DAY 151 Heading to East Glacier day 3 Lion!

Sep 10th 

My alarm went off but it was F**King  freezing so I silenced them until at least 6.30..
But even then I was still cold I opened the inner flaps of my tent and the outside door was frozen omg that is cold. I unzipped it and looked out Every where was white…Brrrrrrr.
A thick frost covered the grass

I slowly woke up afraid to get out of my bag as it was -5 omg  that’s cold. I packed up as quickly as I could as my tea boiled.
I needed my puffy on today that’s three layers, I haven’t worn 3 layers in a while and my second layer is much thicker than the one I had started with.
Okay we are out of here..I pushed on  not wanting to stop to film until I could at least feel my hands. I headed up slightly then through some woods. Its typical on the next morning you come across numerous campsites far better than the one I choose yesterday…typical  ha ha.
I pushed on once again the trail was fairly flat but due to the cold I had a late start so that will cost me miles today but hey I’m not in a race and I can almost smell Canada .
I wound myself  around several hills before dropping down in a burn area. I guess I walked almost 3 hours through this maybe more and as most of you have seen burn areas there wasn’t too much filming to do. After 2 hours I came to my first creek once across I decided to stop as i needed to remove my puffy.

I grabbed a bottle of water but as it was too cold and so my steripen  didn’t like it. So I didn’t bother to filter .It tasted so good and ice cold.
Okay  let get those miles. I headed off again still in the burn but after another hour I needed to remove my second layer as I was roasting


F**kup!!! Somehow when I hiked away I left  my bear spray sitting on a rock.. I knew I would do it sometime  and today was it. 


As I came out of the burn, below  was a huge beautiful  lake (most are) I began to head down via switch backs and was soon near to it .but  didn’t go to look. As I passed by I noticed several tents  sweet spot I said to myself.
Okay I will grab water  at the next stream.  The stream soon appeared it was when I dropped my pack that I noticed that my bear spray was missing. Could it have dropped off  ? No I don’t think I attached it at my last stop. 

So I said lots of FFFFFFF  word. It was too far to go back and so was really annoyed with myself .
Oh well I  will have to be extra clean and careful at camp later.
Okay lunch time.  It was a while until I found a suitable  spot as I wanted to dry my tent also.
There. I dropped my pack  and undid my tent roll laying out the fly and groundsheet. 
It was lovely sitting in the sun. 
I made some soup and ate summer sausage and a few snacks as my kit dried in the sun. 
Jules appeared hey why are you not in front?  And don’t suppose you picked up a bear spray??
No to bear spray and he’s been doing side trails.
Okay no probs, stay safe I said as he headed off
He was soon gone. 
Okay all dry time to head on. 
After lunch I spent most of the afternoon meandering through forests which was mostly overgrown. I love to come through it with a big hedge cutter but they don’t allow mechanical machinery in the forests. Seems dumb to me as there is so much trail to maintain.

I plodded  on then in front of me 

OMG  FUCK!!!!!!!



By the time it had registered in my brain. I had grabbed my phone .found camera then video then pulled out my can of my Banana Boat sun screen ( for protection)
He had moved a little  we both looked each other and as my phone is so scratched took a while to press record  but I got  him a bit out of focus and much further away than when he first appeared .
I waited a few  minutes then carried on down the trail  I was nervous of him/her leaping out on me but then I saw her to my left walking off into the woods.
OMG  I HAVE SEEN A MOUNTAIN LION… God  I’m still buzzing from that encounter.
I carried on down he trail and soon came to another wide creek but was able to rock hop across.
Once across I saw Jules
Jules I’ve just seen a mountain Lion.
“No way man, where?”
About mile back. I have got some footage not brill.
I showed jules a bit of the video 
He was so impressed  and maybe a touch jealous.
I pushed on still buzzing.
It was  now 4 pm and although I wanted more miles  there is a camp site  in about 4miles that should take me to 6- 6.30.

At 5.30 I decided to stop and have a cuppa. Just a 10 min stopp  then I will push on .at the next stream I watered up ready to camp.

At last  great  it 6.30  that  do me 

Mileage  22 and a Mountain 🦁 


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