DAY 145 Heading to Benchmark day 2

SEP 5th

I woke early to the sound of the wind still roaring. But I had slept really well.

I dozed until my next alarm  before   I began to get ready .

I went for a wee and retrieved my bear bag that  was still where I left it.

I slowly packed up  slurped my tea  and I was ready.

I looked up at the climb  that I was about to do,  tightened my pack and began .

I hadn’t gone far when the trail

suddenly turned right and preceeded to head down and down  and it was a lovely wide path  I followed this path down for almost an hour and then got really annoyed as if I had known it was going to be this  good  I would have gone on.but  sadly I do not own a crystal ball or hindsight..

Now  the trail began to climb  but it wasn’t too bad as there were switchbacks  and they were not steep and they  were shaded  by  trees on both sides. As I walked I kept saying to myself I could have camped there,there’s a good spot  and there. Oh that would have been a good spot .

Eventually I emerged  out  onto the ridge  and there was no trees or shelter as I began to cross the wind  returned with vengeance. 

OMG  it was fierce,I removed my hat  or risked it being  ripped from my head the noise of the wind was also deafening and as I walked I turned into a crab as  forward movement seemed impossible in places I fought not to be blown off of my feet.

I stared ahead and could see the wibbly wobbly  line of the trail  meander  over several  more  large hills and disappear off into the distance. This was going to be so much fun….NOT!

I pushed on walking sideways as it was impossible to  go straight battling  with  the ferocity of the wind.

Again I thought should have done more last  night.

I  counted off the hills as I  crossed them, after   the last one I headed   into more trees and a break from the wind..  but once through it  I was presented   with more of what I had just crossed  with the trail Once again crossing several more hills and into the distance.  But  now the wind had subsided  and I could walk normally and wear my hat .

I was  getting nearer to Rogers pass and  a good time to grab lunch.

I began to climb yet another large hill  when almost at the top I noticed people, mother and son on a day hike . The mother made me smile as she was carrying an enormous  sheaf knife .

What are you planning to hunt I asked?

This made her laugh.

We chatted for a while before  heading  in our different directions 

Soon I could make out the road and the trail  began to head down.

I went  left  then right along the switch acts  bit it seemed to take forever until I was at the trail head.

 Phew.i found a large rock and 

Dropped my pack. Used the bathroom and as there was a trash can dropped my trash.

Lunchtime, I ate a load of snacks and then took a few photos of the sign as it’s my name  ha ha.

Okay  what goes down has to  go  up so reluctantly  hoisted up my pack again and began the climb out . As i began to climb I stopped and put on an audio book these seem to help me push  miles .so  head  down and walk.

Once again I’m carrying water and once again its heavy  such fun .

I pushed on climbing with the odd  few minutes of swearing until 3.30 when I needed a break .

But  only a quick stop as I wanted more miles  .I had plenty of  food  but  really wanted to push on to bench mark  or at least get to the water. I set off again  turning  up the music  but  it was l mad climbs again but i was determined to push  and get  there. I refused to look at my watch incase  it laughed  at me.

Okay  I need more motivation so went from audio book to music.

That’s a better beat.

Okay  I can peek at my watch now  6.30  Okay snail   we are almost  there.

Water…..I watered  up and  not much further was the perfect spot …

My tent was soon up and relax.


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