Day 121 The Bridge of Gods

12th August
I woke early too early and then dozed till 7 am .I wandered off to the park to have a last shower. God those showers are good really powerful. I put my shorts on and air-dried the rest of me .before wandering along the river bank. As I walked back I came across  Endure another Brit. .he was still waiting for his shoes to arrive at the post office.  I called into the garage and grabbed a coffee before heading back to Shrek’s.

I began to pack up god why do I always have so much stuff .I emptied my tent onto the picnic bench and began to sort again .do I really need this. I dumped rubbish and extra food I put into a hiker box. Hats looking better I said to myself. I had no switched back to my bigger pack so everything now fitted in :0)
I still had a box unopened so I took it to the post office to bounce.
Once back at Shrek’s I dropped my tent tied it too my pack and I was good to go. Strange Bird was cooking more hash browns so I joined him for the left overs and lion King then appeared with coffee.
I caught up with my blog then I had to go. I hoisted my pack onto my pack said goodbyes and strolled out
I just wanted some cheese and bits then I was good to go. As i crossed the road I met two hikers coming from the post office. so gave then a quick run through of shreks, the best pubs the laundry where the loos and showers were.
Okay Washington here I come as i headed towards the bridge.
The toll booth lady greeted me like an old friend  and high fived me told me I didn’t have to pay and wished me luck

Bridge of Gods

I stopped and took a few photos before striding out. Now I was so looking forward to this crossing but as I walked. Out I was almost frozen to the spot with fear! It was fairly and the road was mesh meaning that you could look right down into the river below.
OMG I clutched the hand rail tightly and my poles with the other and sort of shuffled across and it was a long way I had to stare straight ahead. I must of looked stupid at last I could see the other side and began to relax my grip on the handrail and enjoy the last few metres whoop whoop I’m now in Washington.

I crossed the road and joined the trail. If I didn’t know better I could have said I was on an English overgrown footpath. It was covered in brambles. Stinging nettles. And those plants with the large balls that get stuck in your clothes and hair and other common English weeds. At last the trail was cut back and wide as. Began to climb. I knew it was going to be a tough day with lots of climbing and of course a full heavy pack
But I was feeling great only 480 miles to go thank you all for all your encouragement and comments. I wasn’t sure if I could get halfway

I’m almost there so thank you again everyone .I really appreciate it.
The wind began to pick up then there was a bright flash. Looks like I might be getting wet. Then there was an almighty BANG!!! which scared the shit out of me the thunder was so loud then it echoed all-round the valley OMG…..I pressed on as fast as I could as I was climbing up hill and would be all day .luckily I was in trees so I was staying fairly dry. But I stopped to put on my packs rain jacket and mine .I find I get just as wet with my jacket on as I just sweat
I pushed on for three hours before having to stop for a was a nice spot I could camp here but it was only 4 pm I do another hour I said to myself and hoisted my pack onto my back. The rain had stopped but I was still getting soaked from all the plants up and up I went this bit was steep then great my favourite terrain ROCK. I stumbled over it and then some more and then some more .well I can’t camp here. Come on flat spot as my watch pinged 5 pm nothing then more rock to navigate around but this was a long stretch click clack my feet went as I walked over the stone. I was now tired, heavy pack, uphill and soaked .Oh a tent. I first thought it was Da-Vinchi but it was a couple. Would you mind if I was to join you?
The guy was from New Zealand she was Australian but lived in the USA.
I put up my tent and enjoyed a nice cup of tea. Then made dinner
then a familiar face appeared on the trail it was Foxxy. We chatted a while he had spent a few days in Portland
and had a new pack. Then he was off .he was trying to finish the climb tonight. I will finish it tomorrow.
Then Bed


Day 120 Another Zero and Resupply

11 August
I woke early and wandered down into town to use the facilities then got a drink from the garage before heading.  back  Big juice was still asleep. So I began sorting through my gear .
Eventually strange bird woke and began cooking breakfast on a electric grill .He made hash browns and pancakes which were delicious especially covered in maple syrup
Eventually Big sauce emerged well we were going for breakfast at 8 am it was now almost 11.
I went to the post office with my tent and gear that I had mailed at the beginning of the trail plus all my spare kit.the cost was $ 100 bucks to Canada omg !!!

In hindsight it would have been cheaper to post it back to the UK

I walked back with several postal boxes Big sauce was getting ready to head out and the temperature was beging to rise.
I built the boxes and filled them with food for the four towns. Strange bird was heading to walmart with Lion King did I want to come?

My Resupply for Washington

Well yes  but I also  wanted to get my resupply boxes posted. So off to the post office again the box to Canada  $50 bucks the others $40..
All done so then to the store to grab some bits for lunch .Whilst in the store I bumped into Timberline and his wife.we chatted for a while then I headed back to Shreks to chill and eat lunch its almost a 100°
I’m heading out tomorrow early. Its too hot and forecast storms for later
I sat  in the shade and relaxed  drinking my beer and munching my sandwich i received an email from Da-vinchi, he was in town so I went to find him for  for a beer.
We ended up at the brewery , sat by the river, chilled as we watching the boats

A Beer with my Mate Da Vinchi

Day 119 Zero in cascade locks

10th August
I slept really well but needed the loo
As Shrek has no facilities I had to wander down to the garage
The town was hosting a half marathon so it was a festive atmosphere.
After my garage break I wandered off to the laundry to check how much it was .The owner was there and he gave me change  and a packet of powder
I headed back to my tent to get my dirty clothes, passing tartan and his son heading the other way .Snail  we have soap great I said I. Just getting  my clothes. I rejoined them several minutes later and dumped my dirty clothes into the machine .They were all brand new machines. So washed my clothes really well .we all sat together chatting and passing time as our clothes now dried.
We wandered back together. I wanted to hitch to the next  town to buy some jeans to wear home so was trying to find if any stores sold Levis in Hood River. Strange bird said well I have to go to Portland later to pick up some hikers  I’m sure we can get some there!!!
Brilliant I said what time you going ?
He’s going lunch time so I decided to go to the park get a shower. $2 but what a fantastic shower..I air dried in the sun then wandered over to the marathon finishing line to be noisy. It was a great carnival atmosphere .I was given a free water bottle and entered several competitions. As I made my way back I bumped into Ridge runner and.   another Brit, we chatted for a while .
I made my way back to Shrek’s where Strange Bird was ready to go.we drove off passing a large dam hen followed the Colombia river, wow its a very wide river.

Driving Into Portland

Strange bird then spotted a store that should sell my Jeans  so we pulled in  great  two pairs acquired and a back to the road As we approached Portland  strange bird spotted s hiker so we picked him up.he was from Vancouver so I said great I may need a place to. Stay.
Your most welcome he said so that great if I need it .
We dropped him off in town. Then went to find our hikers .they were supposed to be at the we parked and sat at a cafe to wait with a cold beer.
Strange bird calls out Hiker Trash to my amazement its Hirobics, Hendrick and half & half we laughed  as we keep coming across each other

Snailtrainer, Hirobics, Hendrick and Half & Half
Snailtrainer, Hirobics, Hendrick and Half & Half

On the way back, Strange bird dropped them back by the bridge as they were heading straight out  .
As I got out of the car at Shrek’s the heat hit  me it was 100° phew and when i opened up my tent it was like an oven inside .
i had just finished sorting my gear when Big sauce appeared OMG  What the he’ll are you doing here. He had taken a week off to go to a wedding  and now was back on trail.
Once he was set up we both went shopping I was buying for 25 days
And will post 4 boxes up the trail

Foxxy & Snail

Back at Shrek’s I organised my shopping into drops while enjoying a few beer that sauce had brought
Then we went for a few beers at the bar to finish off the evening

Big Sauce

Day 118 Cascade Locks

9th August
It seemed to be a race between who woke up first or rather the sound of whose tent zipper moved first
At last I was up, I chatted to the ladies for far too long before before realising that i needed to get more water, then i could hit the ttail.

I was told that it was down all the way to Cascade Locks, and they were not lying as the first part of the trail was very very steep
Down and down i went almost falling, as  it was that steep. I then came to  a small falls  beautiful. I stayed  for several minutes before moving on.
It wasn’t that long before I came to another falls. Not huge  just really pretty  beautiful , I pushed on smaller falls joining  other falls to make  the large river which flowed down the trail

I passed by many day hikers  and  section hikers coming the other way as I followed the river. As I got lower the trail had many campsites, several with tents the river is now flowing over large flat rock planes. It looks fantastic and then small falls become larger and larger until it drops over and down into a gorge the trail is backed by a solid rock wall and there is a handrail which I sometimes needed. I stared at the falls for sometime before dragging myself away. I  carried on down the trail then turned a corner and OMG there was a magnificent falls and this one you can walk behind .Its name tunnel falls.its high but you can get so close as you walk behind it.The sound is deafening but wow what a sight.

eventually I drag myself away and carry on down the trail which  is now getting busier.Nice smelling people are passing me by.
I am surprised how busy the trail is  considering the trail head is six miles away. But this is a big tourist spot,as i’m walking I can hear lot of noise down in the canyon. I look over and there are about dozen people who are canyoning .This is when you float down the falls and rapids in a wet suit . It’s crazy nuts lol!!!!!
I  crossed a bridge called the high bridge yes it is high . The river runs beneath a very long way down  .I am now being passed by even more people, families,large groups of teenagers .The main  draw seems to be a place called the  punch bow la large swimming hole many feet below . I haven’t a clue how you get to it,but I could see loads of people swimming and hear their laughter.
I carried on down the trail, the  trail head  cant  be far  then i could see parked cars  , great this  must be  it The parking lot was packed as i walked through looking for a place to sit and  take five . I found a spot and  sat  down sat down with my pack. I had barely taken off my pack when i heard a  a voice say.Are you a PCT hiker?
Why yes I am  I said.
Do you want a ride to town?
Yes please. I put my pack in the boot and got in.he had a cold box of soda,water and beer. I  choose a beer.
Shrek’s or the park?  SHREK’S please .(Shrek is a trail angel) I said as I have  several boxes there.

Shreks Place

We soon arrived .I got my pack  out and  put it on the grass. SHREK  was away but a guy was looking after the place showed me around. Then the guy who gave me the ride asked if I wanted to see the park,so we drove there .He showed me where to camp if I wanted to, and the  showers etc.
By the park is a micro brewery so he asked if I had time for a beer!!!
Me time for a beer lol yes of course. It was such a a great place a perfect location. We sat in the sun  looking at the Columbia River with a beer Perfect
We had another then he dropped me back to Shrek’s .I put up my tent then asked if I had any packages? I did Indeed. I had 8 boxes,my bounce original stuff I sent from the trial on day tent and  all the other  spare kit I had posted  from the trail plus a few nice things  from home 🙂
It took me a while to sort and condense, i managed to get it  most of it in one  large box that I will send to Canada then home.
Right sorted I then decided to check out the store. As I got there I met Foxxy we did a tub of ice cream each, then went to check out the  other brewery  and get lunch. I had a scrumptious burger washed down with a beer or two. We  both left full and fat,i went back to my tent to organise my stuff. As I was chilling in the sun Tartan and his son mike arrived,we spent the next minutes taking the Mickie out of each other .later Liverpool Paul arrived,i hadn’t seen him for several months so again we caught up on gossip.
Later we went to the bar for another beer or two and I had plate of  nachos which was enormous. We were both chatting away when Ninja tank arrived. He had met his parents in cascade locks and now joined us for Beer.
We chatted for several hours before it was time to call it a night

Day 117 Ramona Falls

8th July
I had turned off my alarm  so I  was curious to see what time I would wake. I lay awake from 6.30 just dozing listening to the birds and wind. The sun was up and I could feel the heat through the tent, its no  good I need to move
I soon packed up and tried to leave but i couldn’t find a trail out  I was sort of in a maze. I went this way dead end I went that way dead end last I found the trail or rather the paradise trail that should meet the PCT.

BUT WOW this trail went through some spectacular meadows and as I climbed the views were amazing. Mountain tips poking out from low clouds and to my left Jefferson  in the middle hood and to my tight mount Helen sand Adams wow.
This landscape is just awesome OMG Awesome.

I began to go down and eventually emerged back on the Pct  .fantastic
I passed several day hikers who were on their way to Timberline. I began to follow a creek that bubbled and roared as it made its way down the gorge.  At last I exited into sunlight but the roar of water was even louder. In front of me was another fast flowing river that  came from mount Hood, again the waters were white and fast this time I didn’t hesitate I ploughed straight through it was deep cold and very fast and I almost slipped even though I had kept my shoes on. Phew I said to myself
I was on the other side that was rocky and sandy. I followed the trail but somehow lost it as I was now at a dead end.i backtracked but still couldn’t find it Bugger . I walked back further then spotted a pile of stones a Pct marker .i’m back on  trail   then I came to a crossroads I decided to take the alternative route that passes by  Ramona Falls

Wow the falls are amazing they drop from a basalt pillar I stood in wonder  for a few minutes took several photos then continued on this trail again will rejoin the Pct.As I travelled on about a dozen or so day hikers came past me all smelling of “Clean”  most had gone on via the Ramona Trail head.i pushed on and on till I came to another swollen glacier  river but luckily there was a fallen tree over this one.
Once across the  trail began to climb sharply   up and up and up then switchbacks back and forth and up and up .I needed a break so found a nice log to sit on .I dropped my pack then half filled my cup with huckleberries  then added cereal really bloody tasty. Then back to the climb .Every now and then mount hood would reappear. It is an amazing mountain and I can’t help but stop and stare at it. But I need to walk so off I go
I pushing on  when I walk into John hes flip-flopping  around on the trail and is now heading southbound. He updates me on my fellow hikers progress and where they are.  Cheers John and a way I go further up the trail is some trail magic a ice box but sadly all empty. I sign the register and notice Tartan is ahead, I may catch him .I cross over the next trail head and about a dozen weekend hikers are just beginning their hike
I quickly pass them  then run into Tartan and his son getting water.   Hiya Tartan .hi ya Snail  we chat for a while  then i’m on my way as i’m trying to crunch miles .I need  to speed up but this section is a roller coaster up and down and up and down and i’m now feeling tired. I catch up with more hikes from the same gang and quickly pass them,then i see two hikers , who are putting up hammocks they look very comfortable.As I hike on, I meet the guy who has organised the hikers we chat for a while. He asks me what mile i am shooting for. I explained I go to 6.30 then look for a flat spot then I check my mileage.
But really I wanted to get to 38   but it was getting late and I was tired.
6 pm  and still  4 miles to go will I make it ? Or shall I stop..No I can do this do I pushed on.i was soon on the ridge with fantastic views all around.
I can see mt St Helen’s, mount Adams and mount  Rainier Whoop whoop I shouted .I am not far now come on snail I shouted at myself. I dropped down and into a forest and yes I was here. As I walked into the trail head I noticed two ladies sat at a picnic bench   .I asked  were they staying they said yes.Do you mind if I stay too?
I put up my tent i then began to unwind and  cook dinner
Then a third lady joined them with a dog  it was mother and two daughters. They had hiked from crater lake and were finishing in cascade locks
I ended up joining them for dinner , they all had  a great sense of humour and so we laughed  a lot as we ate and chatted
The three of them and the dog were sleeping in a tiny tent and there was just me in my huge tent lol. We chatted for hours until it was dark  and then it time for me to turn in
But I couldn’t help but smile when they all attempted to get in the tent with the dog , Once in they giggled away for hours

Day 116 Timber line lodge

7th Aug

Get up get up my alarm was shouting at me
Reluctantly I was out of my bag by five am and I was walking by 5.45
I was heading for breakfast at Timerline  and yes it was up hill
I trudged up through the forest for almost an hour then out into a clearing and wow in front stood the very impressive mount Hood

Omg amazing ..I carried on up but the trail was sandy and soft so going was tough but I was getting nearer to the lodge .I turned the next corner and behind me was mount Jefferson and in front was Hood it is just mind blowing .over the crest of the hill I could see the lodge what an impressive  building. Built in wood in the 50’s I think and was the backdrop to the Shinning. Scary!!!!

I made my way up to the impressive wooden doors just inside was ridge runner.hiya I said then made my way upstairs..Freedom was there  too. I took off my pack and went and got coffee. Mm the coffee was good so I had another . breakfast was at  7.30   and as much as you can eat for 15 bucks ..Bargain.
Shredder arrived and Wilm so we got a table for six.the waitress served me a bucket of coffee and then it was time to attack the buffet..There were waffles  pancakes. eggs  ham.sausage .cheese yogurts, fruit every thing we all munched on  and on and on then Foxxy arrived to join the fun.coffees were topped up juices drank and plates cleared but we are hardcore PCT hikers and we were not yet back and forth we went until I was ready to explode. .

It was a fantastic buffet and we all left much heavier than when we arrived. I chose to relax a little in the lounge with my iced water and let my food digest while my phone charged.
I wanted to try their ales but they were not open yet.while relaxing a guy who I met on the trail came up to me .he was coordinator for the lodge . We talked for ages and he gave me some tips on places that I should see on the trail or side trail. and advice on some kit that I needed. I managed to order that on line as what a fab signal .I also managed to update my blog fantastic. I thought a few of the guys were going to help me drink the beer but they needed to move on.

I sat in the Rams Head bar and tried a few beers the first ice axe was a lovely IPA but it was 7% and served in 24 oz glass great lol I then tried a Canadian IPA and a  golden IPA all 5%.  Whilst admiring mount Hood through the was no good I better get out of here..oh great I can post my cards here that I gave carried for almost two weeks lol. well I needed a post office. So the cards are on there way from Timberline that I brought at Crater Lake.
I just needed the loo when I bumped in Davinchi SNAIL I heard a voice say
It was so good to see him so I ended up having another beer with him and his girlfriend .we caught up on the gossip and put the world to rights. But I needed to leave Right i’m off. then I walked straight into Darwin.
Snail you having a beer……. id love too but its now 5 pm and i be been here since 7 am  I have got to. Get out of here.

Getting Nearer

At last i made my way out of the complex and headed back to the trail it was a glorious summers evening and the trails were busy with visitors. Skiers. Snowboarders and other hikers. I pushed on id be lucky to get five miles in lol but tomorrow is another day.i chatted to many walkers and several told me I should camp in paradise camp a loop trail off of the PCT so I took the trail it was very beautiful with the  flowers in the meadows and mount hood behind
I found a great spot put up . my tent and decided that I had had a great day even though my mileage was very very low

Day 115 Heading to Timber Line

6th Aug
Not sure if its been that volcanic rock or the road walk but my right knees is  a little tender . I slept well but didn’t want to leap out of bed, eventually I emerged and packed up hitting the road just gone seven
I was pleased that it was cool with a gentle breeze as I plodded up the road ,this was a 21 mile road detour. I wasn’t quite sure how much of it I had covered last night but the remainder was waiting for me.
This road seemed to go on forever well it probably did as every corner  that i rounded the road snaked away .As I got to the top of one hill it ran away to another, I said a few rude words and pounded on.
I pounded that road hour by hour, its going to be a long  long day. I met a hiker coming the other way hi ya ..She was a Sobo  I wished her luck and returned to the crappy road plod plod plod another hour pinged by then another ping,right breakfast. I slurped  down water then munched my cereal, but the road was still there staring at me.
Okay road I shouted I put in my ear buds turned up the volume hit the road and zoned out ,as I was coming down one hill the amazing Mount Hood appeared in front of me bloody wow.
Its an another amazing mountain. .soon I was nearing the trail head hurrah.
At last I am back on the soft warm trail. Whoop. I almost ran into a pair of section hikers as I was laughing to myself.
I pushed on until I came to another huge lake, Timothy Lake, its man made but its vast with crystal blue waters. The trail follows it for many miles there were several boats moored along its shores.
The trail suddenly grew busier with day hikers, walkers with their dogs many several people on horse back.
I stopped at a creek and filled up with water and decided to also wash my socks. I put on clean and tied my washed ones to my pack to dry.

The trail is lined with huckleberry bushes which makes my hiking slow as i have to keep stopping every few yards to fill my gob with these tasty berries
I was busy chatting to another family, when shredder and Freedom passed by
Catch you later guys
I set off after them, soon catching them as they had stopped for lunch, I waved as i passed and marched off singing stupid song’s very loudly till my throat hurt. I was enjoying this part of the section when I recognised a hat  atop a resting hiker It was Timberline,
Hi mate I said stopping for a chat , he asked about my time in Bend. I told him of the great hospitality that I enjoyed and chilled out time.
We  hiked on together for several hours before I needed a break.
Timberline was camping several miles on at some lakes. I wanted to try and get to a place called Timberline so I could eat the buffet breakfast in the morning.
It was 12  more miles, I was hoping to get at least 4 miles from it.
I set off again, ear buds in music up, high full speed ahead.
I was completely zoned out until shredder crept up behind me and scared the shit out of me !!!
Thanks MATE !!! BASTARD !!
How far you going snail asked shredder.
I plan to do 1 more hour unless a camp spot appears first so will see you for breakfast

I watched them go as they are much faster than me . I crossed over a busy road and then the climbing started. Bugger, I don’t think i’m going to find a flat spot up there. Oh well and pushed on
Now and then i caught a glimpse of Mount Hood through the trees,a magnificent mountain covered in snow..
Up and up I went, nowhere for a tent especially not my tent. My watch pinged I had done my extra hour and still nowhere for my tent. Up and up Will that do ?, No not really and pushed further up
Okay i was now tired i spied a spot , It was a bit of a compromise but I was exhausted so it will have to do.
Tent up, not that level but i’m tired. I had just brewed up when Wilm came by .I told him shredder & Freedom were about an hour ahead.
See you for breakfast I shouted
And beer Wilm shouted back.
Breakfast is at 7 am .
I’ll be there I shouted back.
I drank my tea and ate supper the cup of tea tasted delicious so I had another
OMG I just checked my mileage I have done 35 miles is that right. Must of been that uneventfully crappy road walk lol. okay bed I have to be up early to get to breakfast bit like beer legs lol

Day 114 Olallie lakes


5 Aug
Slept like a log, too well as I didn’t want to get up …
I fired up my stove made tea then packed up and was on the trail by 7.
First chore  finish the climb from yesterday with fresh legs,as I began to climb I could see that I was heading  into snow.
This could be fun I said to myself.
Higher and higher I went encountering many drifts  that needed crossing, luckily as it was early  the snow was hard.
Once at the top ,the views were spectacular, On the other side several very wide snow fields lay ahead.

Time for Bed

Oh well I thought here goes,  I began to make my way across the first one, but kept stopping to take photos. Behind me in the distance another hiker appeared, although I couldn’t see who it was until she got closer. It was freedom. We crossed the next field together but as Freedom walks like a gazelle  I couldn’t keep up so decided to let her go as I was in No rush  and enjoy taking in the scenery.
I was standing staring when Shredder appeared .
Hiya snail
We walked together for a while catching up on the gossip until I needed a leak!.
Catch you at Olallie  lakes

Funny my maps were telling me its mainly downhill today but I am still climbing and I was puffing a little I checked my watch almost four hours must be time for breakfast
I ate cereal and rested, I was just about to start when Wilm caught me
See  you at Olallie lakes and Get the beers in.
Okay snail he shouted as disappeared off into the distance
I plodded on  stopping every now to eat blueberries  yummy.
I finally arrived at the lakes. Sitting at the picnic bench was Foxxy, Shredder, Freedom. Wilm  and another lady.
I grabbed some beers and relaxed for an hour. The lady in the shop treated us to a whole fresh Pineapple. Grapes. french Beans so tasty.
The next part of the Trail was closed due to Forest fire so the diversion was a long road walk of 21 miles. Road walks are tough on the feet but it was the only option.
I walked out with Foxxy, It was a soft dirt road at first, but eventually became tarmac. We walked along but as the time ticked  by my knee began to hurt ,that’s not good
Eventually we came to a turn off and here was a water cash for us hikers.
I filled up as the next flat spot I come to would be my camp. I walked with foxy for over an hour until the perfect spot for me appeared.

Maybe i will see you at Timberline Foxxy
I cleared the ground then my tent was up  As I was getting organised I heard voices on the road. It was freedom, Shredder and Wilm I thought that they were ahead but they had been swimming. See you up the trail guys  then i watched them leave.
I made my diner then straight to bed

Day 113 Shall we climb ?


4th Aug
Well what a night I just couldn’t sleep as  it was like Piccadilly circus outside my tent with deer. Not sure if it was the same two going round and round or a deer party.  But I counted  down the hours ill be getting up soon grrrrr
Bing bing bing it was 5 am right im getting up ..I put on my stove and made tea as I packed up and I was on the trail by six.yeah come on snailtrainer  lets do some miles.i bounded off down the trail as I knew I would have a fair bit of climbing to do
The sun was trying to rise but due to all the smoke from the forest fires it was a eerie light.. I made my way through a burn area,the next climb was awful because the rain had washed away the trail due to the burn killing the vegetation that holds the trail together. The tread was awful, littered with rubbish, stones, bark, sticks  and with many fallen trees progress was slow and torturous.
Bloody hell I  kept saying as I stumbled  time and time again. It was so frustrating aaaaaahhhh.
Soon I was high enough to see across the valleys, still smoky and hazy but you could at least see the mountains which were amazing .
I marched on until i reached a lake and filled up with water there was one tent at the other end of the lake but I couldn’t recognise the owner
After breakfast I tried to speed up as I had lost so much time on the climbs.
But the trail was still  heading up but at least I had a nice gentle breeze I passed several weekend hikers  and then I came to the trail closures but they were not very clear well lit would be nice to have you are here . as its quite difficult trying to match my map with theirs. But I was sure I had it right so set off. several hours later I saw a familiar face just about ready to hit the trail.It was Foxxy he doesn’t normally rise till lunch time but then hikes into the night.we hiked together for several hours before I stopped for lunch.
May see you at Timber Line Lodge I called
After lunch I pushed on but the miles were just not falling today bugger.
I then came to a raging  creek It was bloody scary.i walked up and down for several minutes trying to find a safe place to cross. This is glacier water and is milky white so you can’t see the bottom so you don’t know how deep.okay snail I took out my phone and put it in its water proof bag .Then off with my shoes and socks.
Right i am ready I gingerly stepped into the raging water it was bloody freezing and fast the force almost taking my feet away. I really don’t like this I slowly moved one foot along testing the depth with my poles .At last I was across. I sat on rocks letting the sun dry my  feet and letting mmy heart slow down lol.


When crossing ranging rivers streams , always cross below rocks and boulders, This way you cant get pinned against the Rocks

Right lets go as there was still a lot of UP to go and now the mossies appeared but  In force .I had deet on but then I had just waded through a river so its probably washed off.
I had to stop and reapply before I was eaten ..After that I took more photos of these fantastic mountains. But it was now 6.i hadn’t done the mileage I wanted  ill go to seven pm  but after another hour of climbing I called it a day. Bloody hell as I tried to put tent I was mobbed by mossies. Bug net on  .looks like im cooking tent.Not very  safe but the only way
Tea made now hot chocolate then zzzzz

Day 112 A perfect zero in Bend

3rd August

Well what a fantastic sleep although my built in trail alarm clock woke me at 6 am .but so lovely to doze  knowing that I don’t have to get up..I heard  Sid and Gail moving around upstairs
Then silence I dozed till  8.30 till needing to get up for a wee.
I went upstairs Gail had left me a note saying help myself to anything
I made tea then went and  sat on the mac. My blog is up to date and photos whoop my face book is up to date whoop so I was feeling very pleased with myself  .I uploaded some  video and more photos.  I was hungry so went and made myself a sandwich grabbed an apple and another cuppa  tea.I then tried to ring my girlfriend back home in the UK
Bugger voice mail oh well I left her a message.
I then rang my mum . She was so pleased to hear from me aw bless..I then rang my girlfriends mobile .hurrah. we chatted   briefly then she rang me back. We chatted for about 10   minutes caught up on gossip  lovely to hear her voice. It made my day

I then went and organised  some bits and pieces. Ordered a new copy of yogis book to take home with me  .ordered a new shirt on line as my white one has had it,then compared a few prices of kit  from USA to Uk
The jet boil here is $100 which equals £40 but in the uk its £130 which would equal $250 Why do we Brits pay so much  .
Then Sid and Gail arrived home and  complained I hadn’t eaten enough lol
Sid  then produced the largest punnet of blueberries I had ever seen that I i promptly waded through. Several cups of coffee later it was time to hit the trail. I packed up then Gail proceeded to give me more food, two burritos. Several cheese straws and a packet of spiced mango yummy. I took their photos hugged them both    I tried to give them money but they wouldn’t take any not even for fuel. I was then driven to the high way.i thanked Sid again. Then took my stance on the road it was about 20 minutes but Jed dropped me all the way to the trail head
He was so interested in doing the PCT
I told him he should save and do it
And do it now  before life gets in the way.
I thanked him for the ride and hit the trail it was 3.30 .I  wasn’t going to  go far especially as it was up for 5 miles I zoned out and pushed on ,stopping now and then to admire the view or say hi to hikers coming down.
As  I was taking a photo Wilm caught me up hes from Holland and very chilled. We  leapfrogged each other for the rest of the day. As I climbed the views were amazing but very hazy due to forest fires   SCARY!!!
It was now getting late a flat spot please.i then passed Wilm getting water I gave him a lighter as he had mislaid his, I  then pushed on and was followed by several deer. Funny I hadn’t seen any for days .Great a flat spot as I went to drop my  pack I spotted two tents so went to say hi
It was snow cone and purp  don’t ask lol
I set up my tent then ate my scrumptious burritos  ,cheese and mango then joined the girls for a few Jameson’s  then back to my tent for tea and I chatted to Wilm before turning in
Hey there are to deer outside my tent  lol night