DAY 137 Heading to Helena

AUG 28th

It took me a few attempts to get up. It was still dark but eventually I emerged from my tent. Brr it was cold and so I reached for my puffy.  

I visited nature and then began to strip down my tent.

I was still alive staring at the large widow maker nearby especially with that wind last night .

When all done I sipped my tea and shoved a handful of granola into my mouth.

I drained my tea,then clipped my  cup to my pack removed and stowed my puffy and then i was ready it was 7 o’clock 

I hit the trail and shivered I may need another layer but then I hated stopping to remove it when I heated up  so I will try and  survive this cold. 

I hadn’t gone far when the trail open out into a wide open area with trails and paths in all directions  and with several perfect tent spots without killer  trees nearby.

I located the correct trail  and headed up into the woods shortly coming out onto  wide open grassland  once across the trail dived back into another forest  that again emerged onto open plains where numerous cows roamed

 They looked at me then quickly raced away ,behind them were some amazing views of the surrounding valleys backed by huge mountains. I stopped to stare for several minutes.

Okay miles snail. The trail followed the road for several yards before turning sharply right and heading diagonal across the fields.  I passed seversl cow troughs  but as I had enough water I kept going.

The fields went on for miles as I dutifuly  followed the trail before it dived into another forest 

Okay back to the trail  from now the trail was small hills and bumps  but it was still cold. especially when the sun went  in.

Here I stopped for a 20 minute break, drank some water and scoffed snacks .

I tried to go faster to keep warm them I came to some great switchbacks that began to take me down as i headed down I was surprised to meet a sobo coming the other way.

Your starting late  I said  but wished him well just the same .

The trail was  now in its meandering state  but still very pleasant to walk along  okay spoke too soon as now I began to climb  but the climbs were not too bad and I was soon at the top

I had a goal of 20 miles in my head  but this always depends on the terrain ,but I was doing okay.

I checked my watch it was almost 5pm  so I decided to get water at the next spring..I  crossed a wooden bridge and dropped my pack and filled both bottle’s with clear cold water  okay  im ready to camp..except there wasn’t anywhere.

I hiked on and on, nowhere  well nowhere safe 6 pm came and was quickly followed by 7pm . God this is crap  I thought but then I spotted somewhere and soon had my tent up. It was almost 7.30 by the time I began to cook far too late.

But after checking my milage   I had done 24   miles  not bad.

Mileage 24

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