DAY 35 A day of two halves

18th May

I was up by 4.45 and on trail by 5 .30 well done me.

I had slept really well last night and with out a top on   steady lol.

So I just had my  top onto hike. 

The first part of the trail was okay and maybe i should have gone on. But then it began to climb a long long steady climb.  Nope couldn’t have done thst last night. And it was one of those climbs that once you start  there is no way to stop.

Okay climb done let’s push  on. There were several camp spots that looked used ,the occupants allready on trail.

The trail has been very well maintained by the club who look after it maybe a bit overboard with the cairns  lol

I pushed on but stopped as I could hear the bugling of elk but couldn’t see any thing.

As I made my way a long the trail I was surprised  on how dusty it was as my feet were kicking up huge plumes.. I passed through several old burns that always makes me sad.

Eventually I came to a gate the trail went right but there was s trail to the left. I followed this  as it led to an amazing view. Omg what a view of the valley  and the two section hikers  were camped here on the ledge .omg what a sweet  spot ,Seems neither of you sleep walk.i said

but epic spot. One of them  gave me a  mountain house ( freeze dried real foòd)  I  will savour that later. 

I pushed on it was a lovely trail.  At 9 am I stopped for my break   and  wow what a sight.  I had views of the whole valley

I sat here  for several minutes. 

Then it was down. Typicaly  steep  and slippery.  SO I  was slow. When I had completed the first part  I stopped again  to gaze at the amazing scenery  before  me..  I was just leaving when the boys caught me.  So I followed after them but had to keep stopping to video and take  pictures.  it took almost an hr to 

Zigzag down this mountain. But the views were incredible.lots of  cati were now in bloom making the mountain side even prettier 

Nearing the bottom  they stopped there was this really beautiful lizard I think geco but I’m a foreigner lol.

I was taking  so many pictures  I lost them   eventually catching  them  again as they were getting  water. It was a spring but no pipe so it neded to be filtered

When I had finished ,I washed out my socks. Shirt  and everything else that was handy. 

Then I poured water over my head omg that feels dso dam good . I pinned my washed socks to my  pack  to dry , then I  was ready.

I was just leaving when Energiser  appeared 

Snailtrainer you must have passed us early.  We chatted then I moved on 13 more miles to water  and its just 11 easy !!

I started well the weight of water not bothering me then I enter the canyon  and it was like  being under  magnifying  glass the heat unbearable. 

The next tree.. but there were none. There,there’s one  sat beneath  were the two sectionals.

I sat there  for 10 mins i really wanted longer. But miles have to be walked

ALL yours Snail

Eventually I set off across wide open plains but I couldn’t cope with the heat. I  spied a tree but there wasn’t  a lot of shade  so I  hung my tarp across and crawled in .I  watched other hikers pass safe beneath my shade. I stayed here for almost an hr before moving I swapped my shirt so it was open,may sun hat.dam  my sunglasses  have broke  dam I need them 

I pushed on but I was knackered I just cant hike in this sun

Fuck what you want me to climb up there!. This was like the Appalacian  trail a scramble up the side of a rock face and in sun

What really. Once  i had climbed up  and got my breath back I pushed on  and just around the next corner sat Uncle Sticks 

We chatted  for a while about  this  sun being  so brutal.

Are you  going to make water? He asked

No I replied  I m ready to camp  but want another break  but will try to do another hour.

I sat down in shade  for  a few minutes until  it cooled down okay 1 more hr

I pushed  on   trying not to look at my watch I had  a   few bumps to climb but nothing too taxing. Okay there .nope  but a little to my right was a small clump of trees.

I dropped my pack and began to level the  ground beneath the tree.

Then set up my tent. 

Once up I found a large rock and carried it back to my camp.cant beat a seat. Rather than sitting in the dirt.

I put my stove together and put on a brew whilst I inflated my mattress and  sorted my gear.

Oh tea it’s amazing how a cuppa can revive me.

Okay  my dinner,I have been looking forward to this all day.

I poured in the boiling water stired it sealed  the pouch and waited.

My view

Oh these meals are so so good. They are a bit expensive so normslly carry just one for a treat but havnt  seen any to buy

Well I did more miles than I thought  night all

Miles 19.5


Getting to Lordsburg

What a day Monday was.  I had my covid test booked at 9am so was up early.. the drive to the center was quicker than I expected

Due to it being half term. I enter  the testing g Centre,sat  down and was imeadity  swabbed by the nurse. I was done Nd now for the waiting.i nipped into town for a haircut before heading home.

But  I was  just  feeling a little  stressed. My result were due  before midnight and if I failed  there was no plan B..

I tried to make myself busy.  Took the bottles to the bottle bank.

Cut the grass, cleaned out the chickens,hoovered the lounge again. 

The wait was killing……

I arranged for several of my friends  to have  one last  beer at mine.

That was nice and helped take my mind off the dreaded test..

My friends left at 10 . So I checked my email one more time.Oh my god  my results are in and im good to go.

Time for bed  as my taxi  is due at 5 am

My alarm screemed get up.i we t down  stairs and flicked on the kettle. It was quite too quite as my dog is on holiday with my son.

There was a kock on the door…

My Taxi  was here. The driver  grabbed my  bags and I was on my way.I was leaving an hr earlier as there had been chaos  at the airports with some people missing their flights.

As we appproached the airport it did look calm.

Thak God I though..I paid the driver and made my way to Check  in.

Amazingly  there was no queue. As it did take a while to go through all the paperwork.  .

I walked though the lounge and found a Comfy  seat  lol and began my wait. The time seemed to go quickly and soo  I was boarding. 

I found my seat  and settled  in. But no one joined me so three seats to myself.  Result.

I caught up on two films  before my eyes  gave up.iwoke several hrs later to tackle my lunch. Much easier with the extra seats .

Okay more films to watch before landing.

Have to say border control seemed a breeze.I grabbed my pack  then  walked around the corner then rebooked it in,before heading to the gate of my next plane ..

Not sure what happened there but I  just missed my flight.  On the way to the gate A12  they changed it to A5. Luckily I’ve been able to get another  fingers crossed.

My flight to Tuscon was on time and allowed me to catch upon sleep.  Hopefully my bag will be safe. I found the baggage reclaim. Told the lady my name

 and my bag appeared  phew.

Ok greyhound next.but i needed a taxi.

Once at the greyhound  station I booked my ticket  and waited. I must admit i was not looking forward for another 3 hrs traveling .

The bus pulled in and it was rammed but imanaged tofind a seat. This bus is amazing its  been almost driving all day and was  finishing in Texas,wow. I managed to get some sleep but was worried in case I missed my stop. 

At 11.30 it pulled into Lordsburg. Okay which way. I’m sure it’s this way and headed towards the motor way. Once there I could see other motels that I had recognised.almost there.

I checked in. Dumped my gear stepped into the shower .then straight to bed.

Night all


Flights Booked

Hi everyone, it is Now 8th January 2022 and after having to cancel my hike of the cdt twice 2020 and 2021. I have now just booked my flight, God that was so stressful but now It is done

Got my dog sorted Tick,
House sorted Tick
other animals sorted Tick
so now it’s just me

OMG I am now so excited and can start booking and sorting out my first few weeks.
I am not one for planning. I tend to wing it, I find that more exciting,

My pack has been sat in the spare room for over two years, all packed and ready to go
so   the clock is now begging to count down
Sadly with covid and working from home a few, well a lot of pounds seemed to have on my body. Hopefully, the trail will soon take care of them. I am not a one for lots of training I tend to be couched to trail but start slow. I know it will be a tough few week.
So, it’s going to be will power and   stubbornness that will hopefully get me to the end

So, my Plan   I fly from London to Tucson… Then depending on how long I am stuck in immigration. I am hoping to get a bus to Lordsburg. Chill resupply send   my winter gear up trail.  Get a ride to Captain cook then start walking