DAY 150 Heading to East Glacier day2

Sep 9th

I woke up cold but then I was in a valley and by a river not a good combination. 

I packed up  then put on a brew.  I was just about to tea when it began to rain ..bugger. I quickly finished packing.  But then where is my phone panic panic..I unpacked my tent which then got soaked. NO phone

MY Sleeping bag. now also wet. No phone

I emptied my pack until  I found it. I had packed it with my battery. Maybe I should have checked that first.

So now I have wet kit a wet pack and I’m cold and very late.

I left just gone 8am Crap.

Especially  as I knew I had a big climb to do . I pushed on as the rain fell.  Then I heard something behind…It was Google  he’s always late to leave  but can do big miles.

I blinked and he had vanished  so impressed….i pushed on and soon crossed over a creek on the other side was a tent spot this is where cash was heading last night.  The trail now began to get steeper  but there were switchbacks  but they were steep. 

I kept climbing  and climbing god this is  high I though after 40 minutes.  I soon began to see  frost I had several layers  on so was warm except my hands. 

And with my crap start I wasn’t really in the  right sort of mood  but i pushed up and up  and across  and up and up. The rain continued to fall so with the rain and plants my feet were soon soaked.oh  well.

I tried to put my other gloves on  earlier but due to cold hands I couldn’t pull them on .

I pushed on and then it began to snow ..such fun…it looked oh so pretty  but began to be hard work pushing through it and slipping. 

I had been climbing for over two hours  and I was already getting exhausted  ,blaming  this morning’s   fiasco.

God I hope  the sun  comes out later or nothing will dry….

I kept climbing   now and then a clear  patch would apear in the swirling mist exposing beautiful  sights but then it was gone. At last  I  feel I am at the top…and of course began to decend.. but im descending slowly as I do not trust the snow.

And where the snow is gone the mud is even more slippery. 

I pushed on through some forest then climb up another cliff.  At the top is yet another amazing lake  but this one is cold and grey. I follow the snowy footprints around the lake and into a burn area. Now the sun is trying to break through come on sun you can do it. I follow  through the burn and begin to head downwards  cliffs  begin to apear as the mist  is beginning to lift.

Then four deer bound infront of me and then are gone. 

Good as I hadn’t seen any for a while. As I decend  I see a perfect rock to sit on and as its 12  I decide to call it lunch. I was planing to make soup but its in the bottom of my pack  so tea it is lol. I open the summer sausage and cut off a huge chunk and then some cheese and biscuits.

Okay miles  to do .

Well its definitely a day of two half’s. Before leaving  I took off my rain jacket but kept on the second layer as it was still cold.

What a great afternoon  strolling through meadows  or  warm forests .as I had a crap start  I wasn’t looking for big milage,also if possible I planned to stop early to let everything dry out.

So  the trail meandered its way through  the countryside fording rivers and little climbs

 The clock was  whizzing around so at four I stopped for another break grabbed water  and removed the  second layer as it was now a hot afternoon.

Okay 6  should do it  i thought to myself…I  was now  on the edge of a hill which I like and again flat  that I like  …I pushed on until I came to another river.  This was wide and fast and once there was a bridge. As it was late in the day I changed  shoes for the crossing it  wasnt too bad although the water was freezing.

Once across I changed  back and continued on . The trail then emerged by a rangers  hut with a corral and in the corral where 3 beautiful  horses  . I carried on past and was again walking around the edge of several hills with the river running below.   I followed this for about an hour  before dropping down into a large burn area. I was now ready to camp  but  not  here.

I pushed on and on for almost another hour. Crossed another river  before deciding that I had, had enough 

my tent is surrounded by widow makers but I’m tired.

I put up my tent leaving the fly off to dry but by now the sun had gone in and it was  getting cold bloody cold. So I started tea  but then finished it off inside my tent.

Night all

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