DAY 143 Heading to stemple pass the outfitter

September 3rd 2022

I was awake and dozed. When the second alarm went off I pulled the stopper on my mattress.  It was still dark  when I opened up my tent . I answered the call of nature  then set about packing up.
The sun was just starting to rise but due to the smoke it was still hazy. I’d be happy if it stays like that. 
I drank my tea stowed my cup and I was ready  to finish the climb. Water was going to be scarce today so I’m hoping that i have enough. 
I began the climb and I was soon over and heading  down.  Hindsight is wonderful  and if I had known the trail was going to be like this I would have pushed on as it was down and down and down until it wasn’t.
After an hour the sun was baking me , that’s not good I thought as I began to climb, and with the added fun of jumping over logs. I pushed on as the sun continued to rise and roast me.

God this trail was getting harder , steep climbs then straight down my favourite.
I could see the climbs heading off into the distance fantastic I thought.  After the next climb I need to take a break as I was feeling exhausted and it was still early.
Okay miles snail.  I climbed up yet another steep climb and once up I was so dismayed to see the trail heading up several more hills into the distance. 
I set off down the trail that descended steeply and covered with marbles*. I inched my way down  but the decent seemed to go on forever.  Then I was lying on my back looking up at the sky and I had fallen on a rock right on my coxis.  I lay there for a few minutes checking that I wasn’t hurt. Bruised maybe but not damaged. So now I can swear.
I pulled myself up and continued the decent even more carefully and slowly.
Okay the nest climb, the first part was fine  then I was climbing up shale which is like walking through cat litter..  oh and it was now roasting my watch said 90  and it felt like I was melting. 
I was struggling to climb and before the top I needed another break. I dropped down and sipped a little water I knew I was low  and was in danger of running out. 

I took ten minutes for me to cool down as I was just too hot.
I pushed on and finished the climb and then once again I began tom spiral down, before yet another climb  in direct sunshine. 
On and on I went then I ran out of water  F**K…. I was roasting the next water was about a mile away.
I didn’t feel good  so at the next shade  I dropped my pack and took an hours nap.. I was struggling from the start and these big  climbs were killing me. I set my alarm for an hour  and lay down beneath the shade of a tree and snoozed 

NB. Again in hindsight  I should have made it to water then took a snooze….Maybe ?

I woke feeling slightly better and set off for the water it was .8  to the trail junction.
I took the side trail to water that ended up being 1/2 mile down a steep hill.
I eventually found the water , I drank almost 3 litres straight down as I really needed it.
I made two cups of tea then filled up bladder.
when I had arrived I was feeling very dizzy, possible dehydration or sun stroke. .after drinking I ate a load of snacks until I felt  okay.
As I had come down 1/2 mile I had to climb back up and with full water.  Did I say the sun was hot!!

I struggled back to the trail  and  once back on trail there were still plenty of ups and downs.
I had a few swears  and pushed , as I came down yet another steep decent I stopped and collapsed on a log.
I was feeling a little sorry for myself as I just didn’t have the energy.
As I sat there I could see two hikers coming towards me.
Those shorts I would know anywhere  it was Kid  and a friend called ” Story time” who has joined him.
We chatted for a while, Kid told me of an alternate at the next junction that should shave a few miles off and less climbs.
Perfect. I sat for a further 20 minutes then set off after them.
I had  one more big climb and then it should be down hill to the junction. (Fingers crossed)
I pushed on the junction getting nearer.  As I got closer I could see another familiar face sat under a tree  ..It was Shepard.
Hey man good to see you.


You too Snailtrainer  he replied. 
I then noticed kids pack.
They have gone to get water snail.
I had enough  water or rather I hoped I had. So headed off down the road on the alternate. 
After a few miles I stopped for a break then noticed wild raspberries so gorged myself for a few minutes.
I pushed on and noticed a sign saying 3 miles to the pass.
GREAT  that’s about 1.5 hrs. I quickened my pace and pounded down the dirt road.
I was almost there but my feet began to hurt  So took a quick pit stop removed socks and shoes swapped  socks then put on my shoes and pushed on.
I was now at the trailhead . I turned around and could see the outfitter high on a hill.
How the hell do I get there.?
Just then a quad came by and the couple stopped to chat then told me how to get  there.
Omg what a bloody huge climb  but then I saw Dave sat at a picnic bench.
I introduced myself and showed him a picture of me outside his old shop on the Pct 2014.
He showed me where to pitch my tent.  I grabbed two tins of sprite  . I necked one as I put up my tent then savoured the other one when I was done.

The Aussies

I was just chilling when Kid and Story time arrived. Then 7lb Hammer, Shepard, Hotsauce the Aussies and Napoleon
We all congregated around the picnic table and cooked tea. Later I brought a few things from the  store.
Then it was time for bed after putting my food in the shed.

What a bloody hard day.. I am exhausted.

Mileage  18

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