DAY 151 Heading to East Glacier day 3 Lion!

Sep 10th 

My alarm went off but it was F**King  freezing so I silenced them until at least 6.30..
But even then I was still cold I opened the inner flaps of my tent and the outside door was frozen omg that is cold. I unzipped it and looked out Every where was white…Brrrrrrr.
A thick frost covered the grass

I slowly woke up afraid to get out of my bag as it was -5 omg  that’s cold. I packed up as quickly as I could as my tea boiled.
I needed my puffy on today that’s three layers, I haven’t worn 3 layers in a while and my second layer is much thicker than the one I had started with.
Okay we are out of here..I pushed on  not wanting to stop to film until I could at least feel my hands. I headed up slightly then through some woods. Its typical on the next morning you come across numerous campsites far better than the one I choose yesterday…typical  ha ha.
I pushed on once again the trail was fairly flat but due to the cold I had a late start so that will cost me miles today but hey I’m not in a race and I can almost smell Canada .
I wound myself  around several hills before dropping down in a burn area. I guess I walked almost 3 hours through this maybe more and as most of you have seen burn areas there wasn’t too much filming to do. After 2 hours I came to my first creek once across I decided to stop as i needed to remove my puffy.

I grabbed a bottle of water but as it was too cold and so my steripen  didn’t like it. So I didn’t bother to filter .It tasted so good and ice cold.
Okay  let get those miles. I headed off again still in the burn but after another hour I needed to remove my second layer as I was roasting


F**kup!!! Somehow when I hiked away I left  my bear spray sitting on a rock.. I knew I would do it sometime  and today was it. 


As I came out of the burn, below  was a huge beautiful  lake (most are) I began to head down via switch backs and was soon near to it .but  didn’t go to look. As I passed by I noticed several tents  sweet spot I said to myself.
Okay I will grab water  at the next stream.  The stream soon appeared it was when I dropped my pack that I noticed that my bear spray was missing. Could it have dropped off  ? No I don’t think I attached it at my last stop. 

So I said lots of FFFFFFF  word. It was too far to go back and so was really annoyed with myself .
Oh well I  will have to be extra clean and careful at camp later.
Okay lunch time.  It was a while until I found a suitable  spot as I wanted to dry my tent also.
There. I dropped my pack  and undid my tent roll laying out the fly and groundsheet. 
It was lovely sitting in the sun. 
I made some soup and ate summer sausage and a few snacks as my kit dried in the sun. 
Jules appeared hey why are you not in front?  And don’t suppose you picked up a bear spray??
No to bear spray and he’s been doing side trails.
Okay no probs, stay safe I said as he headed off
He was soon gone. 
Okay all dry time to head on. 
After lunch I spent most of the afternoon meandering through forests which was mostly overgrown. I love to come through it with a big hedge cutter but they don’t allow mechanical machinery in the forests. Seems dumb to me as there is so much trail to maintain.

I plodded  on then in front of me 

OMG  FUCK!!!!!!!



By the time it had registered in my brain. I had grabbed my phone .found camera then video then pulled out my can of my Banana Boat sun screen ( for protection)
He had moved a little  we both looked each other and as my phone is so scratched took a while to press record  but I got  him a bit out of focus and much further away than when he first appeared .
I waited a few  minutes then carried on down the trail  I was nervous of him/her leaping out on me but then I saw her to my left walking off into the woods.
OMG  I HAVE SEEN A MOUNTAIN LION… God  I’m still buzzing from that encounter.
I carried on down he trail and soon came to another wide creek but was able to rock hop across.
Once across I saw Jules
Jules I’ve just seen a mountain Lion.
“No way man, where?”
About mile back. I have got some footage not brill.
I showed jules a bit of the video 
He was so impressed  and maybe a touch jealous.
I pushed on still buzzing.
It was  now 4 pm and although I wanted more miles  there is a camp site  in about 4miles that should take me to 6- 6.30.

At 5.30 I decided to stop and have a cuppa. Just a 10 min stopp  then I will push on .at the next stream I watered up ready to camp.

At last  great  it 6.30  that  do me 

Mileage  22 and a Mountain 🦁 


DAY 150 Heading to East Glacier day2

Sep 9th 2022

I woke up cold but then I was in a valley and by a river not a good combination. 
I packed up  then put on a brew.  I was just about to tea when it began to rain ..bugger. I quickly finished packing. 
Where is my phone panic panic. I unpacked my tent which then got soaked. NO phone
I unpacked my Sleeping bag. now also wet. No phone
I emptied my pack until  I found it. I had packed it with my battery. Maybe I should have checked that first.
So now I have wet kit a wet pack and I’m cold and very late.
I had just gone 8 by the time I marched out.. CRAP ,Especially as I knew I had a big climb to do .
I pushed on as the rain fell, I heard something behind me i spun around to gree Google  he’s always late to leave  but can do big miles.

I blinked and he had vanished  so impressed….i pushed on and soon crossed over a creek on the other side was a tent spot this is where Cash was heading last night.  The trail now began to get steeper but there were switchbacks but they were steep. 
I kept climbing  and climbing god this is  high I thought.
After 40 minutes I began to see  frost even though I was pleased that i was wearing several layers on so was warm except my hands. 
With my crap start I wasn’t really in the  right sort of mood  for this climb but i pushed up and up  and across  and up and up. The rain continued to fall so with the rain and plants my feet were soon soaked. Oh  well.
I tried to put my other gloves on  earlier but due to cold hands I couldn’t pull them on .
I pushed on and then it began to snow ..such fun…it looked oh so pretty but soon became a challenge and hard work pushing through it and slipping. 
I had been climbing for over two hours  and I was getting exhausted  . I blamed this morning’s fiasco.
God I hope the sun comes out later or nothing will dry….
Still I kept climbing, now and then a clear  patch would appear in the swirling mist exposing beautiful  sights but then it was gone. At last I felt that I was the top…and then of course it was time to descend , but I’m descending slowly as I do not trust the snow. and then the snow is replaced with slippery mud even more fun… Loving it ha ha
I pushed on, through several forests then another climb up another cliff.  At the top is yet another amazing lake but this one is cold and grey. I follow the snowy footprints around the lake and into a burn area. Now the sun is trying to break through, come on sun you can do it. I follow  through the burn and begin to head downwards  as cliffs  begin to appear as the mist begins to lift.

Then four deer bound in front of me and then are gone. 
Good as I hadn’t seen any for a while. As I descend  I see a perfect rock to sit on and as its 12  I decide to call it lunch.
I was planning to make soup but its in the bottom of my pack  so tea it is lol. I open the summer sausage and cut off a huge chunk and then some cheese and biscuits.
Okay miles to do .
Well its definitely a day of two half’s. Before leaving I took off my rain jacket but kept on the second layer as it was still cold.
What a great afternoon strolling through meadows  or  warm forests .as I had a crap start  I wasn’t looking for big miles today and if possible would like to stop early to let everything dry out.
For the rest of the day the trail meandered its way through  the countryside fording rivers and little climbs.
The clock was whizzing around so at four I stopped for another break grabbed water  and removed the  second layer as it was now a hot afternoon.

Okay 6  should do it  i thought to myself…I  was now on the edge of a hill which I like and again flat  that I like
I pushed on until I came to another river.  This was wide and fast and once there was a bridge. As it was late in the day I changed  shoes for the crossing, it wasn’t too bad although the water was freezing.
Once across I changed  back and continued on . The trail then emerged by a rangers hut with a corral and in the corral were 3 beautiful  horses . I carried on past and was again walking around the edge of several hills with the river running below. 
I followed this for about an hour  before dropping down into another large burn area. I was now ready to camp but not  here.
I pushed on and on for almost another hour. Crossed another river  before deciding that I had, had enough 
My tent is surrounded by widow makers but I’m tired.

I put up my tent leaving the fly off to dry but by now the sun had gone in and it was  getting cold, bloody cold. So I started tea, finishing it off inside my tent.

Night all

DAY 149 Heading to East Glacier day 1

SEP 8TH 2022

I was up early, but there was no movement from the other two tents.
I quietly packed up inside my tent then went to retrieve my food  bag .I untied it and walked back to my tent.
I lit my stove and put water on to boil as I began to drop my tent.
When everything was packed I walked over to the log and leisurely drank my tea. It was 6.40 and still a little dark but now I could see Cross-creek beginning to drop her tent and some movement inside Google’s.
I finished my tea ,clipped my cup to my pack stuffed the rest of my gear inside and I was ready.
I marched out and began a small climb  that began to meander through the forest .After an hour I reached the Chinese Wall. A huge escarpment that was over 5 miles long and as high as the  clouds. 

I found it mesmerising. I stood staring at it for sometime before moving on and up. After a brief climb the views of this magnificent  *thing* were even better I was taking photos when Cash appeared closely followed by Cross-creek.

I set off after them but had to keep stopping to take more photographs of this amazing wonder. As I walked it seemed to follow  you that was its size.

Okay enough video and photos of this spectacle I need to push on.I had several more climbs before the trail at last levelled  out.

After three hours I decided to stop for a quick break and glug some water. I had just put down my pack when cross-creek appeared from the opposite direction . I looked puzzled and she laughed 
See you up trail snail.
I finished my break and headed off I had  3 more miles to go until the trail junction. I had planned to take the alternate  from here.
I pushed on until I something caught my eye, something black . i stopped and backed up.
Yes it was a bear sat under a tree.

My phone camera is poor at long distances and I struggled to hold the focus but I think I got a few seconds of film.
I was pleased with this.
I pushed on and immediately began to climb ,Okay next log I’ll take a break. perfect..
I dropped my pack glugged down more water and ate some snacks.
I headed off and could soon see yet another gorgeous lake. Will I get closer ?..
Yes , and soon I was standing at its edge.. I stared at it but couldn’t see any fish or signs of fish so moved on. I was soon walking around the edge of a mountain with amazing views. 
Below me I could see several hikers but I didn’t recognise them so guessed they were not  Cdt hikers.
I began to head down via multiple switchbacks. In the distance I could see several hikers and these guys I did know. Shredder, Google  and Cash. 
Where is cross creek  I asked?
She’s behind  you.
How? I said
Think she went to climb the wall
I didn’t know that that was a thing. But apparently  it is.
We all sat  there not wanting to hike on (know one  knew why)
Okay see you up trail I said and set off on the Alternate. 
Cash said  he would come to.
We set off with the same pace and spent the whole time talking crap and was soon amazed at  the miles we had covered 
Supposedly  there  was a dead horse up ahead  and we were nervous  about Grizzly’s  as they love a good carcass. But thankfully  the rangers had been in and removed it.
Okay I needed a break  so at the next water I stopped. Cash thought it a good idea too  and also watered up.
As we sat filtering  Shredder came by closely followed by Google. They where heading for a camp  that was 4 miles away. 


I checked my watch 5.30.  Mmm I’m going to walk for another hour *  I said .
We set off again but I didn’t have the pace as I did earlier so wished Cash well and slowed to my normal pace .
May see tomorrow or in town. I said
I plodded  on  stopping to film interesting sites  I was miles away when cross creek appeared. We both laughed at each other.
Cash was looking for you she said
How I said  he’s in front.
No she said  he was waiting for you.
Oh I said as she passed me. I shouted  The next flat spot is mine .
She laughed. 
After about  another 2 miles  there was another creek to cross luckily there was a fallen tree so I was able to kept my feet dry.
Once over I could see cross creek getting water. We looked at each other and just laughed at each other again. 
A few more yards ahead was my camp spot.. 
I soon had my tent  up when Cash came by . We exchanged phone  number and said see you in town.

Then cross creek came by shes heading for the next camp spot.

I cooked dinner. Then hung my bag night all.

Milage  24

DAY 148 Leaving Augusta

September 7th 

My alarm  sounded at 7am  i silenced it then slowly walked to the shower. The  spray of warm water bringing me back to life.
I stayed under far too long making the most of my shower as it would be my last for 5 ish days  maybe longer..
I quickly dried and dressed then headed  for breakfast. 

Shredders meal looked so good yesterday, so I ordered the same. An omelette  with spinach, tomato, bacon ,mushroom and cheese   with hash browns and coffee. I was just about to order when hammer  appeared and joined me.  We were busy chatting when Shredder appeared and also joined  the table. The meals soon came and mine was so so good.
Once devoured I paid  and headed back to my room to finish packing. 

I filled my water bottles and I was  ready. I took back my key then returned to my room to grab my pack .
Okay my ride is at 10am  so walked up towards town and the pickup  point.
Frank was already here so told me to load my pack into the back of his truck

There were 5 of us heading back. Myself shredder, Google ,Cross creek and a new face.
As I’m waiting  Cash appears. Hi snail how did you get in front of me?
I’m never sure  as I seldom pass  anyone  so It had to be early in the morning as I do not hike late.
Okay we  are heading back, but Frank has some disturbing news .There is another fire up on the mountain  and  there is a possibility that the forest service may shut the road…..But we drive on anyway. 
About 5  miles in we see a hiker coming towards us.
It’s shotgun, Frank’s  stops  and she climbs into the back of the pickup
We soon arrive at the trail head and there is about 8 hikers waiting.
Kid, Hotsauce, the Aussies, Storytime, Napoleon,  and 2 girls that I haven’t seen before. We  grab our gear  and they put in their’s  then Frank’s  drives them away.  Shredder appears in a hurry and is soon out of sight.

I spend 5 minutes filming before heading off.
The trail starts in a nice wide open forest and it’s not long until I reach a large suspension bridge. 
As I cross the acrid smoke is beginning to get into my lungs, hopefully the wind will move it on .
I push on down the trail and soon come across “Cross-creek sat  on a log. I  wish her well and push on.
She will soon catch and pass me as she’s fast.
The trail  is wide and sandy my perfect trail and so I’m getting a good pace. The forest opens out into a large valley with bold hill’s  both sides covered in hundreds of black needles that were once bushy trees once
It looked really sad but appears to be recovering slowly.  I pushed on crossing numerous streams .
God this makes a change from last weeks dry section . I had refused  to look at the  profile on my app so was unaware of any climbs, I was just going to push on and as I started at 11am  I wasn’t expecting a huge mileage but 14 would be good. 

I was really enjoying today’s trail it was almost flat but I did worry I would have a large climb sometime today.
I came to another large suspension bridge, below it was a nice sandy beach, a good place for lunch I thought…but I kept going.
There was so much water on today’s section that when I stopped for a break  I drank a litre  that I was carrying. Why am I carrying it when there is so much.?!I don’t need to carry any until at least mile 14.
Due to the smoke or cloud it hadn’t been as hot as forecast (100*)  phew thank god. 
I had now switched to another audio book  this one was a romance but had a good story. Whilst listening I had zoned  out and was maintaining a good pace.
I suddenly became aware that cross-creek  hadn’t caught me as she is fast, so was a little worried . although people do all different things.
The afternoon was passing quickly and soon became early evening.  I stopped to check my app I was doing well  thanks to a flat trail and I had completed my target of 14 miles. There was a campsite with water in about 4ish miles which sounded a good spot to stop.
I crossed several more creeks and streams then after a climb the trail levelled out, okay  mot much further to go.
When I went around the next corner  I noticed a Google sat on a log..


Have you seen Cross-creek ? he asked.
Yes  I said, it was just after she started I said.
She was sat on log. I was surprised  that she hadn’t passed me.
Google said that she hadn’t been feeling well, and that’s why he was waiting for her.
That was really good of him I thought.
Just ahead was another creek and the campground that I had been heading to.
Perfect ,I soon had my tent up and then took my cooking gear to a log ready to make dinner.
I had just sat down when Cross-creek appeared , she looked completely washed out. She put up here tent and crashed.
Google joined me on the log and cooked supper too.

We chatted a while before I headed off . Hung my bear bag then called it a night

Mileage 18.

DAY 144 Heading to Benchmark day 1

SEP 4th

I didn’t sleep well if fact I slept crap. My back hurt where I fell on a rock and so I couldn’t get comfortable.

My alarm went off at 6.30 and I dozed until 7am when I pulled the stopper from my mattress. 

I opened my tent and then headed to the porta potty. Almost luxury lol.

There were a few  up all ready making coffee  and milling around. The store doesn’t open until 7 and I had thought of a few things that I wanted in the night.

I headed back to my tent and began to pack up.  When I am camping on my own everything has its place but when in a group  things get mislaid.  

 I took my pot to the picnic bench and made tea and breakfast  but when I went to pack my stove I couldn’t find its stuff  sack or my  other bits. 

I know they will turn up when I camp again but it was just annoying .

I called into the shop and grabbed a few more bits . Then I grabbed water I am taking 4 litres its probably overkill but I struggled yesterday and ran out.

Okay im ready and omg look at the time it’s 8.30  so I don’t expect a big milage and once again its  going to be lots of climbs again and my pack is heavy.

I followed the path from Daves (the outfitter)  back to the trail crossed over the road  and instantly began to climb again.

Up and up and up  at last it began to level out at the same time my left foot began to complain.

So I stopped  and taped two toes.

Okay thst feels better. The trail began to spiral down until it began to climb again  it was going to do this all day !!

The views today were fairly poor due to smoke ,im not sure what fire they are from  but it spoiling my view. 

I pushed  on stopping for a break after 3 hrs. But unusually  no one came past me…weird as I could see one of the Aussies closing in. Perhaps he to stopped for a break.

Then it was back to the roller coaster ride. Although the ups appeared to be getting steeper.

At about 1.30 I took another break and checked my app water was in 2 miles .  So I was able to guzzle  the extra I was carrying. 

This time the usual suspects all filled past me. 

Water in 2 miles kid  said.

And the others repeated this as they came past too.

I finished my break and set of after the herd .


In the distance I could see the road so knew I was getting closer.

And then I was at the trail head. I was hoping for something here  but  nothing.  So carried on . The water was typicaly 1/2 mile off trail and of course in a valley.

So I was a trek down.

When I reached  it kid and hotsauce were having a late lunch ( or early dinner) Napoleon was also here. 

I went and got water then decided to cook too as the next water was in 12 miles and it was already 3pm. 

Kid and Co where planing to push on to Rogers Pass which was  another 12 miles.

I wouldn’t be able to do that as it was going to be silly climbs again for the rest of the day.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I would have liked to have put my tent up and call it a day  but the Mile’s  still have to be walked.

And dragging 4 litres up even steeper climbs was going to be so much fun.

I relunnctanly headed back up.the path to the trail. 

At the road was a family face it was the digger driver  from several days ago.  He was with his brother and had been hunting.

He then gave me a beer ,apple  flavour I was surprised how good it was. Then cash appeared. . Okay snail ready to climb…in deed I wasn’t. 

But  I had to …. I set off and began to climb. Cash was striding away in front  I was swearing and  complaining how steep it was.  As I inched up 

I made it to the top then had the next climb… followed  by a third.  

God  I was sweating buckets.  4 litres  of water is heavy plus the food I’m carrying.  At last the trail leveled  out  and I managed a bit of pace….. as I rounded a corner I was surprised to see Napoleon  sat on a rock,as I expected be  racing along with Kid.

Well done snailtrainer

Thanks I said puffing. 

He was going to do 2 more hrs I just wanted a flat spot.. I headed off then passsed Cash sat on the side and as I hadn’t seen him he made me jump.

I wanted another  hour  too but I knew I had another climb and it was exposed. I really didnt want to do that tonight and it was now 6.3pm  so with the late start that will me. 

I found a spot bit of a compromise  but it will do me. I just going to make a cuppa  then  zzzz

DAY 143 Heading to stemple pass the outfitter

September 3rd 2022

I was awake and dozed. When the second alarm went off I pulled the stopper on my mattress.  It was still dark  when I opened up my tent . I answered the call of nature  then set about packing up.
The sun was just starting to rise but due to the smoke it was still hazy. I’d be happy if it stays like that. 
I drank my tea stowed my cup and I was ready  to finish the climb. Water was going to be scarce today so I’m hoping that i have enough. 
I began the climb and I was soon over and heading  down.  Hindsight is wonderful  and if I had known the trail was going to be like this I would have pushed on as it was down and down and down until it wasn’t.
After an hour the sun was baking me , that’s not good I thought as I began to climb, and with the added fun of jumping over logs. I pushed on as the sun continued to rise and roast me.

God this trail was getting harder , steep climbs then straight down my favourite.
I could see the climbs heading off into the distance fantastic I thought.  After the next climb I need to take a break as I was feeling exhausted and it was still early.
Okay miles snail.  I climbed up yet another steep climb and once up I was so dismayed to see the trail heading up several more hills into the distance. 
I set off down the trail that descended steeply and covered with marbles*. I inched my way down  but the decent seemed to go on forever.  Then I was lying on my back looking up at the sky and I had fallen on a rock right on my coxis.  I lay there for a few minutes checking that I wasn’t hurt. Bruised maybe but not damaged. So now I can swear.
I pulled myself up and continued the decent even more carefully and slowly.
Okay the nest climb, the first part was fine  then I was climbing up shale which is like walking through cat litter..  oh and it was now roasting my watch said 90  and it felt like I was melting. 
I was struggling to climb and before the top I needed another break. I dropped down and sipped a little water I knew I was low  and was in danger of running out. 

I took ten minutes for me to cool down as I was just too hot.
I pushed on and finished the climb and then once again I began tom spiral down, before yet another climb  in direct sunshine. 
On and on I went then I ran out of water  F**K…. I was roasting the next water was about a mile away.
I didn’t feel good  so at the next shade  I dropped my pack and took an hours nap.. I was struggling from the start and these big  climbs were killing me. I set my alarm for an hour  and lay down beneath the shade of a tree and snoozed 

NB. Again in hindsight  I should have made it to water then took a snooze….Maybe ?

I woke feeling slightly better and set off for the water it was .8  to the trail junction.
I took the side trail to water that ended up being 1/2 mile down a steep hill.
I eventually found the water , I drank almost 3 litres straight down as I really needed it.
I made two cups of tea then filled up bladder.
when I had arrived I was feeling very dizzy, possible dehydration or sun stroke. .after drinking I ate a load of snacks until I felt  okay.
As I had come down 1/2 mile I had to climb back up and with full water.  Did I say the sun was hot!!

I struggled back to the trail  and  once back on trail there were still plenty of ups and downs.
I had a few swears  and pushed , as I came down yet another steep decent I stopped and collapsed on a log.
I was feeling a little sorry for myself as I just didn’t have the energy.
As I sat there I could see two hikers coming towards me.
Those shorts I would know anywhere  it was Kid  and a friend called ” Story time” who has joined him.
We chatted for a while, Kid told me of an alternate at the next junction that should shave a few miles off and less climbs.
Perfect. I sat for a further 20 minutes then set off after them.
I had  one more big climb and then it should be down hill to the junction. (Fingers crossed)
I pushed on the junction getting nearer.  As I got closer I could see another familiar face sat under a tree  ..It was Shepard.
Hey man good to see you.


You too Snailtrainer  he replied. 
I then noticed kids pack.
They have gone to get water snail.
I had enough  water or rather I hoped I had. So headed off down the road on the alternate. 
After a few miles I stopped for a break then noticed wild raspberries so gorged myself for a few minutes.
I pushed on and noticed a sign saying 3 miles to the pass.
GREAT  that’s about 1.5 hrs. I quickened my pace and pounded down the dirt road.
I was almost there but my feet began to hurt  So took a quick pit stop removed socks and shoes swapped  socks then put on my shoes and pushed on.
I was now at the trailhead . I turned around and could see the outfitter high on a hill.
How the hell do I get there.?
Just then a quad came by and the couple stopped to chat then told me how to get  there.
Omg what a bloody huge climb  but then I saw Dave sat at a picnic bench.
I introduced myself and showed him a picture of me outside his old shop on the Pct 2014.
He showed me where to pitch my tent.  I grabbed two tins of sprite  . I necked one as I put up my tent then savoured the other one when I was done.

The Aussies

I was just chilling when Kid and Story time arrived. Then 7lb Hammer, Shepard, Hotsauce the Aussies and Napoleon
We all congregated around the picnic table and cooked tea. Later I brought a few things from the  store.
Then it was time for bed after putting my food in the shed.

What a bloody hard day.. I am exhausted.

Mileage  18

DAY 142 Heading to Stemple Pass

SEP 2nd

Well I didn’t get trampled by cows last night..phew. But was woken by the bugelling of moose and screeching of elk at 4am so dozed until the cow joined in with the chorus at 5am .

I was awake but it was still very dark, at 5.30 I began to move and let the air out of my mattress
I quickly stripped down put on tea and I was ready. 
I knew it was going to a fairly big climb first thing .. and it didn’t disappoint except there was the added bonus of trees  to jump over. Half way up I climbed over a large tree slipped and ended upon my back like a stranded tortoise .
It took me a while to get up with the added expletives . Once I had reached the top  it was of course time to go down and steeply
I crossed several meadows  before once again until I was on yet another forest road that snaked around  before splitting into several others that climbed up various hills in the distance.

I headed off  and I crossed a small collection of fir trees I decided take a quick break.
I guzzled some water and ate a few snacks .
Of course my trail or rather the CDT choose the steepest route I chugged up it before it began to meander down the other side.
Water was in 6 miles time so cautiously  sipped water from my bladder.  Typically the sun began to roast me as the temperature  began to rise my watch said that it was 98 it certainly  felt like  it..

I began to drop down and came to a T-junction, the trail headed on but checked my app  just in case. Of course I was wrong.
I passed a dad child and dog and kept going. The trail now looked like a tank training ground with huge ruts  filled with smelly water. I carefully walked around and carried on shortly coming to another junction.
There were comments on the app that there was water here .so I went to investigate and soon came to a cattle trough.

I filled up both bottle’s then drained one , topped it up again then topped up my bladder. 
Okay I need the miles snail. I pushed on into the afternoon. Getting cross when I accidently took a wrong turn. Losing valuable time. After several more hours I took another break under the leafy canopy of a huge tree. As I took time-out a 4 seater quad came flying up the road and quickly disappeared into the distance.
I don’t know why but I am struggling today and my target mileage was nowhere. F*uk  that’s crap I said to myself after checking.
I wanted at least 20 today if not more and with what i had achieved so far it was looking doubtful especially as I had a huge climb to do at the end of the day  and I still gad to get to water.

At 3 pm I arrived at another water trough, F*ck empty apart from a few drips from the pipe. 
I grabbed my bottles and cup  and  headed up the hill to the source .I climbed the fence and then could see a large rectangular  box.
I lifted it up and beneath was the spring although it was about a foot down. I managed to reach the water, it was cold and not too buggy. I filled both bottle’s and headed back to the trough where I had left my pack.
I hoisted it up and strode off down the trail. Its not great to haul water up a  steep hill but I had no choice
It was approximately 2 miles up and steep. I passed numerous camping spots  but refused to stop until at least 6pm.
By 6pm I was totally exhausted  and dropped my pack even though  I only had yards to go until I was was the top. I would finish it in the morning  and not worry about the poor  mileage. 

I cleaned the ground then soon had my tent up and water boiling

Night all 

Milage 17  too many climbs .

DAY 141 Leaving Helena

SEP 1st

I set my alarm for 7 then dozed when it went off.
At 7.30 I turned on the shower waited a few minutes  for the hot water to run through then entered.
The hot water woke  me and brought me back to life.
Wow I feel much better now, I put on the coffee machine and  began to get dressed.
I wanted to get back to the trail quickly  so rather than hitch I booked a shuttle  for 10.30.
Time for breakfast, I headed to reception to get my voucher before entering the restaurant. 
It was a little busier than yesterday but was able to find a empty table. I ordered the basic breakfast  with an additional egg and toast. The waitress soon returned  with coffee. I’m not  big coffee drinker but this was good.

My phone pinged, my shuttle had  texted back  to confirm…Great.
My breakfast appeared and I set about making it disappear. followed by several more coffees and I was done.
I was just about to leave when several other hikers came in,  I’d seen them before  but didn’t know their names. I went over  and gave them the info I had. The bus, how it works ,where the grocery store was etc
Back at my room I finished packing I had a bottle of lemonade, several beers  and a tube of Pringles  that I couldn’t eat , drink  or get into my already stuffed pack so reluctantly I left them.
My next job was to phone Anaconda  post office to see if I could bounce my poles that I had ordered from the UK  but which had been stuck in customs for the last 10 days. I rang a half dozen  times then gave up. Oh well I tried..
I did several more walk arounds of my room before hoisting up my pack and leaving.

I walked to reception handed over my door cards and went outside.
Tom the shuttle man pulled in.
I put my pack into the back then got in. My phone pinged again. It was a alert saying my poles from Rei had been delivered and were ready to pick up. Fantastic. 
Tom detoured to the post office and I was in and out, leaving with new poles. Whoop.
Tom then headed back to the trail , we were so busy chatting  and then I was stepping back into the trail .
I thanked Tom, adjusted my new poles and began to walk.
It was going to be an up for 2.5 miles  then  normal up and downs for 8 miles followed  by a big climb .such fun.
The trail was dirt road that went to the top where all the radio TV masts  were.  After about a mile I ran into a construction team who were busy burying a new electric cable. They stopped so I could walk by .the man on the digger was very interested in my walk and so we ended up chatting for  a good 10 minutes.

Okay back to the trail, the road snaked up this mountain  until at last I was up with the masts before dropping down the other side
A few yards down I decided to stop for lunch  as it was 12pm.

I found a suitable tree and dropped my pack. I ate the apple and ham that  I had carried out .
Just then two hikers came down the trail. I said hi. But as they hadn’t seen me they both jumped
So so sorry  I said.
It was the Israeli  couple  who I had last met  during the Moose family encounter,  again back in Colorado.
We chatted for several minutes before they headed off.

Okay snail let’s go …. for most of the after I appeared to head down which always worried me.
As I headed down yet another hill I noticed a hiker sat at the bottom, when I got closer I could see it was the Israelis  and they were sat by the water cache. (Another that Tom maintains)
I stopped and dropped my pack  I guzzled a litre then filled up both bottle’s, as the next water is far.
Okay time to walk…I headed out then began to cross several large fields or meadows. When I stopped to admire the view I noticed  several hikers behind me the Israeli  couple and 1 other.
I pushed on as the trail meandered the scenery constantly changing.
As I often stop to admire the views and film the Israeli couple soon caught and passed  me.
I hadn’t planned on doing a long  or late day so when 5.30 arrived followed by a nice camp spot I called it a day.
11 miles  that’s fine.
I quickly put up my tent and cooked dinner and then could relax. I push  for longer tomorrow

as I began to relax the mooing of cows started and i was a little concerned that I had pitched my tent on the cow freeway.
FUCK Omg a cow walked by brushing against my tent oh that’s not good, i opened the flaps and watched as i was surrounded by cows.
thankfully on seeing my tent the cows began to detour around it, but it still made me nervous as I closed my eyes and hoped for morning.

Mileage  11.(1/2 Day)

DAY 140 Zero in Helena

AUG  31st

Can’t beat waking up in a great bed. I slowly got up put on coffee then got dressed.
Breakfast, I headed to reception to grab my voucher before heading to the restaurant.
I ordered eggs potato, bacon  with toast and orange juice.

Simple but tasty washed  down with several cups of coffee .
I’m done shopping.
The grocery store is only a block away so not far to haul my load back.
I think I have every thing  well every thing that I can carry..
Once back to my room I set about decanting everything into zip locks before sharing between the “Box” and what I will be carrying. I double checked  the box. 

Yes think that’s enough food…
I taped up the box, labelled it ready to drop off at the Post office.
Dam I should have booked my ride earlier as there are no slots available until 2pm .
Oh well …..
I made myself busy by sorting my pack and checking my gear.

Soon it was time to grab my ride 
It was about 10 minutes to the Post office .I handed over my package, then it was the waiting game until my ride back.
Once back I headed to the grocery store for a frozen meal for dinner and a few beers.
When I got back to the hotel I was pleased to see Dollar General so caught up before I headed back to my room

Then the rest of my ZERO was a Zero..

Back to trail tomorrow. 

Mileage  Zero

DAY 139 Heading to Helena Day 3

AUG 30th

I had cancelled my alarms as there was no hurry to get up 
I woke at 7am and dozed ,it was sunny and warm as I unzipped my tent and emerged warm  snuggly bag.
I began to slowly pack up when I was almost done I lit my stove and put on water for  tea. 
Okay  lets go…..

It was warm ,no it was hot and it  was only 8am.making a change from the last few days when it had ben cold.
I headed off down the trail, it was 2 miles or less to the trailhead and the road.  I hope to be in town before lunchtime  fingers crossed.
I hadn’t gone far when I came across another hiker named toes and was  flipflopping .
That really confuses me but every one does it differently  but I just head North.
I soon came to a bridge. But what a bridge it was really  a walkway across many bogs that went on for many yards.
Could have done with more like this on trail.  Finally it finished and I was back on land

I had one more climb then i could see the road. GREAT.
I was soon descending and then I was the road. 
GREAT.  I began to walk towards a sign explaining the history of the pass.  
I had just crossed over and had taken up my hiking stance when another hiker appeared in the distance.
I wasn’t until he got closer I realised it was Monk.
I was so pleased to see him as I was annoyed at myself for not taking his photo last night. 
So I took the opportunity , and we both wished each other well  whoop whoop Canada not far to go.

Monks not going into town, so headed on..
I went back to my hitching  pose.
But briefly had to stop as a artic came to a stop nearby .I had to laugh as it was carrying  a toilet
Sorry my humour.

Once it had driven off  I got a ride 10 minutes not bad.
My driver was a reserve firefighter and dropped me at the  Ramada
My 1st choice and great they have vacancies.
I booked in and found my room.
As soon as the door closed  I exploded my pack and crashed onto the bed.
Once settled  I headed to grocery store for the usual  products. Beer, Ice-cream, chips and snacks. 
Okay lunch …The hotel has a restaurant attached  so I went to check it out . I had a great burger, moist and we’ll presented.

The post office was at the other end of town, luckily there is a local bus but its a ring and ride service.
I called and it wasn’t long until I was heading to the post office.
I just wanted to grab a couple of boxes for food resupply so will be back tomorrow to post.
Okay it’s about 40 minutes until my return ride.  So I went to explore the surrounding area.
I stumbled along a Subway so grabbed a sandwich for later. I wandered back to the post office and waited for my ride.

Once back at my hotel it was chill and relax time. 
Tomorrow I will shop for  my box and to carry out and again head to the post office
So now crap tv and beer night all.

Milage  2ish