Appalachian Trail Chores

I slept really well.But it was no good I need to do my chores.
First on the list Walmart. Google said that  it was a  22 minutes walk,so off i went and soon arrived at the store. I zipped up the aisles dropping stuff into my trolley. The problem with large stores like Walmart  is that the packs  are always far bigger than the amounts you actually needs only my want a so  you end up buying a big box .oh well.
I was pleased with my shopping . oh gas I need gas, typically they only  sell the medium size which is not a problem as it will last longer. Okay all done. Next my phone.
The lady in the phone dept. was really good and allowed me to try a Verizon sim, it gave us Wi-Fi but nothing else so I reluctantly went with AT&T
Once paid I made my way to a bin and discarded all the outer wrappings to make my shopping lighter for the walk back

In my shopping i had purchased 2 x 1.5 liter smart water bottles as these are the prefect  bottle  to carry as they  fit easily  into the side pockets of  your pack. But  why the hell did i not  pour the water away rather than struggling back  with  the weight !!!!!

As I got to the road I noticed that I had lost my necklace, bollocks but I was not going to stroll back to look for it, as it was a long way back to the hotel carrying my heavy shopping. I was so pleased when I finally arrived  back to my room..I put on the air con and collapsed on the floor.
Once revived I began to decent my food into zip-locks and then into my pack which began to grow in weight. Too much stuff Snail .too much.!!
Once done I re organised my bounce box before sealing it. Typically once sealed I came across more gear that needed to be inside it . bollocks I said to myself ,I  will just dump the excess gear.
OKAY post office, I put my bounce back into it’s suitcase and headed for the post office. As most people drive it was  not an easy walk.
I eventually arrived all sweaty and hot, passed over my box and other items paid the postage and then could relax


When you post an item in the USA

Maybe even take a Photo!!
I will explain about this later

My chores are now done apart from a shuttle I will do that later.
On the way back I decided  to explore the town as I really fancied a beer
Eventually I came across an Irish bar called Shenanigans. It sounded perfect to me and it was. My first beer was 7.5 % that’s rocket fuel for us Brits but god it was so tasty. I ordered some chips with bacon and salsa which was delicious. I chatted to several people at the bar as it was so friendly . So check out Shenanigans in Dahlonega a Great place.

once back at my hotel I arranged my shuttle, Appalachian trail here I come whoop.
I best have a  early  night


A long long day

I left my house at 7 am after giving my dog one last cuddle.
It was a yet another miserable morning as my son Fabian drove me to the bus station.i have to say my tummy had the butterflies. Down to the apprehension.
The coach soon arrived and I was heading to the airport. I dozed in and out as we made our way along the motorway.
Once at the airport I grabbed my bags and headed to the check in. I was hoping to check both of my bags in but as the second would have cost me £70 I took it with me. I thought that I had allocated my seat when I had booked, But apparently not. So I asked if I could possibly get an aisle seat. The desk assistant said that they may be able to do that as I board. Oh well not a major issue.
This is the worst bit .the hanging around watching the clock. I grabbed a sandwich, crisps and a drink and then settled back to clock watching.
“Boarding At gate 13 ” flashed the announcement .I didn’t hurry as it’s only a race to another boarding pen before the bun fight to get on to the plane. I showed my boarding pass and found a seat and began to relax almost dozing off until the Tanoy announced my name !!.I wandered back to the kiosk confused. But it was to update my seat brilliant
At last they are boarding. The Tanyo made various announcements that no-one could understand but gradually the room began to empty and soon I was too fighting me way up the aisle to my seat.. Luggage stowed I’m om let the fun commence.
We were soon airborne and armed with a set of headphones I began searching for what films I fancied watching. First the marvel film a so so film, followed by “The shape of water” Which i thought was amazing. After eating lunch with a few G&T’s i watched the Churchill film . Again another great film.I  put on another but must of nodded off  as I woke to Fernando the bull before we landed.
Atlanta I am here.. I followed the herd down escalator after escalator then corridor after corridor until at last immigration and OMG. The queues stretched for miles..
once in line I switched on my phone and received a torrent of pings as mail and texts arrived.
It was  with much sadness that I learnt my brother Robert or Bob to his friends had sadly passed away which was tragic. I will not go into the detail here but I was overcome with so much emotion, the excitement about this new adventure and the sadness and grief about loosing my brother.
Slowly the line shuffled forward, the clock slowly advancing, this would take at least an hour . As the desks become nearer, the officials began asking passengers about their visas. I had the type that allowed me to scan it. Argh why didn’t they say that earlier. I stepped out if line scared my passport and I was through.. When I say though. I mean through to the next queue that is passport control..
NEXT…… I walked up to the counter as he looked at me and my passport
What are you doing here Sir?
I have come to hike the Appalachian Trail.
How long are you staying ?
About six months I said.
When’s your flight back?
He then stamps my passport and I am HERE!!!
OKAY baggage reclaim next as I enter into the baggage reclaim hall there is a lonely bag circling that is mine. I Hoist it up onto my shoulder and then go in search of the Marta that is the train..After asking for directions I head outside and queue for the shuttle.
It’s a large queue so I think it will be several busses before I make it on.
At last I am heading for the domestic airport and the Train station . 2o mins later we arrive and the bus driver tells me where I should go.
OKAY I’m in the station. I need a ticket. I walk to the machine and gaze at it .it’s in English but makes no sense to me.its no good I seek assistance and soon have a ticket . I board the train that will take me to north springs that’s as far as I have organised. The journey lasts an hours a d so I begin the reply to texts and was about my brother.
Was I get closer to my stop I launch the uber app and book myself a car.i have not done this before so am a little nervous. But it’s booked a d the car will be here in 8 mins and cost $52. Sounds good to me as I’m now feeling weiry my phone tell me it’s midnight and it feels it.
Roger Roger a voice calls. It’s my ride..the journey to Dohlonega will take an hour and I need my bed. My driver is chatty and so the miles quickly pass by.
Here you are sir. I grab my gear give him too much of a tip but it’s late I am tired. I check in and grab my tent. Thanks so much Tartan.
I dump my stuff on my bed and left eye is sore and bloodshot I’m not happy about that hope it fixes itself. Okay I need a beer then bed. I wander around the town and find a Mexican bar restaurant. I ask onside if I could grab s beer.
Sure sir. I’m amused as I have to show ID
The waitress brings me a cold beer then asks if I fancy some nachos. Why not
I munch through my nachos and salsa what enjoy g my beer
I went to pay my card was declined that’s not good I’ll check that tomorrow .
My phone is going me it’s 3am and so night all