DAY 139 Heading to Helena Day 3

AUG 30th

I had cancelled my alarms as there was no hurry to get up 

I woke at 7am and dozed  it was sunny and warm as I unzipped my tent and emerged warm  snuggy bag.

I began to slowly pack up when I was almost done I lit my stove and put on water for  tea. 

Okay  lets go…..

It was warm ,no it was hot and it  was only 8am.making a change from the last few days when it had ben cold.

I headed off down the trail,it was 2 miles or less to the trailhead and the road.  I hope to be in town before lunchtime  fingers crossed.

 I hadnt gone far when I came across another hiker.  She was called toes and was  flipflopping .

That really confuses me but every one does it differently  but I just head North.

I soon came to a bridge. But what a bridge it was really  a walkway across many bogs  so went on for  many feet. Could have done with more like this on trail.  Finally it finished snd I was back on land

I had one more climb then i could see the road. GREAT.

I was soon descending and then I was the road. 

GREAT.  I began to walk towards a sign explaining the history of the pass.  

I had just crossed over and had taken up my hiking stance  when another hiker appeared in the distance.

I wasn’t until he got closer I realised it was Monk.

I was so pleased to see him as I was annoyed at myself for not taking his photo last night. 

So I took the opportunity , and we both wished each other well  whoop whoop Canada not far to go ……

Monks not going into town  so he headed on..I went back to my hitching  pose.

But briefly had to stop as a artic  came to a stop nearby  .I had to laugh  as it was carrying  a toilet

Sorry my humour.

Once it had driven off 

I goy a ride 10 minutes not bad.

My driver was a reserve firefighter and dropped me at the  Ramada

My 1st choice and great they have vacancies.

I booked in and found my room.

As soon as the door closed  I exploded my pack and crashed onto the bed.



Once settled  I headed to grocery store for the usual  products.

Beer,Icecream, chips and snacks. 

Okay lunch …The hotel has a restaurant attatched  so I went to check it out . I had a great burger. moist and we’ll presented.

The post office was at theothrr end of town but there is a local bus but its a ring and ride service.

I called  and it wasn’t long until I was heading to the post office.

I just wanted to grab a couple of boxes for food resupply so will be back tomorrow to post.

Okay it’s about 40 minutes until my return ride.  So I went to explore. I stumbled along a Subway so grabbed a sandwich for later. I wandered back to the postoffice and waited for my ride.

Once back at my hotel it was chill and relax time. 

Tomorrow I will shop for  my box and to carry out and again head to the post office

So now crap tv and beer night all.

Milage  2ish

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