DAY 103 mossie madness’ Bear!

July 25th

My arm went off I snoozed it , as I am going yo get up when the sun comes up.
So I did , at 6.30 I got up and inspected the damage to my house (tent).

The floor was waterlogged, Luckily I had stayed on my  mattress but my bag was damp.
I opened up my tent and stripped back the  fly then hung it on tree to drip dry. I wrung out my shorts , gloves and socks and did the same.
It was a slow get away, but I was in no hurry.
At last I was on trail, I finished the climb and was soon looking at amazing views wow!.  I stopped and stared before moving off.

The views all day were amazing.
I was dropping down into yet another gorgeous lake and watched the mist rising, but as I got nearer I laughed it was two backpackers and it was an actual  fire so it was smoke mot mist..(They too were trying to dry out)

I pushed on and decided the next water I was taking a break and  drying my gear.
As I dropped down I could hear voices and soon came across 3 trail workers  putting in a new path. I chatted for a  few minutes before moving off soon coming to a stream . Perfect I dropped my pack  then went for water. After I took off my tent roll and lay it all out  to dry in the sun, I was resting with a lady hiker came past “Special K”  and vanished off into the distance .

Once every was dry I set off . The afternoon had several large climbs and a biggy at the end of the day if I got that far ha ha
By now the sun was doing its best to roast me and the mossies to eat me.oh my god I have been bitten everywhere  and so itchy. 
I passed lake after lake all gorgeous, but the next lake i came too had its own beach nice.

As I stood there admiring it  Special k’s husband came by we chatted for a minute  then  he was gone. I meandered  along until I reached a  wide but shallow river. I sloshed across. Then stopped to top up water and take a break.

I was just chilling when special -K and Anvil repassed me they must have stopped for lunch
Refueling for the climb snail?
Yes less to carry up I laughed.
And yes it was a very steep climb  and hot as he’ll with numerous blowdowns to navigate over. 
I pushed on until 4pm when I needed another break, Okay only 5 more miles to the pass.
I wanted to do it but I was tired as I set off . I was just checking my map when Monk appeared, then Kid.
I took off after them, catching them at the next creek.
We chatted a while, Monk wanted more Mile’s so sped off, Kid was waiting for his partner Hot sauce and it wasn’t long until she appeared. 

I got water as I didn’t fancy the long 2.5  climb up. but still wanted to get a few more miles in.
I set off until I  found what looked like a perfect tent spot. I set up my tent and there was a suitable tree to hang too. So got out my line. Bit rusty but  it was soon over the limb.

I took the precation of eating away from my was sat on a suitable rock. 
I was drinking a cup of tea when I noticed a big black dog. As people pop up everywhere  I wasn’t  bothered.but then I realised it was a bear. He came lumbering towards me until I called out 

“Hey Bear”!

He then looked at me and sped off into the woods. Sadly my phone was being charged in my tent.
I finished cooking then hung my food bag.

No visitors  in the night  Zzzz




Day 102 Bear Moment and 30 miles

24th July
I slept so well enjoying a bit of a layin

and  woke feeling so pleased that I had a bit of a lay in. As i began to break camp hikers seem to be streaming past me.
i was just about to head off when i remembered that my memory card was full so it needed to change it.
I slung my pack onto my back and headed for the trail. Mm I thought its bloody cold. Yes it’s bloody cold.i know I am in the forest but its bloody cold. I need my gloves which  are at the bottom of my pack.
Note to self make sure gloves are in coat pocket
I walked on,  moaning to myself that my hands were cold and willing the suns rays to break through. .
Deer. Morning Dear I laughed to myself as she tried to hide behind a tree.
I can still see you I shouted, which stopped me thinking about my hands for a few moments .
Bear !!!!! there’s a bear  in front t of me a black bear

I cautiously looked around just in case mummy  was near, before slowly reaching for my camera. As i raised it he fled up a tree.
Brilliant for me as I could actually film him (or her) Again it is amazing how quickly these magnificent creatures can zip up a tree

A Bear

I filmed fir a few moments then let him be I was so so happy I’ve seen a few but have  never been quick enough or have frozen in panic
I felt so pleased with my self. I had to stop a little way down the path to check out the footage. Yes Omg its fantastic. Off I marched with a huge grin on my face..Further up the trail I passed two girls who were section hiking north. We said hello then I marched on. They later past me when I was taking Breakfast. At last the sun was out but I had forgotten about my cold hands after seeing the bear.
Water was my next chore. And as I got  near I could hear voices..Hi snail came a voice it was Turtle (torgue) one of the ladies who were hiking together from the Tarzan get together. Her friend sadly had to
drop out due to bad blisters. But hopes to. be back..There were two other new hikers both wearing the same trainers as me cool and also Hi-robiics was there I met her in Ashland the other day.
As I went to get water Rock steady arrived. He has  been poorly in Ashland for several days.we said our hellos then off I went
The trail seemed busy today leapfrogging other hikers  and meeting other day hikers coming the other way.

Soon it was lunch time. And I stopped to chill and eat  . Several hikers passed me  but I’d probably catch them   later
Time to walk  well walk if you can call it that. I spent the whole of the afternoon climbing over or around or crawling under trees.i would say over 50 some took some getting over ,.I know the Pct is maintained by volunteers but. Guys  its knackering. .At last the  trail headed down and I could get some speed up but every few yards there was another tree then it was climbing time I wasn’t really looking at my mileage   as the climbs were steep .but wow again some fantastic scenery as I was staring  Hi-robiics came past she was fast and was soon gone.
The terrain began to get rough similar to yesterday but no path and different rock. .This brought my pace to a halt. Typical I was tired my legs ached a  now this   I plodded on looking for a nice place to take a break. I sat in the shade ate a snack and  chilled.  My goal today was 22 miles. Yes that will do  Then Rock steady past me .see you up  the trail
I set off again I had enough water to dry camp but more would be nice
I was climbing again fantastic views but I was tired .But up I still went higher and higher across narrow paths and  higher. Down would be good I said to myself eventually I crossed over the saddle At last  yes it was down and hopefully water and camp .down the switchbacks I went but slowly as it was very loose gravel down and down spiralling down
Then through a small forest and hurrah water , I filled both bottles  and look there is a campsite. But then I thought it’s only 5 pm I can do another hour at least so off I wandered down  the trail. The sun was warm and I was feeling good  plenty of time I said to myself. I must of zoned out as I was moving and soon ping it was 6 pm. I checked my GPS OMG i ve done 26 miles.I think I can do 30 miles again so I went for it

Come on Snail trainer 2 x 30 miles in a row you can do this
I pushed on and  on  the miles were flying. I passed Rock steady  who was camped up. I   shouted at him I’m on for another 30 and zoomed by . Typical the terrain now got Shitty but I was in the zone and raced on hoping there  would be a great campsite just past my target.  Come on I said as I checked the GPS half a  mile to go then yes i’ve done it again whoop whoop whoop
Two 30 miles. In two days  I walked on a little further so pleased with myself then made camp