Bounce Box ?

You may have heard this term several times and thought what is that?

A bounce Box is a box of “Stuff” ie spares kit, batteries, and spare clothes that you may need but don’t want to carry in your pack so you Bounce it up the trail ahead of you.

The US Post system has a great service that lets you Bounce a parcel or package to another post office free of charge, Which I think is a fantastic, of course once you remove it you must pay again

Ie When you get to Post office at your location you take out what you need and pay again to Bounce it to your ned location   or if you need anything at all just Bounce it further up the trail

When I hiked the PCT in 2014 I was very green and like many hikers I took too much, mainly because lack of knowledge and the fact that I was coming from the UK.

I was very fortunate to have acquired most of my kit free of charge including spares and so I was bringing them with me so that I wouldn’t have to buy whilst in the US saving myself money

To be honest, my bounce box worked extreamly well, although I did bounce some crap, I didn’t need to bring so many pills and potions as these were so cheap in the US.
making my box lighter and cheaper to post
I would keep the course of Anti Giardia Tablets!

Also, I did not know how far I would get, I wanted to get to Canada   but would my body let me. So, it was difficult to know   where to   post   kit, also the duration that some post offices would hold my stuff

My bounce box was a black plastic Tuff Box or crate, I made it more secure by drilling a couple of holes through the side and using cable ties, And I think it worked extreamly well, some hikers use Food drums, others are happy with a card board box,

So below are the contents of my bounce box, highlighted in yellow are   things that I did not need,

Contents My Bounce Box

12 pairs of socks 2 Spare Head torches
2 Spare sunglasses 2 spare pairs of Pants
1 Spare Torch 1 spare Bite valve
1 Collapsible 1L bottle  1 X stove maintenance Kit
spare Batteries  Memory cards
2 large capacity Usb sticks  Spare charger
Gaffa Tape Wet wipes
Hand sanitiser Mosquito Head net
 Knife  3 X gauze for Cooking
Waterproof Trousers  Spare Shirt
T-shirt   Backpack transporter
 2 X Ibuprofen Gel
Sudocrem  2 X Ibuprofen Gel
2X Antihistamine Cream 25gm  1 X Lip Balm
1 X strip of Moleskin  Iodine
Fryers Balm  Surgical sprit
80 Codeine  100 Ibuprofen tablets
100 paracetamol,  80 Naproxen
20 Anti giardia Tablets  Purifying tablets
Spare Blister Plasters  Plasters
Spare maps pens /Address labels  Spare straps
pens /Address labels Spare USB cables
 100 hot chocolate sachets 1000 Teabags (Yes, I need these)

You  may  think  the  tea  and  hot  cholate  excessive  but  I  used  the  lot
I am British  I  love  my  tea


Bounce Box

MY Bounce Box

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