Day 47 zero in Lone pine

Sunday 1st June
It’s June!!!
Woke up refreshed. Shower. Coffee then breakfast. Had the best hash browns ever not the processed frozen ones of super markets. But real crispy saucer size  ones delicious. Well my room mate has gone .I’mm just going to chill rest my foot ready for the trail tomorrow
Oops looks like I’m moving rooms they need a female only dorm so I’m moving next door with all the other Smelly Hikers lol. .I should of taken a photo of the room before the maid came.. I was never seen so a empty beer bottles and cans . They filled a Dustbin (trash can).
Now relaxing ,an American guy has  just brought a cheap  fishing rod
I want one..I now have one.lets see if I can catch some thing.
Excited now. FISH
I made a sandwich to use all my bits up.
Okay from day 1 I have been hiking in my big boots and they have looked after my feet but I have decided to try some trail runners so I’m resting my boots

I have boxed my boots to send up the trail. (Just in case) .Can’t wait to get back on to the trail. I have Checked out the bus timetable dam doesn’t fit with my plans.  So guess it’s hitching. Hope I have better luck getting out than I did in getting in.
So post office first then i will head out
And for a better chance I have shed my beard took a while to remove it but it had got all all clean shaven for a  a day or too.
Just had a wander around town at dusk oh my god the bats here are bloody massive like crows best I buy some garlic


Day 46 Lone Pine

Saturday 31st May
Slept well in a bed nice .But had chores to do . yesterday’s crappy hitch had messed up my plans as I had missed the post office “Closed on Saturdays” so I wandered through the town.spent far too long in a real hardware store. Sadly we don’t have many left in the UK it’s all B&Q  or Home base . Then off to get shopping I was buying for Tuolume meadows and for Sierra City. As these locations have a poor selection (so I’m told) so I’m posting resupply boxes there. .God what a lot of food and they didn’t have all that I wanted. Whilst in the store I met French toast we chatted for ages on how their hike was going . Before I dragged my shopping back to my room. I then brought another can of propane for my stove paid for another night and  grabbed two empty shoe boxes to but my resupply into.
Now to decant the food I like this bit ripping open boxes and decanting things into Ziploc.  ALL DONE .I felt quite pleased big job my sleeping pad had a leak so I filled the bath .there’s the bugger a small tear that I couldn’t find. I marked. It up ill patch in a moment.then I hung my tents footprint over the balcony to dry. Tick .Off to library next, if it’s open as my  better photos are on my camera.

So too the library.  The library  is  empty so i ask the lady  if  i can use,  She  tells  me  i get  half an hour , (i thought she was joking) I got  the allotted half   hour and no more.The library is completely empty so i ask what if i make a  donation? I  and have more time? No!!! Oh well. how  weird . I could understand if the library was packed  and  people  were waiting  oh  well !!

I then found an Internet cafe and that was much more civilised and faster. and  i could  have a drink and  bite to eat while i uploaded
But sorry Americans the air  con was so cold  i  couldn’t  stay  any longer or i would of froze , but i got most  of it  done
Back to the room have some lunch then laundry. I made a cheese, Ham and tomato sarnie and woofed that with chips..Then there was a knock I had a new room mate and as my stuff was spread everywhere I had to quickly tidy up.Then to the launderette. well I washed all my gear  but it still looks  really dirty and  smelly  .maybe a  hotter wash  next time.oh well its done.Steve was my roommate he W’s a biker who had gone out from Bishop for a ride. He will stay tonight and go home tomorrow. I showed him how to use the Internet. Encouraged him to learn and maybe a tablet was the way to go..He wanted to watch the baseball so I went got some beers and watched it together the guys in yellow won!!


Day 45 Kersarge to Lone pine

Woke later than I wanted 7 am John & Karmia were already leaving.Dam I was getting up early lol.i tried to put boots on but they were frozen so it took me a few minutes struggling to get them on.break camp then I was off..I knew it was a climbing morning was I ready!!!!.
The trail started thoughtfully then reverted to its normal up. .but the higher i climbed the more amazing the views. Occasionally there was a drift of snow but nothing scary. Two hikers zipped psst me.i still wonder how they do it.I watched them on the switchbacks .It good to see where I have to climb. .I crossed over several melt streams and continued my climb this was Kersarge Pass phew and it’s high
Whoop whoop the top is in sight. And Omg the views again are 360 it’s just amazing WOW. I was still admiring the scenery when two hikers arrived they were out to climb peaks.


Now its down and there were 25 switchbacks .I suddenly  felt on fire and began to trot down the mountain. I just felt so alive switchback after switchback I was over the mountain and heading to Independence. I was about halfway down when I heard Snailtrainer. It was “Twinkle, and Sherrif Woody” we chatted then departed. .A few minutes later I bumped into Wales I asked about info on Lone Pine. He said it was good but the Hitch out was “Shitty”.I continued on my way then ran into Rafiki. They were all on their way back to the trail..For me it was back to the switchbacks then 5 day hikers came past.down and down then I met coughe where’s my team he asked.they are 30 mins in front
Down and down past a family going day  hiking past 3 guys going on a four day hike down I went .Then Omg a beautiful lake just so beautiful with the sun reflecting on it


I stopped and stared before dragging my self away .down below in the valley was the parking lot that is where I needed to walk to. Down I went then ran into “The Boss & Shepa  Everyone was coming up I was going down. .At last the parking lot phew Nd it was hot. I made up some gatorade which I promptly swigged, dumped my trash then continued walking . There were the three hikers that had past me also Carrot getting ready to hike back to the trail. I used the loo then headed for the I went the view was amazing  then I thought OMG it’s a bloody long way to the town and no short cuts. I had not read my notes .Bugger bugger. But then a car appeared. It stopped with the three other hikers in . somehow I my backpack and myself squeezed in.Thank god it was miles into town.I was going g to Lone pine so he dropped me off. The other hikers got out too.I made straight for the gas station to get a cold soda, as I crossed the street I walked into DC .He was sat outside pondering his next  move.i brought my drink and sat with him.we chatted a while before he decided to get a room in he left Double tap appeared we chatted a out forester and the decent.i grabbed a other soda then went to hitch.


I stood with my arm out thumb raised hour after hour.I had been warned but this is a busy road. Perhaps they don’t understand the PCT hiker.i stood and waited and waited. A fellow hiker passed by and said there’s a bus at 5.30 great I said I’ll stand till 5 then catch the bus .I walked over to the bus stop. Bugger the last bus was at 2pm the next was 7pm and you had to ring to request it by phone 24 hours in advance
Bloody Bollocks. .Down the street I saw DC I put my hands up in despair. He was heading towards me to get some beer .I offered to split a room I said I’ll ring you if I haven’t moved in half an hour. .Off he went for beer.then Tartan appeared he was pleased to see me as he was worried about me limping quite badly. And was pleased that I had made it over Forester. I told him I was having a shity hitch. He invited me to dinner but I told him I had options (Very little Options! !) I was now getting desperate all my resupply was in Lone pine and I’m stuck in Independence! !!!
I stuck my best Thumb out and hoped..A  16 wheeler Rig  squealed to a halt . You need a ride? Bloody right. Now I’ve been told of the dangers but I put my pack into the back of the large truck jumped up into the cab and we were off whoop whoop Lone pine here I come.yes I arrived in Lone pine in style.

My Ride to Town

But sadly too late for all my plans Big rude words said very loudly.but hey I’m here ill rest my foot and escape Monday. I found the hostel booked in and wearily found my room .fab a four bed room to myself. I unpacked my gear ready to take a shower but no shampoo so back downstairs grabbed shampoo and loads of coffee.just as I was coming back up I ran into John.what you doing for dinner he asked?
Haven’t a clue.i said so I said I’ll join you guys later at 7.
Then promptly took my shower …So good..we went across the street to a dinner .There was  2 new faces  a french guy called “Young Oak and a Dutch guy called “Timo” also John’s Girlfriend Karmia  myself and Tentstake. .We all had dinner  my god so many questions how do you want your burger? What type of cheese. Salad?  What dressing?  Fries or chips. What sauce. I was completely dumbstruck.We also had a huge pitcher of beer. I so like that I think it’s so civilised :0)
Can we do that at the Barley Mo Sonia?
We had all finished when the girls said ice cream wow well when in ROME!
I had pecan cream and peanut butter crunch mmmm yummy. Much better than ramin and flour tortillas.
We settled up then headed to bed.i caught up on my blog and watched TV  fantastic  zzzz