DAY 140 Zero in Helena

AUG  31st

Can’t beat waking up in a great bed. I slowly got up put on coffee then got dressed.
Breakfast, I headed to reception to grab my voucher before heading to the restaurant.
I ordered eggs potato, bacon  with toast and orange juice.

Simple but tasty washed  down with several cups of coffee .
I’m done shopping.
The grocery store is only a block away so not far to haul my load back.
I think I have every thing  well every thing that I can carry..
Once back to my room I set about decanting everything into zip locks before sharing between the “Box” and what I will be carrying. I double checked  the box. 

Yes think that’s enough food…
I taped up the box, labelled it ready to drop off at the Post office.
Dam I should have booked my ride earlier as there are no slots available until 2pm .
Oh well …..
I made myself busy by sorting my pack and checking my gear.

Soon it was time to grab my ride 
It was about 10 minutes to the Post office .I handed over my package, then it was the waiting game until my ride back.
Once back I headed to the grocery store for a frozen meal for dinner and a few beers.
When I got back to the hotel I was pleased to see Dollar General so caught up before I headed back to my room

Then the rest of my ZERO was a Zero..

Back to trail tomorrow. 

Mileage  Zero


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