DAY 149 Heading to East Glacier day 1


I was up early, but there was no movement in the other two tents.

I quietly   packed up inside my tent then went to retrive my food  bag .I untied it and walked back to my tent.

I lit my stove and put water on to boil as I began to drop my tent.

When everything was most packed I walked over to the log and leisurely drank my tea. It was 6.40 and still a little dark. But now I could see Cross-creek beginning to drop her tent and some movement inside Google’s.

I finished my tea ,clipped ito to my pack stuffed the rest of my gear inside and I was ready.

I marched out and began a small climb  that began to meander through the forest .After an hour I reached the Chinese Wall. A huge escarpment  that was over 5 miles long and as high as the  clouds. 

I found it mesmerising.  I stood staring at it for sometime before moving on and up. After a brief climb the views of this magnificent  *thing* were even better I was taking photos when Cash appeared closely followed by cross creek.

I set off after them but had to keep stopping to take more photographs of this amazing  wonder.  As I walked it seemed to follow  you  that  was its size.

Okay enough video and photos of this spectacle I need to push on. I had several more climbs before the trail at last leveled  out.

After three hours I decided to stop for a quick break and glug some water. I had just put down my pack when cross-creek appeared from the opposite direction . I looked puzzled and she laughed 

See you up trail snail.

I finished my break and headed off I had  3 more miles to go until the trail junction. I had planned to take the alternate  from here.

I pushed on until I saw a black shape to my left. I backed up.

Yes it was a bear sat under a tree.

My phone camera is poor at long distances  and I struggled to hold the focus but I think I got a few seconds of film.

I was pleased with this.

I pushed on and imeaditly began to climb ,Okay next log I’ll take a break. perfect..

I dropped my pack glugged down more water and ate some snacks.

I headed off and could soon see yet another gorgeous lake.  Will I get closer ?..yes  I did and soon I was standing at its edge.. i stared at it but couldnt see any fish or signs of fish  so  moved  on. I was soon walking around the edge of a mountain with amazing views. 

Below me I could see several hikers but I didnt recognise them so guessed they were not  Cdt hikers.

I began to head down via multiple the distance I could see several hikers and these guys I did know. Shredder,Google  and cash. 

Where is cross creek  I asked?

She’s behind  you.

How? I said

Think she went to climb the wall

I didn’t know that that was a thing.

But apparently  it is.

We all sat  there not wanting to  hike on (know one  knew why)

Okay see you up trail I said and set off on the Alternate. 

Cash said  he would come to.

We set off with the same pace and spent the whole time talking crap and was soon amazed at  the miles we had covered 

Supposedly  there  was a dead horse up ahead  and we were nervous  about Grizzly.’s  as they love a good carcass. But thankfully  the rangers had been in and removed it.

Okay I needed a break  so at the next water I stopped.Cash thought it a good idea too  and also watered up. As we sat filtering  Shredder  came by closely followed by Google. They where heading for a camp  that was 4 miles away. 


I checked my watch 5.30.  Mmm I’m going to walk for another hour *  I said .

We set off again but I didnt have the pace as I did earlier  so wished Cash well and slowed to my normal pace . may see tomorrow or in town. I said

I plodded  on  stoping to film interesting sites  I was miles away when cross creek appeared.we both laughed at each other. Cash was looking for you she said

How I said  he’s in front.

No she said  he was waiting for you.

Oh I said .and as she passed   me. I shouted  The next flat spot is mine .

She laughed. 

After about  another 2 miles  there was another creek to cross luckliy there was a fallen tree so I kept dry feet but once over I could see cross creek getting water.

We laughed at each other again. 

A few more yards  and there was my camp spot.. 

I soon had my tent  up when Cash came by . We exchanged phone  number and said see you in town.

Then cross creek came by shes heading for the next camp spot.

I cooked dinner.  Then hung my bag night all.

Milage  24

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