Day 144

Friday 31st

Paul had put an extra sleeping bag in my tent as it was predicted to be cold . So, I was so toasty last night and there was no hurry to get up.
But my body clock woke me at 6am so I dozed listening to the pinecones dropping on the tarp above my head.
At 8 I finally emerged visited the porta loo then wandered back to my tent. It was like my pack had exploded in my tent there was stuff everywhere.
my new buckle had arrived from Osprey, so I fitted that and adjusted the hip belt . glued on my hiking patches .then began to pack. My new tent stuff sack had arrived, so I swapped that over.
Again, I seemed to have a ton of food . one day I will get that right. I wandered back to the main area there were a few hikers moving out. I sat at the table while money penny (English gal) cooked me breakfast while I waited, I grabbed a brownie made by local lady . which are fantastic.
I drained my coffee and grabbed another. then scoffed my breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning as I sat in the sun. I really didn’t want to move.
Paul came back from shuttling and said you guys are going to have great views on the summit’s today.
It’s no good I need to move. I went my tent and finished packing. Then I hoisted up my pack Omg it’s heavy . I said my goodbyes and walked up the drive and back to the road. it’s .3 back to the trail . I passed several hikers going the other way

One asked me about the Hiker hut. I said that I liked it and that it worked for me and that he does do shuttles to town.

I reached the trail head crossed over and began to. Hike it has just gone 9 am .
It was nice and cool as I headed into the forest . it was going several large climbs but oddly I was really looking forward to them

My first was going to be Saddle Back mountain, the biggest climb of the day The start was gentle., passing several lovely lakes . I met many sobos and short hikers. crossed several bogs then the climbing started. then Kaleidoscope and her man came through . Fuck am .I that slow . we gave each other abuse laughing see you guys up the trail.

It was just over 3 hours till I submitted Saddle back and wow the views were totally amazing .Wow it was a great day to hike a clear day so I could see for miles. Kaleidoscope and ahem were just finishing their lunch as I arrived.

So, as they got up. I took. Their spot. I enjoyed some on a is but really, I could have sat here all day as the views were just breathtaking.

eventually I hiked on as I had my next mountain to climb named the Horn, but of course I must go down first. From the top of Saddleback, it was easy to see my route and in the distance was Kaleidoscope. Wow they got there fast but yes, they are fast.

The down wasn’t too bad, and I was soon climbing again and the up was fairy sketchy in places. As I climbed, I ran into another trail crew who were replacing some stairs (Rock steps) Great job a said puffing and panting . Before continuing

At last the trail began to get easier . thank you . And i began to climb up more of the huge rock slabs so it didnt take too long untill i was at the top of the horn whoop whoop. Again the views were incredible .okay Snail 1 more to climb today then we can look to camp .

The down from this one was fairly crappy .huge rocks to clamber over . knarly roots to trip you so I came down fairly slow in fact incredibly slow . But I don’t want to fall and hurt myself or break some thing especially this close to the end .

Eventually the trail flattened out .As I was about to head down a bit more I passed several other hikers . I chatted to them. and they said thst they were helping Pappy. This is the 87 yr Old hiking the

Appalachian Trail. The last time I saw him was in the Shenandoah’s As I continued, we met, So I grabbed another opportunity to get a photo with him . What a great inspiration you are I said . Then on to my final climb Saddleback Junior.

Again, the climb wasn’t too bad. I had to navigate over many bogs before once again I was on rock . Again, once I had submitted the views just kept getting better. I could see my whole route that I had just completed. I stood staring for several minutes before starting the decent.

As I’m about to descend a group of 10 young students puffed their way up. They are on orientation or to me Team building .

Once they had all climbed up, I began my decent. It was steep. And slippy at first . which then turned into mud.

I navigated around these until the duck boards reappeared .

The trail st last became nice allowing me to put in some spurts of speed.

I shortly began to smell that typical smell associated with Privies or rather human Poo.

I must be close I thought then saw the privy. Maybe it’s the rock or water source but they seem to be built a long way from camp.

Tents I can see tents and then. The shelter. I dropped my pack found a flat spot then put up my tent.

The other guys were here, camping nearby in the woods there were 3 others here. a lovely lady . and xxx

I grabbed water then began cooking supper. One of the other hikers has hung his hammock in the shelter .

after dinner I lit a fire and we sat chatting. As we did another group of students arrived. who were doing another orientation?

They headed a little way into the woods.

As we sat chatting by the fire I was asked if I had tried a ‘Smore’ Nope what is it ?

It’s a marshmallow that you toast so its golden then you sandwich between 2 biscuits and a square of chocolate. it’s better if the biscuits have been close to. The fire so that the chocolate is soft or melty.

Sounds yummy and I know my DAUGHTER would love it.

As we talked on . one of the guys from. The group came over to ask if we minded if they came to the fire after they had eaten. The rest of the hikers said to him this British guy doesn’t know what a smore is !!

Oh, he said then returned several. Minutes later with all the bits the biscuits , the chocolate and of course marshmallows.

Then they demonstrated how to make one.

Wow I’m. Hooked I love them. I sat a little longer then returned to my tent. I chatted. a while with the group of students then it was. time for Zizz

Start. 1970.5
Finish. 1981
Miles. 10.5
Miles left. 210


Day 137

Friday 24th August

my alarm went off I silenced it then the next

it had just gone 7 when I finally emerged

Bugger in wanted to be up earlier. so why did switch of the alarms. I groggily got up visted the loo then the Bear box . there were so many hikers streaming out of camp as the shelter was packed last night. I made my way to the cooking area and made tea I was going to make breakfast too but I couldn’t be bothered .It was late and I knew it was going a slow getaway.

I first needed to repair or sort out my pack . I grabbed my fanny pack the buckle looked similar. msy be thstcwould work . I cut off the buckles and removed the broken one pack ureka!! it fits. thank god .

hopefully it will do until I can order a new one from Osprey.

As I walked out of camp I could still here the boys .

I continued up.the side trail back to the trail at the signpost to the camp I stared at it the distance was faded but read 1800 yards. still it was further than thst.

I pushed on happy thst my buckle was now fixed off would of been a night mare with out it and I would if probably gone into the first town.

The morning always start with a climb and so today’s was no exception. the views were great nut it’s a similar view for the last four of days stunning but once you have seen trees you have seen them domi pushed on and over more rock thst saps your strength and gets you’re heart pumping.


down I began to hear voices a d soon came across a group of 8 hikers . excuse me I said and they all stood aside to let me through. Thank you.

I pushed on while i had the momentum and energy. ha ha .

soon I was on the duck boards I like these as they are level and straight. meaning your not weaving in and out of the trees. which I find annoying once over the boards the trail dipped down and sharply.

This is the bit that kills my knees and it went down and down and down and down and down some more . the last bit was a stone stair case which again kills the knees I normally go down sideways as it feels better. but every now and then the step is steep meaning you really have to stretch your leg .

at last I was at the bottom and several creeks ran past

so Checked my map to see if I needed water or if I could push on. Nope there is plenty of water ahead . Great so less to carry. I did a small climb then I we in the forest on a smooth wide FLAT! path . that’s been a while such a joy to walk on I followed the creek along on this lovely path. I decided that I would take a break at 1pm or the shelter …..Whatever came first. It was the shelter..I dropped my pack and decided I’d make a brew. I was just pouring the water on tea when iron man arrived.

he relaxed and had lunch as I did. Then a family and grandad and grandma. came along theyvwefe looking for a Falls . but I hadn’t see any neither had iron man. so they continued on .Then the Boys arrived Sasquatch and short mile looked as they had , had a swim. we exchanged insults then they pushed on as they were getting off at the road to resupply again in xxx xxx

after they passed kaleidoscope and ahem passed by. I packed up.and continued on

As I hiked on a man came up.the trail saying there is magic in the patking lot. Great thanks I said

I wasn’t long till I arrived there was Sasquatch short mile, Samaritan, Iron man, kaleidoscope Ahem and the lady doing the magic. we swapped a dozen more insults then the lady passed me a bowl of salad it was a chicken ceaser salad bloody tasty i washed that down with orange juics followed by a large chocolate milk. there were loads of muffins too..but a half hour before I had stopped for lunch typical .

the boys were going into town from here and the lady said that she would take them.I ambskways amazed at the generosity of people out here.

I wished them.well plus more insults and hiked out

thevtrsil goes down a d across a huge I was emjoyingbtj view a customised car came by .itvwas a pickup and I lived it it had a 3.5 Chevy engine in it and looked fab

Once across the river it was approximately 7 more miles to camp and just for a change it was up

And steep I spent the afternoon climbing and by 4pm I was exhausted . as I sat on the top of another hill.

I checked my phone .I had service so quickly phoned osprey. I spoke to Christopher who was very helpful and would do his best to get the new buckle to me by Monday.

I felt chuffed. and as I hiked on was actually flying untill I got to the next big climb and my energy level dropped to empty.

how much further ..I calculated 6.30 and as I hike north the daylight is fading by 7 so dinner on the dark.

I pushed on my watch pinged 6pm great can’t be much further.. The trail has this annoying habit. that The last mile is like an army obstacle course thst true go kill you. and it’s even more fun when your knackered . tired and just want your bed..I was struggling fown The last climb when I heard voices behind me was kaleidoscope and ahem..I let them pass. as thevtrsil to.the campsite was just in front.

At last I passed several tents , the privy and bear box. Then i saw Iron man..I set to him then we ate together.

I expected Samaritan and his crew to arrive but maybe they have stayed in town


Start. 1885
Finish. 1899
Miles. 15
miles left. 291

Day 141

Tuesday 28th August

I had set the alarm for 5 am to hopefully hit the trail by 6 and claw back some of those miles.

But typically I woke to the sound of heavy rain so didn’t move until it began to slow.

Once it did I quickly packed up before making a brew and breckfast . I was sitting on a tree stump do ing my tea when the rain returned with vengeance. I covered up my pack and finished my tea.

My back groaned as I hoisted my pack I blame the wet tent.

It was just over 4 miles to the next shelter and up . As I walked my mind argues with it’s self ….You should of gone on . I needed to rest. I let them argue!!!!

The trail wasn’t that nice rocky and twisty such fun…… As I made my way up the sun decided to come out and so it soon became humid and me soaked. It was just over 2 hours before I reached the shelter. It was deserted except for one lonely sleeping hiker ..Bless.

I carried on past and down the other side. It was bloody steep too steep for my knees that. complained. It was another hour till I was down and emerged into a lovely little campsite. This was my actual target for Yesterday. But the pond was my choice.

As I made my way through I noticed some huge tarps a d wondered if there was trail magic ? But couldn’t see anyone. I then had to cross a wide river and in the morni g light it looked beautiful.

I was now time for my second climb again steep as I made my way up wyman mnt I began to hear voices .I presumed other hikers coming down .But as I got higher I could see it was a trail crew. They were replacing/ building new steps. It’s quite fascinating to watch as i stood there panting the lady crew said yes this mountain kicks your butt.

Thanks for that I said you could of waited till I was at the top.

I carried on up and 10 minutes later came across another crew doing the same. They had a large block and tackle to move these giant rocks . again I’m.impresed and thanked them.for their hard work .

Yes she was right this mountain did kick my butt. at the top I collapsed and took off my was a great view now as I rested and ate a few snacks

Okay let’s go 1 down 2 more to go Old Blue mountain was.nect and this was a killer

its not a gentle path up these mountains it’s hand over hand climbing and it’s not straight up .you climb a bit you go down a little then you doodle through the forest navigate a big or two then you climb some more. then it’s s huge down before you climb again. Old Blue took me 2 hours and as soon as there was a place I could collapse into then I did.

Omg I am completely knackered and I still have about 8 miles to go for my target and it was 2pm

So I made a brew and ate the rest of my snacks . As I sat there another exhausted hiker appeared. Take my seat in done.

I hoisted up my pack and continued on and of course down . After a while I came to a spring and watered up. I still wanted to get to the shelter but in case I didn’t make it. there was water on the trail and nearer but I like the dog I g water if possible as I do not filter. I pushed on . come Snail you can do this and headed for mountain no 3 Ben is mountain

The climb started similar then I was back to the boards . theses had seen better days and so it was a change drying to keep you feet dry. I kept pushing but didnt want to fall as the trail here was so slippery

As I climbed even higher the wind came. It was fairly terrifying as many of the trees were bending and groaning and the roots were lifting on some. Great I thought crushed by a tree

As I came to an opening I great a great view of some amazing lakes in the far distance one is Lower Richardson lake they look huge.

As I was taking more photos Peach zoomed past. You gpingvyp the shelter Snailtrainer,?

Yes if my legs hold out i said

Peach then vanished..I’m sure he’s half goat , the way he skips down the mountains.

I was beginning to tire it was 6.30 it would take me at least another hour as the trail was rock, bog and steep slabs. and when I’m tired I go slower as that’s when I fall and hurt myself.

Where is that shelter I crossed over big plates of rock

I was worried thst msy be I missed it as I should be there by now

It seemed to take hours untill I spotted a tent. Thank fuck I said to myself. as I had, had enough. The best flat spots had been taken but as I was so tired I didn’t care. and so quickly threw my tent up. Imeaditly made a brew then made a Ramin bomb, ramin and mashed potato . but I added cranberries and bacon. Bloody good .washed fown with a second brew.

It was now pitch dark so straight to bed.

The wind is howling high above me @!

Start. 1936

Finish. 1953

Miles. 17

miles left. 246


Day 142 to Rangely…!

Wednesday 29th Aug

I was awake by 5 but dozed to half past. then hot up and went to find the loo I should of asked last night as I wandered aimlessly around for 10 minutes

But wow what a loo it’s new and large quite grand in fact .

once back at my tent ( no food bag to collect as i slept with it .)

it’s not the bears it’s the rodents!!!!!!!!

I put my stove on for a brew and breckie as I stripped down.there was a girl at the back she got up and in seconds was packed and walking out amazing. sadly I’m not that fast .

I scoffed my instant oats .slurped my tea and then I was away .Snail today’s target was 17 miles can you do it ….

Well I was going to try .

I walked back to the trail .and I was away ..small climbs at first then I was up on the rock. I’m sure this trail was drawn as a doodle as I seemed to be going round in circles. But then wow what a view . the lakes … I stood for a few minutes then pushed on . It was going to be a lot of climb a in the morning then a straight down to Rangely . But my map often lies . The climbs were more up, up down up ,up down up ,up, up up down a bit then flatish .

The trouble with these is they kill me .. but I pushed on .I have to say trail was bloody good . nice and kind a few weaves and a lot of bog crossings which is FUN and challenging. ha ha

in the distance I began to hear cars . oh good a road. I chugged up a steep incline and then Wow..Bloody wow . what an amazing views of Rangely lakes.

Rangely is famous for its ski resorts. .it’s where the young Olympic hopefuls come to train and in summer it’s a fisherman’s paradise. so a busy tourist place.

There was a bench that I collapsed into . and as I was eating few snacks a German hiker called xxx came by.

we studied the maps together . cool 4.5 miles to the power lines then down into Rangely. but sometimes my maps lie

I headed off first, knowing he would soon whizz by me .Which he did .

My next target was the hut (lean to) by the lake that would be my almost halfway point of 8.5 miles. . I shortly came to the lake which looked so idyllic. the trail follwed it around and then There was the shelter whoop and itvwas only 12 pm To have got this .(nut I do not know what is ahead)

I got water from.the lake then walked up the side trail towards the shelter. There were several tent platforms.zi dumped my stuff then walked up to the shelter .I signed the register then walked back to my gear.

I put on a brew and ate snacks . a fellow hiker came and went as i relaxed in the sun.

It was whilst I was here ithst I noticed that my phone was low on charge

odd I thought and plugged in the battery . The battery said ” im Dead” Bollocks . not now I need you … Oh well It is what it is

Okay snail we need another 8

I pushed on and was so pleased when I passed the power lines .but then my God wouldn’t fix and kept telling me I had 12 miles to go . No no thst can’t be right . I ignored it and just hiked on. so spent the next hour crossing bog after bog untill at 3 pm I needed a break .It was at this time my phone died Great!!!!!

I sat and ate the rest of my snacks .I was Hoping to meet u.with a friend but with no phone I’m blind !!

I pushed on u till I came to so.e BlackBerry bushes here my speed dropped. As I gorged on these little gems ..

Come on Snail ……

I pushed on as my watch pinged 5pm oh god how much further Then i passed a sign day 1 miles. thanks Maine guys I like that. several bogs later and a few scary slab manoeuvres and i at the road. nut with no phone do.i go right or left .

As I sat pondering a guy got dropped off . Which way to Rangeley I asked. it’s left

nut walk on the left hand side until.your past the barrier

And there’s the hiker hut there . why don’t you stay there?

-I thanked him and set off up the road. Eventually coming to.a sign for the Hiker Hut. I stood there for 10 minutes with my thumb out. Before deciding to go check out the place.

I walked down and into a beautiful garden . sat at the table were the German duo of Father and daughter. The man in charge appeared any room.i asked I have only the tent. I looked, i liked . Yes that will do me . he then gave me supper $7 and i washed that down with two beers. He was then heading to town do I could grab a shower at the sorts ground and then vrsb a six pack . COOL I said jumping in his car.

The sports Center was a trendy Gym . I signed in and enjoyed a long shower. Input on. clean clothes then headed to the store. Xxx then arrived. and dropped me off at the store.

I’ll be back had said there are 2 other hikers in there.

O grabbed s basket got some more cash then began to shop.

I only came on for beer .but while I’ Then i ran into the two hikers ….. It was Kalidascope and Ahem

Hey your clean was the conversation ….

I whizzed around grabbing nits then beer. I grabbed s six pack of Shipyard 5.5% yummy.

As I got back into the car it was an amazing sun set over the lakes but sadly no camera .

Once back I chilled with other hikers then off to my tent which i really like .

Night all

Start. 1953

Finish. 1970.5

Miles. 17.5

miles left. 220

Day 135 Zero in Goreham

Wednesday 22 August

I didn’t need to get up as I’m on a Zero

But I had chores to do, I finally

I emerged at 7 am .I looked at the sky it was Black. it looked very threatening. a few drops began to fall. Fuck it. I quickly dropped my tent and threw it into the barn. so had just fit it into the dry when it threw it down

I packed up and brought my pack upstairs. I continued editing video . phoned Big Agnes to get a new tent bag.

Samaritan and his team were going for breakfast so i tagged along. we walked to.the testurant in the pouring rain once at he restaurant , it was packed so it seemed to take a while to order and even longer to get our food. I had the hungry hiker thstvwas 2 eggs sausage home fries toast and French toast..I added bacon and a toasted blueberry muffin.

When it eventually came it was bloody good .

We walked back and I began to sort my gear again..okay I need to go to Wal-Mart.

I walked back down town and waited for the bus. itvwas 2 bucks .

I was soon At Wal-Mart. I looked again at suitcases and then brought a new drive to once again clean down my phone.

Once down I grabbed the bus back..Again I visted the post office and a d sent kit back.upthe trail.

Back at the hostel I relaxed.cleaned down my phone and watched tv.

At 5 I went and grabbed more beer then cooked pasta for tea. so made plenty and shared it with others.

Start. 1871

Finish. 1871

Miles. zero

miles left 319

Day 134

Tuesday 21st August

I was up. And out as I needed to get to north Compton Post office as I had stupidly sent a package there and hadn’t the cell service to change it.
The slog up the side trail that I went down last night was a struggle . How I walked down it in the dark last I don’t know.
It seemed to take me ages to get back to the Hut.

I went inside got my book stamped refilled with water  then re-joined the trail.
The start was a climb up Mt Monroe, and it was rock, and it was steep. The soles of my feet were sore from yesterday so ached as I walked hopefully, I can block that out .
As I climbed the views were amazing, but it was a tough climb. I was following the Cairns, but it was still hard trying to plot my route to the next cairn. I was soon puffing and panting . But the views were amaze g and typically Mt Washington was clear in the distance.

At last I reached the summit andd wow what a view . I stood on the top for several minutes just staring at the amazing views. But I was on a tight schedule as I needed to get go the post office.

I headed down or rather to the ridge. The views were stunning . and I was just amazed at their beauty. I stumbled and hesitated my way down to a flat surface.

As I began to reach the tree line, I met an Australian south bounder  called shield maiden that made me smile as it’s a term .from. Vikings that is one of my favourite tv programs.
at last I was off the rocks. and began to head down into the trees .
I hadn’t gone far until. I ran into Passenger, Sir mix lot, bleep and Ossie. We exchanged verbal insults as they were slackpacking south as we continued our way. Next it was the commander and Wander Woman Wander Woman gave me advice about the trail.

At last the and less rocky and I was able to get some speed up.or rather I thought I was faster.

come on snail I urged my way on as I wouldn’t be at the trail head until 1.30 then I had a double hitch .
I was still heading down, but I thought I was going good on time
I crossed several creeks as I continued down from. Monroe.
Then  crossed over a large creek via a suspension bridge

I was busy stomping down the trail when I came snagged on s branch stupidly, I wrenched free, only to find that it was my tent stuff sack that’s caught so it was now ripped in two and my tent fluttered out behind me. I was more concerned that in May of ripped my tent, so I had to stop to. I investigate. Luckily not . so, had to carry out a quick repair / bodge on my tent bag then I was on my way.
I shortly emerged onto a road. shall I hitch I pondered.
as forestry can appeared and stopped so I asked the driver for advice on how to get to the post office. He recommended continuing to Pickcom Notch. Do that’s what I did. I soon began to see people which meant that I was close.
Soon I was there . I went inside to grab a soda. Outside was pippin and Sparks

I gave the normal abuse then headed for the road and to hitch to North Compton
It was 10 minutes before I had a ride .the guy was an all-round dude. hiker, surfer, skier etc. he made me feel quite dull .as he was my age May be older. but a great car companion. He ended up dropping me at the post office. I grabbed my new Snozzel bag from Xped posted my tourist stuff up the trail , then headed back to the road. my driver suggested that I walk to the next set of lights then hitch.

It worked  a lady stopped, she was retired and had just been fishing
As we drove, she said bugger my golf has been cancelled so  I might as well take you to Gorham. As originally, she was going to drop me off at the road junction.
Where do you want to go, she asked…?
I wasn’t sure so got out my phone. The Hostel. I said.
It’s right there she said pointing to the right.
She dropped me right outside the hostel.

I thanked her and lugged my pack. Up the driveway.
I pushed the bell.
Do you have a bed I asked?
Sorry we are full. I thought…….Do you have tenting?
Yes, I have tenting .
Okay then that would be good, do you have a bed for tomorrow ?
Yes, I do .
Great so I booked in and paid.
I quickly put up my tent and relaxed.
Once settled in  I then walked to the Post office and picked up my
On the way back I got some snacks for tea and beer.
Once back I sorted through my stuff. The relaxed in the barn with my fellow hikers and relaxed.

Start. 1864
Finish. 1871
Miles. 7
Miles left

Day 91 zero in port Clinton

Monday 9th July
I heard several other hikers moving around at 6 am but I had chores to do so there was no hurry. at 8 am I got up for the customary see but as I was in public, I wandered over to the porta Potty.
I then returned to my bed. and was dozing when several ladies appeared bringing in food.
There’s going to be coffee and eggs one of the ladies announced.
so, I got up . and walked over to where they were setting up.
There was indeed bacon . boiled eggs and a sort of omelette that was so tasty. I also had coffee. then the ladies brought around juices . and bagels . then insisted that we have more .
Well that was unexpected and really nice .
Okay haircut time .I walked to the barber’s carrying my old poles and bits that I wanted to post.
I walked into the barber’s and was amazed it was like Aladdin’s cave. filled with memorabilia and brick a brack and all the chairs where rocking chairs
There was a man having his hair cut so good I will be next then I can get on
But No.
Once the man had paid .The barber began doing other stuff.
Then he looked at me . and asked do you want your hair cut?
Well yes, I do .

A few minutes he said and began to fill cases with silver coins and other trinkets .
Get yourself a coffee and pastry. there are cookies there and relax
Then the father and daughter hikers arrived but they just wanted a lift. One of my customers will take you. just relax.
Almost 40 minutes later he’s ready for me. but as he starts to cut my hair, he keeps having conversations with everyone as the shop gradually fills up.
Then 2 more members of staff arrive and again he starts to cut my hair then wanders off to chat to more customers .
I’m still sat in the chair when noproblama arrives . but only to charge his phone

omg a 45-minute hair cut but it did look good. I pay and go to retrieve my phone and noproblama laughs at the amount of time that it took .
Yes, I said as I need to get to the post office. doesn’t open untill.12.30 ,!!
Really, I say . bugger I was hoping to head straight back out well after tree hugger gets in
So, I grab a chair and continue to charge it whilst editing video
Then Tree hugger appears .
Snail is this yours .  he says passing me my puffy that I had left in the last motel
Well thank you so much . really appreciate it thanks again .

With us  all together I grab a photo if all if us and me in the chair.
Tree Hugger decides to get his hair cut .so I say my goodbyes as he is staying in a hotel in the next town .and it’s now 12.30.
I walk to the Post office and . hand over my I’d
there should be a couple of packages for me.
He comes Back with 4 ,my new poles, new tips, new socks and a case for my phone.
I box up my old poles and a few other bits then post them up the trail.

At last I wander back to the pavilion. I cut the new ends into my poles. then sort out my other bits . The case for my phone is good but the glass is the wrong size and it’s not worth returning it. oh well my mistake.

I decide to sort out some paperwork and drink a few beers from yesterday. Then I decide it’s not worth hiking out now and as my foot is still painful  so a longer rest wouldn’t hurt
In the Pavilion. several other hikers are resting ,it seems a good idea, so I decide to do the same and grab fourty winks with my foot elevated.

At 5pm Robin hood decides to go for food
Where are you going, I asked
To the Hotel snail?
I don’t think they open on a Monday, but the fire station club is, and they do snacks and cheap beer.

You fancy coming Snail?
Yeah why not .
On the way to town  we decide to check  on the Hotel., but  it as we approach a lady shouts out
“They are closed on a Monday”
Okay then.
So, we head to the fire station and push the bell. when the light goes orange, we can open the door.
We enter then ask several patrons if they would mind signing us in .
Then we can order some beer. The local ale is yinglang. and it is served in frosted glasses.
I then order some food . which I soon dispose of.
I manage to make the whole bar laugh by asking for a serviette. The barman is confused. Oh, sorry I say a Napkin.

Several of the locals buy me beer and I’m just about to leave when 2 more beers arrive
I must go after these I insist .
When at last I exit the fire station there is a nip in the air .and wished I had brought my puffy which I now have back.
I must admit I enjoy the walk back at dusk watching the fireflies dart about

once back at the Pavilion I pack up my gear so I’m ready to go first thing.
Then I swallow a couple of Pm to help me sleep then I’m gone

Start 1185
Finish 1185.
Miles. ZERO

Day 81 Maryland day 2

I slept well considering and was up and on the trail by 6.30 I waved goodbye to bumble bee and then did the same to Dog whisperer . it was a cool morning as I stopped up. The trail at the road crossing there was a bag of fruit, so I grabbed an apple
I crossed the road and again there were many signs telling the history of the civil war.
I crossed through a field then began to climb again but it wasn’t a huge climb and so was soon st the top. the trail was graded well then signs began to appear telling you about the life of George Washington. st the top was a monument dedicated to him .

There were great views from here. I was just leaving when Bumble bee arrived. dis she fast today or me slow,
I took off again determined not to stop for 5 hours. I climbed I descended I avoided the bogs and sticky mud. I said morning to everyone who past and stopped to chat to others. then I came to rock and slowed to a crawl . I just can’t walk over it

At last I was back to nice soil, but it was now 11. Okay a break . I began to look for a suitable spot .Perfect
I dropped my pack plugged my phone into its charger as it was low. Then I brewed tea and ate lunch. I was still relaxing when Bumblebee arrived.
She was heading to the next shelter but would get there by 3. I may see you there. but I too wanted more miles even though that would be 18.
I watched her go then began to pack up as several more hikers came past.
I was soon back on the trail when I found a bandana, I picked it up and soon caught the last two hikers .
it was indeed hers. we chatted for a while . They were getting picked up at the road. When we arrived, their friend asked if I fancied a cold beer so joined them just off trail.

We chatted for ages drinking several cans of beer.
Then a ranger arrived he was chatty, and I told him about the inconsiderate hikers. he filled on a report and copied their photos. If they misbehave again, they could be banned from state parks.
I had one more beer .packed one out then headed back to the trail.
I was a little annoyed with myself for wasting so much time. but it was enjoyable.

I pushed on and on .But it was hot come on miles. But I was low on water so needed some . At last a creek I guzzled down a litre then topped up my bladder maybe too much. As the rest of the trail was up.
I checked the next shelter was near but dry so at the next creek I filled up again dreading the last climb.
It was steep it was long it was hot my pack creaked under the weight. Finally, a sign . SHELTER. I made my way down the side trail . The shelter was nice new. there were dad and daughter who were at the camp yesterday.
I paused for a while trying to decide whether to go on or not . then went and put my tent up.
I cooked dinner early then retreated to my tent as I needed my sleep
It was a good day, but I wanted more miles . Maybe tomorrow?

Start    1041.9
Finish 1060.8
Miles 19

My Video Blog And Written Blog are out of sync
here is the days Video

Day 78 Washington Dc

my alarm beeped

I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathrooom

I got my stuff together as quietly as I could then went to the kitchen .Someone had put coffee on but god it was strong far too strong for me.

I grabbed the rest of my stuff that I may need and set off to the station .

One the far side of the tracks were several people . I guessed that this was the side I needed so crossed over. There were several other hikers that I had met but didn’t remember their names. So we chatted a while as we waited for our train.

Then there was an announcement saying that our train was delayed for 25 minutes. and so the next train through would be the freight train.

The freight train appeared 10 minutes later .and here in the US they are so long it seemed to be rolling pasts for ages the screeching and squealing of the wheels was deafening.

At last our train arrived and I border it has 2 decks so I went upstairs .. It was about a dozen stops till I reached the Capital.

Once off of the train I headed to capital hill and looked around the building. Then I decided to walk down to the mall. There seemed a lot going on there was a Spanish festival and one from Estonia.

I ignored these for now and headed to the obilisk. wow it was tall I admired it for quite a while

fore moving on to the Lincoln memorial.. On the way I passed through a very large and well designed war memorial..I walked around it several times before continuing.

A great great deal of the gardens and grounds were fenced off. and so I had to double back a few times . I was just getting near when the heavens open I managed to get inside just in time but then so did every ome else. so it was difficult to get a good photo

When the rain stopped I decided to visit the White house It had hoped to get closer but again every thing was fenced off. I was just about to take more photos when a policeman appeared yelling me that this path was now also closed. so reluctantly I did as I was told.

My tummy began to rumble informing me that it needed food. I googled pubs and found one to visit. hit directions and flowed the directions.

so ordered up a hippy IPA and found a seat and plugged in my phone

There were numerous yellow shirts wearing people, then I realised it was Brazil playing in the 2018 world cup.
I ordered some loaded fries and another beer one called “Too young to be a werewolf”. This one was good, tasty and refreshing.
As I sat enjoying my food and beer the rain was chucking it down outside. so, I decided to stay for a 3rd until it stopped raining.
When the sun came out it was roasting so I headed to the nearest museum which was natural history museum.
I really liked how it was laid out so mooched about for a while.
I exited out of the other side back into the Mall . As I walked along everything was in full swing . carving exhibitions , basket weaving . food shows etc. In the middle were 4 huge characters as I got nearer music started and they began to dance. I watched amazed for a while .
My next stop were some gardens .I wandered through , enjoying the aromas and the colours . There are so many things to visit that I was tight on time so headed for the Air & space museum. This was my thing and I liked looking at all the exhibits. They had a lunar module.

Several capsules part of one of the booster rockets that is huge. There is also a good selection of rides. You can pay $8 and go in as simulator, it looked fun but not today . as my time was almost up do headed back to the station almost running the last bit just in case.

At last I’m. On the train heading back to Harper’s Ferry. yes, I’ve had a good day.
Once back I thought I would grab a quick bite before walking back to the hostel.
I walked upstairs created the bar lady again and went to sit outside
It was nice to see Kanye
She was on her own, so I joined her. I ordered a beer and a Ruben’s which was tasty.
The waitresses accidentally poured a beer by mistake, so she gave it to me for free
Jayne and I talked for ages before I needed to leave.
I enjoyed the walk back  to the hostel , I watched several  deer trot along the road and  the 100s of fireflies  doing  their thing.
Once back,  I sorted out my gear then jumped into the shower, then relaxed

Start 1024.8
Finish 1024.8
Miles ZERO. Still!

Day 77 Zero in Harper’s Ferry

I woke and dozed Tree hugger was up as he was put early to slack pack .
At 7 I got up and groggily walked into the kitchen there were about 6 sat around the table with coffee and a huge plate of waffles. I grabbed a coffee and sat down. put a large waffle onto my plate smeared it with butter then sliced banana over the top before pouring maple syrup over it
God it  tasted so good , washed down with coffee and orange juice. I ate 4 more of these tasty waffles until I was full.
my next chore was the post office . it was a 10min walk.
I handed over my ID  and the man went off to search. He returned several minutes later with 4 packages. 2 boxes and 2 bags. one was my tent bag, the other a top from under armour
one box had  food and the other bits., so bounced both.
But I was still missing several  packages. my shoes, socks .
So I asked him to check again!

He replied that they may be at the AT Centre!
I wondered why but went in search anyway.
I walked to the AT building and asked if there were any packages for me.
Let’s look said the lady.
Yes indeed 2 packages , .yes, my shoes and new socks.

It was still early so decided to walk to the town and find the train station.
It took another 5 minutes . the town was a gem full of history . There were several groups of school kids who were having a tour and being told about the civil war as Harper’s Ferry was the scene of a large battle.
I shadowed one group listening to the guide tell the children about the history.
I then went to find the outfitters as I fancied buying a chair. a lightweight hiking chairs. the shop was full of gear but nothing that I really wanted. I then fancied breakfast or a snack but nothing was open yet. so, decided to explore the station.

As I  headed  back it began to get warm day. so, decided to  me revisited the AT Centre.
Whilst here I checked my email and ordered  myself  a chair from Amazon to be sent to the next town.
I brought another soda then headed back to the hostel,

Once  back I took my tent outside to dry in the sun. It was so HOT that it took mete minutes for my tent to be dried. I wiped off any dead creatures’ slugs and other nasties.
Then I cleaned my stakes before rolling up my tent and putting it away in its new stuff sack

I wanted to visit Washington DC tomorrow so was trying to sort clothes. my shorts were smelly, so I washed them and my socks in the sink before pegging them out on the line.
As I was checking my email, I noticed that zippy was in town I texted her to see where she was. I decided to head back to the old town grab a beer and food.
As I walked past the AT Centre, I saw Zippy omg we had a Big hug before posing outside the Centre

I’m off for dinner so will catch you later and continued on my way.
I walked into the “Halfway to Heaven restaurant. grabbed a table and ordered a beer.

I ordered the crab cakes and enjoyed my beer and the afternoon sun as I waited for my meal. Another hiker. called xxxxx asked if he could join me.
As we chatted, we found out we both did the PCT in 2014 and hikers with many of the same people. how spooky.
My crab cakes arrived and shortly disappeared followed by several more ales.
As the other hiker left,  I heard my name being called. sat a little behind was Solo and several other hikers so I went and joined them.
At 9pm I decided that it was time to leave and set off back to the hostel

When I arrived, it was almost in darkness a big change from the night before!
So, I found my bed and was soon asleep
Start 1024.8
Finish 1024.8
Miles ZERO