DAY 161 To the Finish….Canada

Sep 20th

Oh my god what a storm last night it started at  4pm I  took extra ibuprofen PM  to knock me out…I didnt want to see my tent destroyed…. I also switched off my alarm to save battery. The storm raged  for hours until I fell asleep.

Hello  Hello  are you  okay in there  came a voice.

It took me a while to register  what was happening.

Yes im okay  what’s  the time?

It’s  just gone 8.30!!

F**K F**K  I said to my self.


But  when I opened tent

Wow I hadn’t expected this  I quickly got dressed and ventured out  omg  it’s brain was struggling to comprehend  the situation.

I went to get my bear bag  and  it was frozen on the pole  so  took me a while to  get down.

I quickly  packed up in a sort of daze.. I wasn’t ready for this.

The wind was freezing  so I didn’t bother with tea I  just knew I needed to get out of here.

I had all my layers on and forced my hands into my gloves as  it was so far too cold without them

Okay   im out of here now.

The trail was easy to  follow…as I just followed the footsteps.

I pushed  on  trying to keep warm  after several hours  I began to drop down into a forest. 

I saw other hikers coming south so stood aside then I noticed it was Mudbath and another female hiker but I didnt know  her name. 

Hiya snail 

Hey man congratulations. 

He suggested that i push onto the finish. 

Okay  I will (depending on terrain)

The I met another finisher  heading back  he warned me of  the overgrown trail ahead. 

I thanked him and pushed on 

As I continued  heading down the sun appeared and the snow vanished  so I need to stop  and  remove  my puffy but not yet.

Then I heard  some weird  sounds  I wasn’t sure if it was a bear growl  but then I realised it was an engine.  It was actually a Brush cutter and there were 4 guys cutting back the trail.

Wow great job guys I said and carried  on  but  soon had to stop to take off my puffy.

My pack seemed heavier today   but its got a wet tent and wet bear bag in side or maybe its tge way I packed it (In a hurry)

The day was now gorgeous. Clear blue skies but the trail was overgrown and so  I was having to push through  the foliage. Grrr.

Some is easy  other just sap  your strength and there is always a hidden rock  to  throw  you to the ground .

But I was getting nearer and nearer  omg  I’m almost  finished.

I pushed on the trail suddenly becoming wide and clear… a tell tale sign of civilisation.. and I  could see buildings and a huge lake. I had arrived at waterton lake and  there was a trash can. So I dumped my  trash, i was just checking on what direction I was to head when Gargoyle  appeared 

HI I havnt seen you  since Leadore

God when did I last see you?

Think it was in the  helia.. no Leadore

Wow that long ago…

He was waiting for freinds to catch up..

I just had  4 miles to go…

So sped off  typically as you approach the finish line the trail  is  awfully overgrown  and  with roots to trip you up and make you fail. But I  was near.. and getting more and more excited…

3miles to go 2 Miles to  go   1Mile  to  go 

Omg  I’m here

The monument..

. Its done.

Gargoyles wife and mum were here also two day hikers  who were amazed at  my journey.

Gargoyles wife  Spacepants  took  my  photos and  watched me celebrate with a bottle of champagne that I had carried since Helena. 

Omg  it’s  done..

I waited for Gargoyle and  his team to arrive then celebrated with them .

Okay  im done  now off to Canada.. 

It’s another 4 miles but  god I’m so so happy I climbed my last hill I could see Waterton in the distance my destination.

I began to decend and then I’ the parking lot.

The two guys who had witnessed my finish were here and so offered to drive me to the local hotel.

The offered to wait but I waved them away (mistake)

As there was no vacancies..F**k that  wasnt  the plan …

They suggested  a hotel up the street.  So I plodded on..

Yes they had room so I booked in for two nights. I’m in the “Romantic” suite  looks really nice …expensive but  I deserve  it.

Once settled in washed  and brushed I headed out for dinner for my celebratory meal.

I had a margarita to start , A great margarita . Then crab cakes and for mains prawn and lobster linguine 

Shall I have desert hell yeah lol oh and maybe a drambuie?

Okay  that’s me  done

I am going to chill tomorrow then hitch to Calgary  for a few days before flying home to the 🇬🇧 

Mileage  18  whoop finished.

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