Day 107 Zero in Upper Barrington

Friday 27th

Eve. though I didn’t have to get up I woke at my normal trail time of 5.30. so got up had a wee then went back to bed.

eventually getting up at 9 am . more more civilised. I got dressed then went for breakfast. there were several other hikers eating. I grabbed a coffee and some oranges juice and found a table. then I grabbed a bagel and put it in the bagel cutter. before dropping the two half’s into the toaster. I then poured out a cup of waffle mix before pouring it into the waffle maker. My bagels popped up from.the toaster so I grabbed some butter and cream cheese and returned to my table

I had just finished eating my bagel when there was a beep beep telling me that my waffle was cooked. I removed it from its mould poured the on the obligatory maple syrup and again returned to my table. after several more orange juices and coffee I was done.
I was just about to leave when Poppins and Peanut arrived we chatted for a while. they too were taking a zero . They told me about the bus that goes into town and where to catch it. I thanked them before returning to my room to grab the few bits and my poles that I wanted to mail before walking  to the Grocery shop where I would catch the bus, my timing was good or lucky as it arrived as I did. $1.75 to Town . right change only so it cost me 2 bucks .

He dropped me at the post office which was perfect.
I had sent all my spare stuff and stuff that I didn’t want to carry here also my new shoes. bladder and poles from REI  and a few bits from Amazon so I had a total of 8 packages.
I thanked the clerk and began to sort through my gear. I decanted stuff that I needed into a bag then condensed the other boxes into 1 box that again I mailed up the trail.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself so wandered around town before deciding that I should get back.The bus was prompt and dropped me back at the Grocery store. I thought I’d just get a few things. and something for lunch , a salad I thought. I got to the check out and bagged up my shopping. But shock horror my card was declined. Dam I had meant transfer more money onto it . the bill was $80 .I checked my wallet I had $70 in cash . Dam I’m going to have to leave it and come back.
Then a voice behind me said how much are you short?
“$10” I said.
“I will get that” he said and gave the cashier the money.
“Thank you so much” I said dying of embarrassment.
I hastily grabbed my shopping and quickly walked back to my motel room.
Dropped my shopping and other bag on the floor then quickly logged onto my account and transferred some more money card
I will need to be more careful. as I am spending too much.!!
Once the finances were straight I concentrated on uploading my videos and blogs as I’m a bit behind. whilst they were uploading I got out my soggy tent and let that dry in the sun.
it was lunch time , I made a salad with what I had brought earlier washed down with a couple of cans of beer.
It was a beautiful day and I would of normally camped by the pool with my beer..But the Wi-Fi and power was in my room so that’s where I stayed.
At 6 pm I decided to go to the brewery for dinner and try their ribs .As i was about to leave a storm arrived , the rain came in buckets so I watched out of the window and continued editing until the rain began to ease.
I entered the brewery and found that it was rammed but there was an empty stool at the Bar as i  sat I noticed “Mirror” was sat beside me. so we chatted and she recommended the aubergine.!
So i ordered Ribs
I think i should of gone with mirrors suggestion  as my ribs arrived luke warm so I sent them back . They took ages to reappear and to be honest they were not that good.
In fact a bit of a let down . oh well ..the beer was good.
Mirror said her good byes as she is now going southbound , so our paths may cross again who knows the trail can be mysterious

A man sat next to me and had a big bowl of clam Linguine  that looked oh so much better than what I had just eaten
We began a chatting mainly about baseball that I knew nothing about  but it passed the time and allowed me to enjoy a few more ales. But I didn’t stay out too long.
Once begin to my room.  began to pack up  what i could

Start 1521.7
Finish 1521.7
miles ZERO


Day 106 Heading to Great Barrington and amazing Ribs

July 27th

another great sleep so up at 5.30 and was on 6.30.
I pushed on stopping at the first shelter for a call of nature . It took me a while to find my way out as it was a maze embarrassed.
Most of the morning was climbing more rock and more rock and then the rain came. Which then brings water . I began to climb and climb and climb I was climbing through rivers of water whilst trying to keep my feet dry ha ha. eventually I reached a plateau. and the view was FOG !!

But I wasn’t finished I was still heading up and up. eventually I was at the top and was amazed to see a monument and a inscription .

But then it was down but OMG IT WAS bloody scary I was climbing down a sheer face with water flowing. I have to say it was bloody sketchy. and I didn’t like it especially when I slipped several times .

At last I was down and then began to follow the creek down the mountain..It was here that I bumped into a dozen girl scouts heading south .I wished them well and to be aware of the climb.
I continued on following the creek as it began to cut its path down through the ravine . sometimes it made amazing falls .

The trail.then crossed the creek and on the other side was the welcome to Massachusetts
Whoop.whoop another state down!!

i walked through the forest for almost an hour before the inevitable climb and again it was sleek and slippy after about an hour I emerged out on to a cliff top it would of been amazing if not for the fog !!!!!.
After walking the cliff face for almost an hour I decided to stop.for a break and made tea.

I then pushed on and started more climbs again it was very slippy as I sloshed through water then the steep climbs began but unlike Connecticut the trail.guys had fixed wooden steps. to help you climb

THANK YOU so much trail.people I was soon At the top of Everett mountain  there was once a fire tower here but it had been dismantled.

so now the down . and yes it was steep and so took me ages to get down
As I walked down the road towards the park there was trail magic..I downed 2 cokes several biscuits and snickers. bars and packed out another coke for later

As I headed down through the park. I was amazed on how much Water was flowing around as I tried to cross each stream , creek with out getting my feet week .

At 3 pm i stopped for a break and enjoyed my coke. Checked my map

It was 4.4 miles to go , 2 hours to go. I pushed till I hit the road. I was lucky on the hitch the man took me to the grocer then dropped me at my motel.
After settling in I did my laundry then had a great shower. When I was all clean I went to he restaurant next door. It wasn’t cheap but I had the best steak that I had eaten in a while


Start. 1504
Finish 1521.7
Miles. 17.7

Day 105 Heading to Riga Shelter Mile 1504

Wednesday 25th

it was still pouring when my alarm went off so I hit snooze then snooze again .
I finally emerged at 6.45  and the rain had briefly stopped .I promptly packed up well almost as after I rolled up my tent I couldn’t find it’s stuff sack. I should of just shoved it in a spare dry bag but no.i unrolled my tent thinking it was still inside. as soon as I had my tent all open again  The rain returned and dumped  down bucketfuls so everything got soaked.
Bloody brilliant and still no stuff sack. so I shoved  everything into  my pack then ran to the shelter. dropped that inside then went back for the rest.
Mira was still packing up. as I stomped back in . and then tried to soft my stuff out properly.
Eventually I was done and hit the trail at 8 am , late for me .. The rain was now chucking it down and I have to admit to feeling a bit cold. I needed to go a little faster but because of the terrain I couldn’t. The only good thing about the rain is it normally stops the bugs from appearing …But not today I was constantly fending off  big horse flies . They drove me mad as I hike in a vest and they kept attacking me. Aaaarrh.

It was several hours until the rain paused , but only briefly  before whoosh the rain started again and kept falling. eventually I came to a road walk. I like the trail people in Connecticut as before you leave or come go a trail head .There are clear instructions usually with a diagram showing you where your going. So I did the short road walk and crossed over into a field of maize. I followed the trail around backed by the river on my right.. Then it was another road walk . This one took me through a high school then along a railway and then into a park where I met the river again.. I followed the trail and the river. ahead I could see a slalom course for kayaks, but before I could get closer the trail took me away.

I emerged by a hydro power plant. It looked really interesting but I wanted the miles. I crossed a bridge ,below in the river were  people fishing and in the clear waters below i could see  massive carp and upstream some amazing falls. I continued over the bridge  followed the river although you couldn’t see it for the trees but you could hear the rush of the water. The rushing sound got louder and louder and then.i came to a clearing and could get a great view .

Wow they looked fantastic ..then the trail climbed higher and I was at the top of the falls wow..I stared for a while before dragging myself away and back to the forest. The afternoon was as the morning torrential rain and more rain then again a small pause at I reached a sign post
whoop 1500 miles  689 miles to Katahdin Maine

whoopy whoop.

I pushed on as I was tired .I had been tired all day . and so looking  forward to a zero in town the day after tomorrow.
I climbed several more silly climbs before taking a break.
My shoes have been annoying me all day as being constantly wet the insoles  had become bunched but I hadn’t wanted to stop to sort them. But the main reason to stop  was that I had bad botty chafe. Which needed urgent attention .

Once all fixed I pushed on and was so pleased to see a camp site and the rain had stopped.
I spread my gear out to try and dry it but that only made the rain come back so I hurriedly throw it all into my tent. got into my tent and cooked in my tent
Happy days lol

Start 1484.4.
Finish 1504
Miles. 19.6

Day 104 Heading to Pine Swamp Shelter

Tuesday 27th July

I slept crap due to the person making so much noise every time he moved so as soon as my alarm went off I was up and outta there.

I am pleased that I did t go on last night as after the small down it was climb climb climb.

In fact it was climb all morning. untill the down

Omg it was so steep stone steps then gravel then bouldering . it was fairly scary I sliped a few times shuffled on my bum a few times swore a lot. it took me about 30 minutes to get down. then I was on a flat road which then turned Into a footpath. I it was flat for about 4 miles wow!!! SHOCK.

The foot path followed the wide flowing river. It was fait shallow as you could see the bottom so the way across. sometimes the river divided around a small island sometimes a bigger island . On the other side ran the train.

I happily walked along until I decided to take a break. and made tea..It was nice to sit by the river and watch the birds

I packed up and moved on as I wanted to call in at Cornwall. Eventually I came to.the road and turned right it was about a mile.

I soon came to a garage so grabbed a can if peach tea and a tub of ice cream . dont know why I grabbed the tub. But it was soon empty.

Next stop cross the bridge to the postoffice. I mailed some bits UP the trail.

The lady was very helpful. and said go to the liquer store you get a free beer if your a i thanked her and went next door. and yes i got a free beer..I should of brought some more!! so felt guilty.

I then went to the deli ordered a few bits and a beef sandwich..then sat out side to eat it while my battery charged up.

I stayed far too long. But I needed that juice. I eventually packed up and headed back to the trail.

it was typical hot and as i had spent too long in town I hadn’t done the milage. can I get to the next shelter?

6 miles. but as I hiked on I began to get chaffing on my bum and my junk. It’s been so humid or raining that my clothes really need a good wash. I might be getting cock rot lol. after several.more miles I had to stop. I stripped off on the trail washed myself Dow. added some body Glide and changed my shorts.

Ah. better…. I pushed on again arriving at a campsite I thought this may of been the shelter but the German couple said no its 4 more miles.

Dam but I can do that and pushed on .when I was at the last 1.8 miles the trail decided to go rock climbing again… really I said to myself in dismay and started the climb. I was tired so it seemed to take ages to get to the top but once up I still had a while to go.

At last the shelter appeared. the other German hiker was here. ( the noisey one) I said hello. he wondered where I had been.

I found a spot away from.the shelter and quickly put up my tent. I then went and had a wash in the river and rinsed out my clothes.

I quickly made tea then to bed.

But it appears I have mislaid my glasses bummer


Day 103 Welcome to Connecticut

Monday 23rd July

I didn’t sleep that well due to the torrential rain that was pounding my tent. My alarm went off I shut it off by mistake waking again around 6.30 . it was still raining but only lightly. I undid the flap of my tent..Smiles and crawl daddy had gone but I could still see Samaritans tent. I hurriedly packed up. Before the next bought of rain. I hit the trail at 7.30 much later than I had wanted dam.

As I pushed on the rain returned and it was heavy very heavy. Great for climbing over slippery rock.
It wasn’t long before I came upon the first shelter I waved to the occupants and pushed on then met cruise who was getting water. See you up the trail. I knew he would soon pass me as he was very fast.

It wasn’t long until he swept past me and was gone. I plodded along until I came to a fast moving creek. Wow water it had been such a while since I had seen water flowing..I crossed over and continued along until once again I was walking along board again but due to the rain they were lethal.
so go gingerly walked over them .But again they stretched for miles . a at last I was on so it ground I followed the path until it came to a road I crossed over and continued .
A few yards down the trail was the Connecticut boarder whoop whoop. I took a few photos and pushed on

soon I saw a sign saying Trail magic. so followed it down into a parking area. There was a man cooking. he introduced himself as xx xx
H said help yourself to Beer as he cooked me breakfast. .Pace 2  was already here. I ate a banana and enjoyed my beer. He then put a bacon egg and cheese roll Into my lap it tasted divine and was soon eaten followed by a doughnut.
Have another beer . and take some fruit. I grabbed an apple and a orange, woofed another doughnut. before thanking him and heading back to the trail

All morning it was heavy rain a bit of sun heavy rain some sun. I had air of climbing to do and the rain made it fairly dangerous.

Lost my notes for this part !

second shelter great privy
water pump.
follow river . cross bridge
river falls
small road walk

Cardinal bird

Climbing begins. very steep
After my second climb I stopped for a break and snacks while the sun was shining but as soon as I started the rain. returned

I began to think what if I came across an I injured hiker.
then take end of rescue quad bike.
Afternoon same as morning
more big climbs shelter stay bear box

Finish 1468.1
Miles 16.6