DAY 144 Heading to Benchmark day 1

SEP 4th

I didn’t sleep well if fact I slept crap. My back hurt where I fell on a rock and so I couldn’t get comfortable.

My alarm went off at 6.30 and I dozed until 7am when I pulled the stopper from my mattress. 

I opened my tent and then headed to the porta potty. Almost luxury lol.

There were a few  up all ready making coffee  and milling around. The store doesn’t open until 7 and I had thought of a few things that I wanted in the night.

I headed back to my tent and began to pack up.  When I am camping on my own everything has its place but when in a group  things get mislaid.  

 I took my pot to the picnic bench and made tea and breakfast  but when I went to pack my stove I couldn’t find its stuff  sack or my  other bits. 

I know they will turn up when I camp again but it was just annoying .

I called into the shop and grabbed a few more bits . Then I grabbed water I am taking 4 litres its probably overkill but I struggled yesterday and ran out.

Okay im ready and omg look at the time it’s 8.30  so I don’t expect a big milage and once again its  going to be lots of climbs again and my pack is heavy.

I followed the path from Daves (the outfitter)  back to the trail crossed over the road  and instantly began to climb again.

Up and up and up  at last it began to level out at the same time my left foot began to complain.

So I stopped  and taped two toes.

Okay thst feels better. The trail began to spiral down until it began to climb again  it was going to do this all day !!

The views today were fairly poor due to smoke ,im not sure what fire they are from  but it spoiling my view. 

I pushed  on stopping for a break after 3 hrs. But unusually  no one came past me…weird as I could see one of the Aussies closing in. Perhaps he to stopped for a break.

Then it was back to the roller coaster ride. Although the ups appeared to be getting steeper.

At about 1.30 I took another break and checked my app water was in 2 miles .  So I was able to guzzle  the extra I was carrying. 

This time the usual suspects all filled past me. 

Water in 2 miles kid  said.

And the others repeated this as they came past too.

I finished my break and set of after the herd .


In the distance I could see the road so knew I was getting closer.

And then I was at the trail head. I was hoping for something here  but  nothing.  So carried on . The water was typicaly 1/2 mile off trail and of course in a valley.

So I was a trek down.

When I reached  it kid and hotsauce were having a late lunch ( or early dinner) Napoleon was also here. 

I went and got water then decided to cook too as the next water was in 12 miles and it was already 3pm. 

Kid and Co where planing to push on to Rogers Pass which was  another 12 miles.

I wouldn’t be able to do that as it was going to be silly climbs again for the rest of the day.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I would have liked to have put my tent up and call it a day  but the Mile’s  still have to be walked.

And dragging 4 litres up even steeper climbs was going to be so much fun.

I relunnctanly headed back up.the path to the trail. 

At the road was a family face it was the digger driver  from several days ago.  He was with his brother and had been hunting.

He then gave me a beer ,apple  flavour I was surprised how good it was. Then cash appeared. . Okay snail ready to climb…in deed I wasn’t. 

But  I had to …. I set off and began to climb. Cash was striding away in front  I was swearing and  complaining how steep it was.  As I inched up 

I made it to the top then had the next climb… followed  by a third.  

God  I was sweating buckets.  4 litres  of water is heavy plus the food I’m carrying.  At last the trail leveled  out  and I managed a bit of pace….. as I rounded a corner I was surprised to see Napoleon  sat on a rock,as I expected be  racing along with Kid.

Well done snailtrainer

Thanks I said puffing. 

He was going to do 2 more hrs I just wanted a flat spot.. I headed off then passsed Cash sat on the side and as I hadn’t seen him he made me jump.

I wanted another  hour  too but I knew I had another climb and it was exposed. I really didnt want to do that tonight and it was now 6.3pm  so with the late start that will me. 

I found a spot bit of a compromise  but it will do me. I just going to make a cuppa  then  zzzz


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