DAY 142 Heading to Stemple Pass

SEP 2nd

Well I didn’t get trampled by cows last night..phew. But was woken by the bugelling of moose and screeching of elk at 4am so dozed until the cow joined in with the chorus at 5am .

I was awake  but it was still very dark  at 5.30 I began to move and let the air out of my mattress

I quickly stripped down put on tea and i was ready. 

I knew it was going to a fairly big 

 climb  first thing .. and so it fidnt disappoint except there was the added bonus of trees  to jump over. Half way up I climbed over a large tree slipped and ended upon my back like a stranded tortoise .

It took we a whole to get up with the added expletives . Once I had climbed to the top  it was time to go down and of course steeply.

I crossed several meadows  before once agsin I was on yet another forest road that snaked around  before splitting into several others that climbed up various hills in the distance.

I headed off  and I crossed a small  collection of fir trees I decided take a quick break.

I guzzled  some  water and ate a few snacks .

Of course my trail  or rather the CDT choose the steepest  route I chugged up it before it began to meander down the other side.

Water was in 6 miles time so I cautiously  sipped water from my bladder.  Typicly now the sun began to try and  roast me as the temperature  began to rise my watch said thst it was 98 it certainly  felt like  it..

I began to drop down and came to a t-junction I was going to go on but checked my app  just in case..of course I was wrong.

I passed a dad child and dog  and kept going.

The trail now looked like a tank training ground with huge ruts  filled with smelly water.

I carefully walked around and carried on shortly coming to another junction.

There were comments on the app that there was water here .so I went to investigate  and soon came to a cattle trough. But could see water flowing.

I filled up both bottle’s then drained one . I  topped it up agsin then topped up my bladder. 

Okay    need the miles snail I pushed on into the afternoon. Getting cross when I accidently took a wrong turn.losing valuable time. After several more hours I took another break under the leafy canopy of a huge tree. As I took time-out a 4 seater quad came flying up the road and quickly disapeared into the distance.

I font know why but I seemed to be struggling today and my target milage  was nowhere. F**k  that’s crap I said to myself after checking.

I wanted at least 20 today if not more and with what i had achieved so far it was looking doubtful especially as i had a huge climb to do at the end of the day  and I still gad to get to water.

At 3 pm I arrived st the water trough.  But it was empty  although a few drips  dripped from the pipe. 

I grabbed my bottles and cup  and  headed up the hill to the source .I climbed the  fence and then could see a large rectangular  box.

I lifted it up and beneath was the spring although it was about a foot down. I had tried down to reach the water. But it was cold and not too buggy. I filled both bottle’s and headed back to the trough where I had left my pack.

I hoisted it up and strode off down the trail. Its not great to haul water up a  steep hill .but I had no choice

It was approximately 2 miles up and steep.i pased numerous camping spots  but refused to stop until at least 6pm.

But once 6pm came  I was totally exhausted  and just dropped my pack  . Although  I only had yards to go until I was was the top. I would finish it in the morning  and not worry about the poor  milage. 

I cleaned the ground then soon had my tent up and water boiling

Night all 

Milage 17  too many climbs .

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