rock buttress build god knows with huge stone pillars reaching rock I was enjoying the road but hey this is the Appalachian Trail and they don’t make things seat so I took a sharp left turn and began to climb up very steep steps that didn’t seem to stop.
I met several day hikers going brother way as I hadn’t seen many people today .

at last the steps finished nd I was on top of a plateux with amazing views and in the Middle was a rustic wooden bench dedicated to a past Ranger. I moved on still heading up . Civilisation began to appear. trash cans and wow. a vending machine . I dropped my pack and grabbed a lemonade then followed that with a powerade. I quickly used the bathroom then continued on. I wasn’t too sure where the trail was so grabbed my Map.i we look g when s friendly voice said . It’s this way he was a member of staff and very informative. He said they were doing trail maintenance. so it was closed but follow the white signs.

I thanked him and walked on ..took a few photos of the fire tower and then carried on. I could of climbed the tower but choose not too.

as I walked down the road flowing the white signs I could see the trail guys st work. nd they had tracked vehicles moving huge slabs of rock amazing !!.

I flowed the road for about a mile before it joined with the open trail.
again it was steps huge granite steps . I continued down and down passing many day hikers and tourists out for the day. it took about an hour to get down from.Bear mountain
I emerged into huge park that was teaming with people I followed the trail. But I was looking for the Inn. for lunch.
The Inn was a large hard to miss building. I went inside and found the. Hiker cafe.
Sat at the back was Pace and freightrain and 2 others who i hadn’t met
Hi guys . I grabbed a table and plugged all my gear into an outlet to charge. before ordering 2 hot dogs, an ice cream and beer.
Whilst waiting I topped up my water bottles fro a neat water dispenser before returning to my table then sat and ate my hotdogs that were so tasty I decided to have one more beer before walking on, the trail takes you through the park then past a large swimming pool that was filled with kids having fun .

I grabbed a Snapple as I now have the taste. after the pool the trail heads through the zoo. This zoo cares for sick or Injured animals.
I enjoyed walking through the zoo/park after the zoo you exit on to Bear mountain Bridge a large suspension bridge that spans the Hudson.
I walked across watching the boats far below and the trains.

Once across the trail of course climbs up the other side of the mountain. I followed several day hikers up as about a dozen were heading down .

At the crossroads I paused as I turned to continue Sunshine appeared.we walked together for a while, but she’s too fast for me.
“Catch you later. I plodded on after her as she disappeared into the distance. I was miles away when Granite Gear caught me. I walked with him for a while until I needed break
I only took 5 minutes then hiking on .soon I began to hear traffic and I emerged onto a busy road junction.. and in the middle was the store. I crossed over and headed towards it. Sat outside were Sunshine, Granite Gear, Sundance and several other hikers .
Mousetrap and noproblama were somewhere behind, Mousetraps dad was picking them all up and they were spending the day in New York. I was envious
I dropped my pack and went shopping, I ordered a beef sandwich, When it arrived it was huge but bloody tasty .
whilst here I sorted out my rubbish, decanted my new purchases before finishing off my roll and soda.
I hadn’t planned on doing much more tonight, maybe 2 more hours .
I set off several hikers came zooming past me .
Hey Snailtrainer where are you heading
Not much further is my standard answer and it was about another hour when I spied the perfect spot for me.

Tent up bear line hung. I was only going to make tea as I had eaten earlier


Start. 1396
Finish. 1413.5
Miles. 17.5

Day 99 The Lemon Squeezer and Tiorati Beach

Thursday 19th July

My alarm went off at 5 and I was up..sleeping without the fly helps.
I let down my bed and then went to retrieve my food bag. The. I began to pack up ..The orange tent was soon. packed up and the female occupant was on the trail by 6 I was impressed. No breakfast I heckled as she walked out.
I quickly finished packing then made a cuppa woofed a mars bar and was good to go..See you up the trail I said to my fellow hikers.

It was a bit more rock jumping then the soil returned an d shortly I came to a road.I. crossed over. on the other side was a water cache . I gulped down a good litre then topped up my water. I drew a thank you Snail on the bottle and hiked on through more forest then I came to a

solid wall of rock.FUCK !! I am going up that. it was a vertical climb . ten minutes of huffing and i was at the top. This isn’t hiking to me .but apparently on the Appalachian Trail it is . I had just got my breath back when I had to climb another. Then another. this went on for most of the morning ups and down pointless stupid climbs .

At last the scenery changed and I was walking around some gorgeous lakes. But then I was back to rock climbing it took me a while to get up on the ridge but the views were only of trees. as I pushed I could hear the sound of cars getting louder and louder it sounded like very busy traffic. i began. to drop down big rocks to begin with then omg is was more of a scree straight down. I really was not impressed with this. It was crazy I inched my way down , making sure my food held before lifting my other it took a long 15 minutes to get down. Once again there was a large water cache at the bottom so once again I cameled up.

I was just about to walk when my fellow hiker Sundance from last night appeared. None where impressed with this section and we all thought the same. Normally by this time I would have done 10 miles. Today with the stupid climbs I had only managed 6 1/2. which was crap.

I hoisted up my pack and crossed the road then walked up a side road. It crossed the busy freeway and railway. Once over it turned right and I was in another State Park. I hadn’t been in the park long when I saw my first deer then another. it was really pretty In here . I climbed several small hills then again I had more rock faces to climb. But after I was back in more gorgeous forest and I walked around another beautiful lake. After I climbed another small hill

THEN !!!! OMG …What the fuck is that. surely I do not need to climb that it !. it was huge blocks of granite. I stared at it for a few minutes. Then I dropped my pack and fastened my poles to my pack as I wasn’t going to need them for this . Omg it was tough .madness and. few other choice words .

in places I had to remove my pack and put it on the ledge. stupid game . Eventually I was at the top I walked another half miles then stopped for a break. As I was lounging Ossie and commander and another came past we chatted for a few minutes then they moved on.
Sundance shortly appeared again a few words then he was gone.
Okay Snail time to walk
I packed up and set off the trail being fairly gentle..After about 40 minutes I came to a sign pointing out the mileage

I  snapped a few shots then moved on as unwanted those miles.
Eventually I came to a road. the hiker in front of me said I’m going this way, there is a vending machine.
That sounded a fab idea so I followed him down the road .6 of a mile. as I walked around the corner I was stunned to see a huge lake with a beach.

down by the beach were the vending machines and several pack. one was Sundance.
I quickly dropped my pack and fed a $20 into the machine and pressed the button for an orange ice lolly
For some reason I expected change in notes not dollar coins and quarters. The other guys laughed but then I fed them into another vending machine for lemonade. I quickly woofed my Lilly and guzzled my cans of lemonade.

A lady and her son appeared and she was very chatty and very pretty . Her name was Dominick and she was fascinated about our hikes . we chatted to her for a while. I then put the rest of my change back into the vending machines for a other ice cream and another lemonade. It’s no good I need to walk

I visited the loo and filled up my bottles then said good by to every one . I was just leaving when Freight train and Pace arrived.
As I began to walk up the road Dominick followed me.
She wanted to leave some trail magic and wanted advice I suggested Sodas and fruit. satsuma’s, oranges . bananas.

Great she said. I pushed on back up the road then back to the trail. I was busy pushing when I stuck my pole in to a wasps nest..I was covered in the biggest I waved my hand dropped my poles and ran backwards I received about 8 stings 4 ankle and leg 2 on my hands and arms.

But I had dropped my poles on top of the nest. It took me about 15 minutes to find a stick long enough to drag them to me with out getting stung again
I then wrote a note and left it on the trail. I think the best may of fallen from a tree.
When i was ready I ran across the trail avoiding angry wasps a d continued. but my side trip go the beach or vending machines and my wasp adventure had lost me a lot of time. I wanted another 8 miles but I don’t think it will happen but I pushed on regardless. I had just climbed Black mountsom and it was hot and then I decided Bollocks to it this will do. i quickly had my tent up . From the top of this mountain you get great views of NYC skyline. sadly my eyes see it better than my camera.

Then I put up my chair took of my shirt and shoes and made the most of the afternoon sun.
I was still relaxing when Freight train and pace arrived.
Hey Snailtrainer is sunbathing again!!
Pace asks is he naked?
we cook supper together then I turn in hopefully a better day tomorrow z


Day 98 Heading to Greenwood Lake

Wednesday 18th July

it was a bit of a struggle to get up and no fun putting on wet clothes and wet socks, But it was a bright morning and not too far to get into town it will be easy Right!
I opened my can of sprite that i had carried from the trail magic it’s liquid refreshing me , I woofed down a snickers and I was good to go
I strolled through the forest the birds were all singing a good sign . I was enjoying my morning up a few hills down a few hills across a few roads and into more forests then I came across a wall of rock.
Fuck  do i have to go up that ? ….  bloody hell yes I am . this was hands and feet and strength oh my god .I had to pull my self up  and across  without falling whilst carrying my pack and poles
I did this for about an hour then I was finally up. but on huge rock ledges or slabs . The views were pretty good then I crossed the border whoop whoop I’m now in New York State and wow .

But welcome to New York meant more slabs a d more climbing, bouldering and scrambling. My easy walk in to town had vanished his was strenuous and very challenging. And I was soon exhausted. It was only the amazing views that cheered me on

I pushed on and came to a sign for hot dogs and the creamery( ice cream) but I could get them in town. at the trail head I walked to the road and soon I was outside the library in Greenwood Lake.
I dropped my pack and went inside. May I have use of a computer please
Oh course the lady said.
And can.i bring my pack in?
Yes, you can put it right there.
Then she showed me the computer room and showed me how-to sign in.
There were a row of 8 machines so I grabbed on and logged in then plugged in my phone and the new Usb stick .

I found my video files and tried to drag them across. The computer didn’t like that. so I tried 6 files, it didn’t like that either. Bollocks I said to my self and selected 1 file. The computer was now happy copying 1 file at a time est time 4 minutes and I had 60 to move. So one by one I moved my files. checked email uploaded video to Face book and updated my blog. all was good although the time was spinning. When I had cleared down all my video I tried to copy some music into my mp3 player but it wouldn’t recognise it bugger. oh well I had been here almost 3 hours so needed food
I quickly I found a bar and ordered  some  chicken tenders and aextra salad and fries and a beer May be two. after fed and watered I needed a few things for resupply so popped into the grocers . Dont ask me why ,but I came out with what I needed plus a pint of ice cream . I sat outside the shop packed my food and woofed my ice cream and drank another beer .

Water bugger I need water. I walked back into the store can I fill these please?
Yes there’s a spigot by the wall. Don’t forget to turn it off.
I topped up my water then in was ready. Oh bug spray I walked back in again . do you have big spray. I payed. then I noticed her Scottish accent. so we chatted a while then she offered to take me back to the trail.

I was just drinking my sprite sat on huge rocks when down the road walked sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. You off to town I asked . No we are on the trail Snail !!
I was confused as I was going to head the other way .
Maybe the sun or beer or ice cream had confused me.
I finished my drink lifted up my pack and set off After them , I doubt if I would catch them as they hike fast. But I was shy on miles for staying too long in town .But I needed to clear my phone .
It was  hot  should have left earlier  as the trail became more climbs  and when I needed white blazes..they were missing so I had to ponder almost every climb so as not to take wrong trail that i had done far too many times today.

I pushed on as best as I could running onto many day hikers .
You off to see the water fall ?
If it’s on trail yes but I’m.heading for Maine!!
Wow your through hiking.,
Where did you start?
When did you start?.
Where are you from etc etc. I answered all the questions and pushed on.

Eventually I arrived at the water fall. But it was dry…. What an anticlimax I laughed. Then I noticed that Sunshine and her team had set up camp just to the right. Hey guys I called nice spot.
I pushed on as i wanted those miles. But it was a steep climb next to the waterfall. And up stone block stairs . But once up it flattened out and became a good path for almost a mile then the rocks returned and the blazes disappeared.
Where the fuck am I going. I looked around and at the ground trying to see trail . Some times the blazes are hidden behind trees and so taking a few steps reveals them. Eventually I  was back on course and climbing again . I was just pulling myself up when I saw a lovely face. She was a section hiker from Scotland and her name Highlander “Original” I laughed. Stay safe I said and enjoy your hike.

It was 6 pm I wanted another hour, I climbed more rock and more rock and a bit more rock. Okay where is that campsite ( tentspot)
My map says im here  but nothing , so I walked on . Ten minutes later in a clearing I saw a tent  that will do me. As I was putting up my tent 5 others joined me 2 hammocks and 2 more tents .

Once i was settled   we all sat  and ate together then it was time for zzzz Night

Miles. 14