Day 98 Heading to Greenwood Lake

Wednesday 18th July

it was a bit of a struggle to get up and no fun putting on wet clothes and wet socks, But it was a bright morning and not too far to get into town it will be easy Right!
I opened my can of sprite that i had carried from the trail magic it’s liquid refreshing me , I woofed down a snickers and I was good to go
I strolled through the forest the birds were all singing a good sign . I was enjoying my morning up a few hills down a few hills across a few roads and into more forests then I came across a wall of rock.
Fuck  do i have to go up that ? ….  bloody hell yes I am . this was hands and feet and strength oh my god .I had to pull my self up  and across  without falling whilst carrying my pack and poles
I did this for about an hour then I was finally up. but on huge rock ledges or slabs . The views were pretty good then I crossed the border whoop whoop I’m now in New York State and wow .

But welcome to New York meant more slabs a d more climbing, bouldering and scrambling. My easy walk in to town had vanished his was strenuous and very challenging. And I was soon exhausted. It was only the amazing views that cheered me on

I pushed on and came to a sign for hot dogs and the creamery( ice cream) but I could get them in town. at the trail head I walked to the road and soon I was outside the library in Greenwood Lake.
I dropped my pack and went inside. May I have use of a computer please
Oh course the lady said.
And can.i bring my pack in?
Yes, you can put it right there.
Then she showed me the computer room and showed me how-to sign in.
There were a row of 8 machines so I grabbed on and logged in then plugged in my phone and the new Usb stick .

I found my video files and tried to drag them across. The computer didn’t like that. so I tried 6 files, it didn’t like that either. Bollocks I said to my self and selected 1 file. The computer was now happy copying 1 file at a time est time 4 minutes and I had 60 to move. So one by one I moved my files. checked email uploaded video to Face book and updated my blog. all was good although the time was spinning. When I had cleared down all my video I tried to copy some music into my mp3 player but it wouldn’t recognise it bugger. oh well I had been here almost 3 hours so needed food
I quickly I found a bar and ordered  some  chicken tenders and aextra salad and fries and a beer May be two. after fed and watered I needed a few things for resupply so popped into the grocers . Dont ask me why ,but I came out with what I needed plus a pint of ice cream . I sat outside the shop packed my food and woofed my ice cream and drank another beer .

Water bugger I need water. I walked back into the store can I fill these please?
Yes there’s a spigot by the wall. Don’t forget to turn it off.
I topped up my water then in was ready. Oh bug spray I walked back in again . do you have big spray. I payed. then I noticed her Scottish accent. so we chatted a while then she offered to take me back to the trail.

I was just drinking my sprite sat on huge rocks when down the road walked sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. You off to town I asked . No we are on the trail Snail !!
I was confused as I was going to head the other way .
Maybe the sun or beer or ice cream had confused me.
I finished my drink lifted up my pack and set off After them , I doubt if I would catch them as they hike fast. But I was shy on miles for staying too long in town .But I needed to clear my phone .
It was  hot  should have left earlier  as the trail became more climbs  and when I needed white blazes..they were missing so I had to ponder almost every climb so as not to take wrong trail that i had done far too many times today.

I pushed on as best as I could running onto many day hikers .
You off to see the water fall ?
If it’s on trail yes but I’m.heading for Maine!!
Wow your through hiking.,
Where did you start?
When did you start?.
Where are you from etc etc. I answered all the questions and pushed on.

Eventually I arrived at the water fall. But it was dry…. What an anticlimax I laughed. Then I noticed that Sunshine and her team had set up camp just to the right. Hey guys I called nice spot.
I pushed on as i wanted those miles. But it was a steep climb next to the waterfall. And up stone block stairs . But once up it flattened out and became a good path for almost a mile then the rocks returned and the blazes disappeared.
Where the fuck am I going. I looked around and at the ground trying to see trail . Some times the blazes are hidden behind trees and so taking a few steps reveals them. Eventually I  was back on course and climbing again . I was just pulling myself up when I saw a lovely face. She was a section hiker from Scotland and her name Highlander “Original” I laughed. Stay safe I said and enjoy your hike.

It was 6 pm I wanted another hour, I climbed more rock and more rock and a bit more rock. Okay where is that campsite ( tentspot)
My map says im here  but nothing , so I walked on . Ten minutes later in a clearing I saw a tent  that will do me. As I was putting up my tent 5 others joined me 2 hammocks and 2 more tents .

Once i was settled   we all sat  and ate together then it was time for zzzz Night

Miles. 14


Day 97 Polchuck Creek & Board Walk mile 1365

Tues 17th July

I packed up fairly quickly and I was on the trail by 6.30
Today I wanted those mile. I set off at a good pace .I started by descending down and in the distance I heard traffic, possibly it was dustbin day?
Eventually I emerged out on to a freshly tarmacked road to my right was a sort of builders merchant. The trail took me left past some rather lovely houses that I would like to own. As I walked down the road I noticed a road sweeper and a man in hi-vis with a stop go sign. I guessed that they were still working on the road. The trail took me past the workmen., there was a lorry dumping soil over the freshly laid road. I asked one of the men why he was doing this.
They dumping in on the edge, as this stops the new edge from cracking. Learnt something today !
I walked on par the guys and continued up the road, until the trail turns right into a huge wetland bird sanctuary that i will walk around.
It was still early and the morning sunlight was picturesque. I kept stopping to watch the birds, herons fishing and other birds that kept diving .
I walked on then met a SOBO coming the other way we gave the usual greeting before continuing in our separate directions.

The trail now dives into the forest and immediately I was walking On duckboards. These appeared to go on for miles, i helps with wood being so cheap here. I briefly emerged onto another road, crossed over before beginning my first climb. It was steep oh so steep once at the top there was a sign for the shelter, but far too early for me so pushed on.
Most of the morning was rock climbing, bouldering or scrambling and i was soon exhausted. At last i left the rocks and began to work down a freshly mowed path. In the distance I could hear workmen , the sounds growing louder the nearer I got to them.
When I emerged into bright sunlight i could see another team of men working on the road.
I waited until I was waved across, on the other were side informing me about a nature reserve.
when I walked down the path I was greeted with another wooden walkway that snaked across the wetlands for as far as i could see and beyond.
It most of cost a fortune not to mention the logistics of putting it together. Omg it goes on and on . I kept waking til i came to a large bridge, once across the walkway continued on. This is totally amazing.

Eventually I said goodbye to this amazing structure and crossed into a field of cows who were mostly sheltering under the trees as it was do bloody hot in fact my watch said 97.

As I crossed the field in the top left across the road looked like a burger van or similar. As I climbed the stile to get out of the field I noticed a table in the car park.
Do you need to rest said the man and introduced himself Moose.
On the table there were grapes, plums, peaches, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon . apples and crackers oh and water. I grabbed a water and chugged it
Then sampled most of the fruit. As we were chatting he mentioned ice cream at the garden Centre across the road and the van that I saw did hot-dogs.

Leave your pack and to go sample the ice cream , oh and they will top up your water. Said Moose.
I soon found the store (more of a garden centre) They had many flavours of ice cream, I chose a pint of pineapple, 3 apple vinegar doughnuts and a sprite. I sat outside in the sun to devour my treats whilst my phone charged.

Once full I wandered around the shop then made my way back to Moose. ignoring the hot-dog van. When I got back there were several people chatting as I hoisted my pack.
Your going to get hit by the storm Moose Said
Oh well I thought, thanked moose and set off down the trail.
The clouds look threatening and thunder was rumbling but it was still roasting as i made my way along the 1/2 mile approach before my next dreaded climb. The climb started with switchbacks and then became stone steps to climb. I began to struggle so blamed the ice cream . As i climbed I met a dozen people coming down ,they all looked fresh. not puffing and panting like me .
It took me about an hour to reach the top. I stood puffing trying to get my breath back before realising that i was stood with a bear.
I quickly grabbed my phone but as my fingers were wet I couldn’t take a video then I realised that there were 2 cubs with mum so I backed away slowly , swearing at my stupid phone I hoped that I had some footage but sadly not. I stupidly was about to follow them before my brain screamed at me to stop ..Not a good idea.I was so excited to seeing them all

I continued on into the forest the skies getting blacker and blacker. I stopped to put my packs rain jacket on. Not a minute too soon as whoosh came the rain and it was heavy really heavy
I walked on as there was nothing else that I could do. Your told not to shelter under trees and as I was still high on the ridge I should get lower. The trail instantly became a river and of course my rain jacket was at the bottom of my pack.
I prefer to hike wet ,only putting my rain jacket on if I get cold,. This rain was relentless ,my shoes now squelched and I was soaked to the bone but o pushed on as there was no point stopping .
I did wonder about stopping and to put up my tent ,but the rain was just too heavy. I pushed on about another hour, slugging through the rain

Finally it began to ease as I crossed over a road , Whoop there was a cold box and it was full of lemonade, orangeade and other cans .I glugged a sprite. wrote in the book then packed another out
After about another hour I came to a sign saying shelter and decided that i would visit.
When i arrived there were 2 hikers also sheltering from the rain.
This shelter was dark and dingy and i didn’t want to stay but took the opportunity to take a break emptied my shoes wrung out my socks and ate some snacks.
I was mentioning water when one of the hikers said there is water in this bag that a Trail Angel.
Brilliant. I topped up my bottles which was a relief .then I hoisted up my pack, said bye to my fellow hikers .
I wanted more miles, especially as the rain had stopped.

I pushed on as the rain came back . bollocks I said to myself. I wanted to go till 6 pm but this wasn’t working for me at 5.30 I spied a spot and got my tent up as quickly as I could in the rain.

i lay on my pad listening to the rain eventually it stoped again so I quickly made tea. With my bear encounter I emptied all smelly things pack and hung them properly.

Not far to town tomorrow


Start 1348

Finish 1365.2

Miles. 17.2

Day 96 From Mashipcong Shelter to Unionville via secret shelter

Monday 16th July

I struggled out if bed and revived my food from.the bear box then began to pack up
when I was almost done I made tea. The strange one who camped by my was just emerging wow you pack up fast he said.

well.i have been doing it for 3 months I laughed. Then he began to winge that there were too many kids in the shelter and that they should have made room for him. Well you need to be at the shelter earlier I replied and it’s great to see the kids out hiking. them I walked away as he’s a doom and gloom guy. I finished my tea cljped my cup to my pack and strolled out of camp.

I headed down crossed several roads then began to climb over boulders . I thought that I had finished with this game but oh no

some had pretty big drops others were much easier. I pushed on my watching letting me know that an hour was up.

The sun began to shine through the forest lighting up all the spiders webs so I could see them before I walked into them

some were really rather pretty so I stood for a few seconds admiring them

I should see the next shelter or at least a sign .. instead I met u happy Feet. How far too the shelter I asked ,?

Too far Snail. Okay that’s good enough for me and pushed on . happy Feet was waiting for Bob so I pushed ahead knowing that they would soon race past me .

It wasn’t long until I heard giggling behind me so I stepped aside to let them pass . See you later guys.

I followed them for a while but they were soon out of sight.

so I returned plod..a deer came to stare at me so I said good morning . I was so.busy concentrating or rather my mind was elsewhere when I emerged into sunlight

I was at high tower park . I walked over to the main offices and noticed 2 pack a sat outside so went in. Bob was sat inside in the co airconditioned building. I approached the lady at the counter and asked if they had an At stamp ..Indeed They did and as I was a through hiker I got a free can of Pepsi.

Oh that cold liquid when your hot and thirsty is divine
I just wish the cans were bigger. HAPPYFEET thought I had my water filter so she said good idea I need to backwash mine.

Happy-Feet  High Point State Park

So I did the same , washed my hair and socks then went our side to dry. I then picked up and went back to the trail..I was hiking along then in a clearing I could see a huge oblique in the distance wow that looks amazing. I carried on omg the trail then came across a viewing platform so climbed up. wow what amazing views all around..and a better view of the monument.i was still admiring the view when Happyfeet and Bob Narly arrived.

I followed the trail until it branched off to the monument trail.
I decided to take a look, the moment is of course perched on top of a hill so it was a steep trail that took me there. At last I was st the top.what a magnificent monument. I put down my pack before walking around it a few times then went in.
Can you climb it I asked
yes Sir she replied.

I grabbed my camera and began to climb the stairs . its only when your half way up and still have far to go when you think was this such a good idea. I eventually made the top puffing and panting. the views were amazing, I took some photos and then began the long walk back down.

I walked out into the sun so whilst here I decided to have lunch.

It was now hot , too hot as I set off back down the path to the trail. passing huge spotlights that light the monument at night. Once on the trail I began to push on as I had promised myself beer and ribs in town.
But I was melting . the forest parts were fine but now and then I was walking in direct sun
On my map was a mention of a secret Shelter. well that intrigued me so I thought I’d take a look when I got nearer.
I had completely forgotten about the secret shelter until low on water I saw a sign for well water.
I walked along the dirt track and stumbled upon the secret shelter

There were 4 building as I approached 2 marmots or ground hogs quickly ran away. In the largest of the huts was a register and sign saying please don’t cook . There was power so I charged my phone. I filled up my water bottles then went to peek at the other shelter. They were locked but through the window it has a kitchen dinner and stairs leading up to another floor.


As I walked around the building I noticed the outdoor shower so walked back to my pack to get soap.
I took off my shoes and so is the. stepped under the shower. To my surprise it was warm. I washed my hair again then lathered up my clothes before standing starkers in a field as I rinsed them. then wrong them out and put them back on.
wow I felt totally refreshed and I had only about 3 miles to go
it wasn’t long before I arrived at the road that lead to town..
I followed it past a cemetery. and a antique place . before arriving at a cross roads. j checked my map it was right.
I turned right and hidden just on the corner was my destination the Wits send tavern. I left my pack inside. It was chilly due to the air con nut I soon got used to it. I Tried a German beer then ordered up the ribs.
The owner said if you don’t like them then I’ll pay.
I sat at a table and plugged in my phone to charge. The first beer went down to quick so I had a basic beer.

Then my ribs came and omg they were good . I could of eaten a second plateful.
I had a couple more beers then set off back to the trail. As in was going up the hill I met noproblama. I told him.where I had been and gave it the thumbs up. The rest of the group had gone to the pizza shop..Good luck i said
i pushed on back on the trail. it was fairly easy as it was a nice path. I then was walking through fields filled with bales. on my third field I decided that this will do my tent was soon up and I enjoyed dinner.
I had my rain fly half on just in case so watched the fireflies until I dozed off

start 1332
Finish 1348
Miles 16

Day 95 Rattlesnake campsite to Mashipacong shelter mile 1331

Sunday 15th July

I was just settling down when I heardcrustling in the bushes . it was a skunk. I was going to get some closer pictures untill.i remembers other say that they can be fairly vicious . so I left him alone .

I was beginning to drift off when I feel and heard a few drops of rain. Bugger. I jumped out of my tent and quickly threw my fly over my tent I had just finished attaching the last corner when there was a huge clap of thunder , and then it began to pour. I climbed back into my tent and tried to doze off again. But the lightning was so bright even with my eyes closed and then the rain became more torrential hammering on the outside if my tent followed every few minutes with the loud claps and rumbling of thunder . Eventually I dozed off waking to the sound of my alarm. I was dismayed to hear that it was still raining and raining hard so I silenced the alarm and rolled over. At 7 it seemed to be slowing so I quickly began to pack up . I retrived my food bag .and checked my line as it looked as if it was beginning to fray when I pulled it u last night. Yes I’ve worn it out. I think i can just use the other end . I coiled it be k up then finished packing. then I made a cuppa.

Okay back to the trail it was 8 am and I pushed on down for a bit then I past 2 tents but these were not happys or Bob’s . with me further I crossed a bridge over a murky stream . But I needed water so this will have to do

I began to climb out and omg it was a nightmare there were long slabs of rock and in the dry they are quite fun but in the rain they were treacherous . They were so slippery I almost crawled over them so my speed was crap. should of done this last night I winged to myself and staggerd on them I had to go down on these too even more scary . I pushed when I could and evdntuly climbed up onto an large open area but it was now misty so couldnt see much at all . When I reached the second open ace the sun was trying to come out and so I was greeted with an amazing view of New Jersey.

I was now heading down and the him of cars began to grow louder and louder the lower I became. I eventually emerged out onto the high way. To my left looked ike a store and garage so I headed in that direction. The garage looked deserted more of a tyre place. so no goodies to buy. I was just about to walk back when a man who was filing his car said there is a shop just up there. I thanked him and carried on walking.

I was heading to the sports shop but I was just passing a bar. when I noticed what I thought was a hiker sat in the garden .So I headed there instead. just around the corner out of view was Happyfeet and Bob Narly. Why hi guys I said they had empty plates in front of them . Foods good Snail.

I went inside grabbed a soda and then ordered a burger and onion rings and a beer

The beer was so good I necked it in one so ordered another.

The place was very hiker Freidly and I was amazed how busy it was for a Sunday morning then I realised most where in to watch the football world cup final.

I really liked the bar as it backed up to a large lake. Many cabins dotted around the outside

The locals outside where very friendly and were interested in our hikes. My food came and the onion rings were amazing and my burger good. But I needed another beer. so went to get one and pay up . The barlady was so happy that she brought me a drink .

I enjoyed my beer sat in the sun watcbing the birds on the lake whilst my phone charged. But I sadly I needed to hike and now that the sun was out it was hot and I had been here far too long so my target of 20 miles was beginning to fade that with the slippery rocks this morning.

I walked the shortway back to the trail and pushed on and of course began to climb but on e I was up I stayed up and again was rewarded with some great views.

But the sun was getting hotter and hotter that the salt began to sting my eyes. so climbed up through a small corridor and was greeted with another fire tower but no one was manning this one today. But sat in front were several families who were enjoying their hike. and with a fantastic view.

I said hi then began my decent back into the forest where I stayed for about an hour . I was just about to start a climb when I met a lady coming the other way She introduced herself then asked me my name. Do you know the commander and Aussie . Yes I replied. ones my husband I’m going to meet them

I continued my climb and then I was at a large pavilion on the hill. At the far end sat Happyfeet and Bob Narly.

I joined them and took off my pack for 5 minutes. Then three children and their father arrived. she was Kenyan but lives in Florida The other man with him was trying to explain about us hikers and the Applacian trail. They were very interested. Be then offered us some water. So we followed him down to his car . he gave me 3 bottles which I topped u my bladder with. We all thanked him then returned to the trail . Happyfeet and Bob Narly were soon out of sight it I plodded on watching my clock slowly advance then I emerged out of the forest and there was the shelter.

Happyfeet and Bob Narly sat o the grass by the picnic table. Hi all I said waking over to the sheter. The shelter was full if young kids on a weekend camping trip. Snail.theres water in the bear box. I filled up my bottles.

Where are you staying Snail they asked. I had planned on several.more miles. as I had only done. 15. But then I decided that I was going to stay so went and found space for my tent. Then cooked. dinner



Miles 15

Day 94 Leaving Delaware Water Gap Pennsylvania New Jersey Border

Saturday 19th July   (14th July)

I slept well in my bunk although I was cold. I didn’t bother with my bag as I expected it to be too hot. my mistake. My alarm we t off at the usual time I silenced it then dozed. Soon other people began to move about so I took this as my que to get up. I stuffed my gear I to my pack . I will sort that later Ha!.

I then dragged my bag outside so as not to disturb the other sleeping hikers. Out side sat around a table was granite gear, Hills, sunshine and Strider. I pulled up a chair whilst I put on my new “Dirty Girl Gators” then socks and shoes. Then I drank my spare bottle of lemonade. Okay nearly ready . this stretch is going to be low water so I grabbed another liter just in case. the father & Daughter team headed off . I was hoping to beat them, oh well.

I’m.ready I said good bye to the group’s slung my pack onto my back and headed Out of the church.

The trail headed Out of. town then across the bridge which spans the Delaware. 3/ 4 across and I crossed into New Jersey whoop whoop good bye Rocksavania.

Although I knew I would still have to cross a few more miles of rock. .

Once across the bridge the trail followed the river . past several park centres which was lucky as I needed the loo.

the trail eventually crossed under the main road before entering another park and the climb.

the paths were good almost ashfelt so easy to walk on as it spiralled higher and higher . on a small side trail I noticed many stone cairns do went and has a closer look before returning to the trail and my climb. It was several.hours before it began to flatten out. and then sat at the top where the father anddaughter team . I nodded and carried on. I then met a couple walking their dog followed by a day higher who saw a bear and was scared.

My next landmark was a huge glacial lake which is one of new jerseys top landmarks.

the trail decided to go around the edge but once again it was scrambling over boulders. I slipped and almost snapped a pole. so had to had a word with myself. so continued .more slowly. By the time I had followed the lake the sun was now doing it’s best to melt me, god it was hot and I was in the shade. Thank God I was in the shade but now and then I came to a clearing normally for pylons to cross. Wow what a view first of New Jersey.

I pushed on trying to get miles in before the sun became unbearable . it wasn’t lo omg until I came to another clearing but this one was much better with almost 360° views .I stopped and took it all in before continuing. I hadn’t gone far till my foot caught rock sending me crashing to the ground. Fuck fuck I said as I lay there in a heap. Nothing damaged thank god. I struggled up it was 11.30 okay I take that as a sign for lunch.. I found a rock to sit on and dropped my pack . As I rested several day hikers came past the other way . then three hikers I hadn’t seen in a while. .The commander, Russ and Springer although they were getting off trail later today. as I chatted to then Father and daughter team came past.

I set off again running into about 12 girl scouts I chatted for 5 minutes before continuing on . The sun was getting even hotter and I was spending more time in the sun than the shade and I was melting and drinking my water fast. At last I began to decend and arrived at a bridge over a stream . I didn’t like the look of the water. and there was a spring in 2 miles I can wait.

As I got closer to the road Others were signs pointing to the Mohican Outdoor Center. nut it was .3 miles making .6 in total .As I decided whether to go or not 2 other hikers came down the road from there. it’s good Snail but expensive.

So I hiked on and up and into the roasting sun . But again once up the view were stunning . I had to keep stopping to stare . I urged my self on and began to approach a fire tower. it slowly got nearer until I was there. Day in the shade nearby was Happy feet and Bob Narly. Hi guys I said and sat with them for 5.
The fireman is in the tower and you can go up if you want. I gazed up at the tower and said I’d love too but I want to push on as it’s hot.

It’s been hot or rather dry for a while as all the bushes at the side of the trail are shrivilling up and dying. also so are the leaves on the trees. It looks like it needs a few days of rain . Preferably in the night . Although I don’t mind in the day if it cools things down.

Once past the tower the trail follows the fire road making it easy to walk .

At last I heard water . and found the spring I guzzeld down a litre then filled both bottles.Its a bit early but this heat just saps my energy so if I it I can camp now.

okay whats the time . and where do I want to be
I was shooting for 1315 so I should be there by six. Yes I can do that as it’s only 4 pm.
I pushed on and soon arrived at a large lake, again the trail likes to take you aground the edge. as I nearer the car park I could see and hear dozens of people in and around the lake.
It would of been so easy to drop my pack and jump straight in…. But no I carried on walking. I’m here in at the target . but I still felt good and it was still only 5.30 okay I said to myself I will walk to 6 then look. So I carried on down the trail Ping went my watch 6 pm okay snail… I took several.more steps left was the perfect spot.

I soon had my tent up and was eased when Happy feet and Bob Narly passed by they must of stopped for water but as usual i had plenty. I quickly boiled water then sat in my chair relaxing with a nice cuppa

Start 1294.7
Finish 1316.9
Miles 22.2